What’s going on YouTube horse racing gamer about gallon race 2004 action we did terrible and the world jockey series just just absolutely awful bomb that but we’re moving on we got the filly cup here which we can request Savage disco of be Frank toys the race is eight furlongs on the turf and sort of look too bad we.

Oh we don’t have to worry about spending any points that’s a good thing.

About requesting rides top-five not bad so this gray hopefully will do good for us leave two-year-old fillies obviously here in the Philly Cup and as far as anything else is.

Concerned scab at eight to eleven here on the turf I do want to get her in another Cup race if I can before the years over but I don’t think so twelve point five is just out of her range she’s not gonna be able to run in the winter GP I could try but I think that’d be a bad idea so Billy cub this week let’s hit it somebody wants to challenge me no I’m not trying to challenge any of you I.

That right now trying to get my stuff together I need to get my earnings back up I’m still first as far as average and overall jockey record.

Is concerned but my earnings have dropped because I went four races without winning anything $0 we’re on the fourth favorite here in the Philly Cup with savage d.
school the eight is perfect page the nine.

Delicate blues attend for TAFE a Forte tre excuse me the eleven best staff fire the twelve slavemaster the one firm jewel the two captain stormed the three regular shark the for native diamond the five.

Ruler we’re on the seven savage desk oh he’s a really really good trailer awesome and spurt Wiseman’s got the timing a lot sooner I think there’s the last race time ran.

I definitely time I spurt too late and that’s why instead of finishing thoroughly got supposed to ended up finishing like second to last it’s the filly cup here eight furlongs owned it is earth let’s see how we do pretty good start and I don’t know if I want to be inside or out.

True let me see what we’re working with we don’t have too many horses inside I’ll stay here I’ll just stay right here honestly we should have stamina to go so feel not where we want to be is I think that the horse literally want to be in dead lives but it’s alright we’re back here we’re conserving stamina we should have a good.

Run what it matters okay this is where the race is won okay we’re getting up because we got time our spurt right yeah we gotta get going right now if we got going any later it’ll be too long good timing I don’t.

Know if we’re gonna catch the rest of the field it’s a little longer pattern for us we.

Got the stamina though we got the stamina holy.

Crap holy crap look at the speed look at the spurt look at this part.

It Savage disco wins the Philly Cup holy cow what a run and timing that spurt was everything that’s definitely my weakness getting started way too late savage disco there is the wind we needed boom-boom Savage disco to your own filling to win us.
The Philly Cup we were that’s.

Why I’m that’s why I love running on horses racing on horses at our trailers it’s much easier and now that I know I’ve needed time I’ve sparked a lot sooner look at that boom s it’s been a while since we’ve seen an S spurt that’s an awesome at.

Sloss and that’s redemption is that that series just messed me up and those were open condition races those weren’t even grade ones it’s ironic.

I run better and great ones that I do in like grade threes on below 4000 points 6 G’s in the bank account all it’s looking good people it’s looking good which race we have this week.

The Sun Rise and Nicky chariot is running in that one we have the young crown eight furlongs cabbage you should be able to actually know what’s the thought on is it for three roads two-year-olds darn it Oh kind Leslie you know we all run out a horse that we can request either shake it cinema or senior circus how long is it it is eight furlongs on.

The teaser let’s try to shake it cinema do you rain tourists but who cares over I say and a frontrunner will.

Deal with it whatever to G ones this week people’s scabbit let’s see we can get her in any other g1 before the end of the year and I think the only one.

G peanuts way to out of a range so hello beigey extreme shark no bite I’m actually no I think you got everybody in there required or their recommended races and they aren’t ok let me check earning so that’s.

Gonna bother me I want to see who’s beaten mean by how much and I know why that’s not info office it’s home.

Isn’t it home or is it here I forgot.

It is here since like the weirdest category as far as Ernie’s was Venus Harris benas my 16 G’s what on earth well he is second ranked under us so he is the second best friend jockey whatever we got a couple more G ones before the years over we.

Definitely had more than enough time to win enough no I’m not challenging any of you fools I’m staying focused challenging you when winning does not mean nothing to me it did beforehand kind of not really I did.

It just to do it but now they got other things to focus on beating you is not a priority if I just happened to beat you in a race crate I also say congratulations and great great but having to do that as a goal it just it makes no it’s.

Just not a smart idea we’re on the 7 shake it cinema feel the 14 the 8 manual key the 9 grand ending the 10 Eastern knife is the favorite cruel weapon is the 11 12 is based star thirteen run away and being the 14 senior circus other horse we could’ve ran on the one nice lean the twos we leave the three little Derby before.

Cruel death the five light Stryker the six main show and we’re on seven shaking cinema who likes to be a little bit of a frontrunner but not too much a little bit of front a little.

Bit of mid so we should be okay not my utmost preference but we will work with it as we always have I want to change my soaps they look better in like gout race or 2001 here they.

Look super bland they just kind of blend together I’m gonna change them maybe not now I’m superstitious sometimes.

Change them now we start losing our hate myself I’ll keep it till the end of the year might as well good start good start good start horses going a little fast I want to try to get some inside position let’s drop back a little bit I think we’re all right oh that was close that was so close see that’s what I mean I barely tapped the d-pad and it.

Swung me all the way over to the.

Point where I almost collided with that horse and.

Then in the stretch when I want to make a move and I tap it it doesn’t respond but I barely tap it here slow slow slow slow slow too fast too fast way too fast still too fast what is oh my gosh it’s sloping no stop this horse just wants to nah man shake it cinemas just wants to run at.

His own speed to her own speed I can’t remember I didn’t remember he was a Colt or.

Filly oh my gosh I was way too fast like gosh that was not the speed I wanted.

At at all I know at the end of this race is gonna go one point five furlongs look at.

Gonna last we are not going to last not at.

This rate here causes like where’s the field that we were supposed to be dropping that’s the Wow what’s the last time I came last in the grade one man that horse got so wild running down that hill I could have kept I could have stayed like.

That but no no no no no no no overeager yeah and over here is an understatement I mean after that the race was over honestly so if I would have probably tucked in behind horses I would have been fine I think because he wouldn’t have been.

Able to go anywhere but because I had room to go all right that hurt us fourth 14th place hey that sucks brother 12 hard naked chariot here today not looking good odds wives the six is around minister 7 single earth 8 cosmic Oracle.

9 ruff fleet 10 native chief 11 native world 12 Green chief want a random Sphinx – perfect voice 30 year Roman Eden for ancient gesture or on the five we’ll see man that race was awful awful awful that horse is overeager.

But I’ve never ran with that horse before suitably while I’m against it but because I’m running in these great ones to try and just build up some earnings and some more stats for the.

End of the year to maybe get that title it’s the only reason I’m participating in them that wasn’t the case or I would just make sure I would just buy more horses out what’s comfortable with it there’s gonna be a.

Quick track man really quick we’re have to start us our spurts on the corner or the turn okay hopefully we can get some inside leverage here mmm isn’t too bad I don’t think any of my voices are over here none of them are we’re just good thank goodness if I had to run on a horse consistently that was super overeager that would just be a big headache oh you got a decent feel we’re swinging out so I.

Definitely want inside leverage if I can oh my gosh don’t bump don’t bump please do not bomb fact I’m gonna get you up a little bit here oh I don’t like this I don’t like this I.

Don’t feel comfortable right.

Now the horse feels good which is all that matters but in terms of where I’m positioned I do not like this at all get up there get up there get up there two sevens Wow let’s get going there’s gonna be a short short spray.

No how can they swing out like that that is crazy to me literally right where you’re gonna be they.


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