Hi everybody Dan omen Matt Burnie or the DRF bets race of the day for Saturday October the 27th race number nine at Keeneland it’s the grade two Haggard Fayette Stakes going a mile and an eighth it’s a race it’s a card you can play with a new DRF bets account signup at bets drf dot-com receive a 300 percent.
Deposit match here’s the field for the hag yard Fayette again we’re going a.

Mile in an eighth for two hundred thousand.

Dollars and you can access free formulator past.

Performances for the race on the race of the day event page at DRF dot-com please download him and handicap along with us we’ll take the field in post position order beginning Matt with surprising morning line favorite I would have thought that the one prime attraction would have been the third.

Choice on the morning line I realize he’s taken on the best of the best didn’t think he’d be the morning line chalk a two to one for Kent Desormeaux I tell you what I’ll be absolutely flabbergasted.

If he’s the favorite come post time I don’t think there’s any question that hofburg will be the favor and a heavy favorite but we’ll get to him in a little bit you look you brought it up prime attraction has faced arguably the best of any of these horses as far as company is concerned the accelerates the west.
Coast’s the Pavel’s of the world.

Those are all grade one winners there’s still something about prime attraction it feels like you know we talk about it every time there’s talent there it’s just when are you going to get the good version of him you haven’t really gotten the good version of him in each of the past two starts but didn’t to be.

Fair he’s been overmatched I still feel like shipping into.

You’re gonna get in at a short price I’m not particularly interested to be honest in his last five dirt races he is running to accelerate his sixth dirt race the race before those accelerate races he aired in the native diver with a 104 Beyer.

Speed figure so maybe he just needs to get away from accelerate and as you mentioned he does.

Have some natural speed I wonder if Kent’s gonna use the inside post to his advantage time forum u. disagrees with my assessment as we take a look at the pace projector yeah they have prime attraction close but they also have Leah Frick who is.

A pace presser last time out in the Woodward out there on the lead I think at prime attractions aggressive.

Leah Frick a horse that’s one from off the pace in the past would be more than happy to sit second I agree with dag because like you say Leofric is at least shown the ability to be a little bit versatile in the past heck he’s even come from way out of it in the past but he does most of his running more closely.

Sort of up attending the pace if for some reason prime attraction and Kent they are intent on taking the lead I think Leo Fritz gonna be content sitting just off I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some wet weather in Lexington Kentucky on Saturday that’s something for prime attraction to deal with you.

Know being out in Southern California usually have to deal with that kind of weather the number two nice not nice well he’s nice and he’s gotten good recently for trainer buff Bradley.


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