Run from back in the fairway here and I am a really excited because I just got a little package in the mail and it just happens to be this little guy here this is my good old Odyssey golf try hot three putter from way back in the day about to I say about 1415 years ago but anyway what.

With the head cover but I found a little site online called craftsman golf and it’s craftsman golf comm they do head covers putter covers all sorts of cool stuff there and I went ahead and ordered up.

One of these guys thinking I’d take a chance on it and I am really impressed first off it’s a magnetic cover so it’s a little differently old velcro ones that I’ve used to.

Used to have it on there I’m also gonna drop this here.

Really quick and get just the cover itself so you can get a little better look at it overall it’s jet that quality on it is top-notch it’s it’s really really solid.

Built the the embroidery is just stellar with.

Flip this around here really.

Quick and get a little better view for you there we go again this is actually a stitch together pattern here so it’s a different material stitched together leather in the black there embroidered stitching as we come out.

To here this is looks also to be an embroidery mark on that as well as the craftsman logo here I’m very very reasonably priced if you’re looking to pop some of these on your clubs they have wood covers iron covers and quite a few other little accessories there including mallet.

Putters that have the ball mark on them this isn’t a paid-up this is.

Simply a hey these are pretty good deals so if you’re in the market for a new head cover definitely stop by craftsman golf com and see if they have what you’re looking for they even have custom covers available so enjoy hopefully you love the recommendation I’ll get this one out on the course here soon and let you know how it hangs on to the club okay thanks a lot and have.


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