All right folks if I can get everyone’s attention real quick I want to thank all y’all for sticking around sun-shining what a beautiful day beautiful place to hang out I want to thank everybody involved our tournament Chairman’s gonna say a few more words but before I step down and turn this over to our tournament chairman mr.
Want to take a special moment my staff that’s been down here.

For this couple days but also for for months and months prior to this getting.

For this I want to introduce them real quick if I can Alan Knight raise your hand island island thank you for all your help I’ll be video work goes quick our director of our foundation in the back Joe Joe thank you for everything Justin Fleming boy you think their yarn left just enough senior director Junior Golf Association we haven’t mentioned his name this week and it’s for a reason um he doesn’t like a whole.

Lot of recognition anyhow but I’m gonna say he’s he’s he’s been a part of the golf Association for over 40 years now he’s retired supposedly as of.

January this year but I want to take a special note for half Lathrop everything you’ve done to coordinate you’ve been in the background and you’ve done it all you did.

A great job congratulations and before I step down I want a real quick I want to congratulate all you players this was a fun two days of competition it.

Was fun to watch but I’ll tell you what was more fun to watch where the friendships I think y’all made between each other that’s going to last you a lifetime I hope y’all are able to keep up with each other through the years.

And really accept and enjoy what we’ve done here these last couple days so congratulations to you and with that. Zee Bangla turn it over to you sir Thank You Bev gentlemen what a spectacular two days of competition what a wonderful event this is has been we are so grateful to Kiawah Island Resort and the Kiawah Club for hosting us this could not have been.

Better set up thanks so much to happen Biff and his folks this has just been an amazing amazing event and I think you boys are quite frankly.

Some of the luckiest young golfers in the world you’ve had two days in which you’ve gotten to spend time with Tom Watson with Dave Stockton with Jack Lewis with.

God help us Charlie Rymer you know you’re gonna remember this all your lives you’ve really had a brush with some of the greatest.

Things that the game of golf.

Represents and some of its greatest Stewart’s and I know it’s going to be something that will be in.
Your memories in your hearts for a long time.

You know we had Dave Stockton here as our speaker on Saturday night and Dave gave a clinic on Sunday morning and I had the privilege of spending a couple of days talking to Dave when he was here and he told me a.

Lot of great stories about Ben Hogan and Sam Snead and Byron Nelson and his his competitive days and we got on the subject to time and the one thing that Dave said to me about Tom really is stuck in my mind this weekend he said you.

Know of all the people I knew on tour Tom Watson probably has the greatest moral compass of any of them I think we live in a world where moral compasses both individually and collectively are sadly wanting and although the game of golf isn’t going to.

Compass it’s certainly a way that you can help calibrate that compass and help remind yourself of a lot of the ideals that will provide you a good moral compass and when you think about the game of golf and you think about what all that represents I hope you’re gonna think.
About Tom Watson because he represents the greatest ideals.

Of this game his being here you’re playing getting to play in front of him I think is a great testament to to what he stands for so we are enormous ly grateful to everyone who’s helped make this happen it’s been a great.

Two days we look forward to having a great visit to Muirfield and Edinburgh in 2020 with that I would like to ask Suzanne and Bill as we’re who crafted this lovely cut to turn to cut to our honorary chairman Pat McKinney by the way I’ve neglected to thank Pat again.

Pat’s really the man who made all this happen we would not be here at Cacique we wouldn’t have been at the ocean course without his.

Leadership he deserves a great deal of credit having been in Gaul involved with the South Carolina Golf Association and the Junior Golf Association for many.

Years I knew the caliber of the young men that we have standing here but I want to tell you David your team has so impressed me not just with their skill but what a nice genteel but yet highly competitive group of young men congratulations you have a lot to be proud of do you present this Cup this is a beautiful Cup.

Well done very well done I’m gonna put it down here because I’m not gonna hold her while I speak and I’d like to.

Know one thing from the South Carolina accent to the Scottish accent was there any difficulty of understanding each other yeah look at you see the heads over here did you boys have any difficulty understanding them no see these guys are.

The same way like when I went to Scotland the first time I didn’t understand a word when I went through customs there.

Were immigration this guy and being weak paying lifelong friends his name is Sean and we had lifelong friends there for 30 years and he spoke to me like this and I just went like this I didn’t know what to say but.

Anyway I I concur with the way that the matches are played what I saw today the the you know competition it to me.

Is what it’s all about I’m a competitor and I have to go back to a long time ago when I was 14 years.

Old because people asked me they asked me what one tournament my whole career do I remember the most that I liked the most was so the most important victory.

In my career and no it wasn’t the Open Championship for the Masters or our national open or harbortown no it was a tournament when I.

Was 14 years old I won the Kansas City men’s match well why was that important well because the following year I was in the den with my.

Mother there phone rings hello yes I understand well I have to ask him he turns to me said Tommy would you like to play with Arnold Palmer I said would I and Arnold Palmer was.
My hero and I in fact at that time I.

I loved the game I was getting longer I was I was I got plus one handicap and I was you know it really is getting to handle the game of loved it and the passion there was.

You know I didn’t know about wanting to become a professional golfer but the dream the seed of the dream was planted and it was really planted.

And started to grow when I had a chance to play with Arnold Palmer and I never forget my dad as he asked him in the shower room after we played oh by the way I tied him on the front.

Nine I shot 34 and he shot 34 he got me in the back no back nine I shot 40 and he shot 34 in the back nine so my dad asked him you know he had a towel wrapped around her he’s naked and Arnie what one.

Thing will help my son be a better player and he was kind of expecting maybe a swing tip or something like that he said haven’t played in as much competition.

As he can well you’ll think about that when you play in competition like you you all did today you’ll learn what you’ve got inside you learn how your nerves will affect your golf swing the more you play in it the more you’ll be.

Understanding and how you play with that in that competition and the better player you’ll become well two years later I was in the same den with my mother phone.

Rings yes yeah well I’ll have to ask him.

So he turns to me said Tom would you like to play with Jack Nicklaus so by the time I was 17 years old I had a chance to play with Arnold Palmer.

And Jack Nicklaus my dream was set and someday maybe I can be as good as they were and it you know that dream was planted and it was starting to grow and the thing that about the game that probably the most important thing was how we played the game my dad was my teacher my dad taught me how to play the game I assume that met most of the.

Boys here most of the young men here their fathers might have started them in the game am i right how many just raise your hand.

Your dad’s start you in the game that that’s my dad was a great player he’s good amateur player and all his friends were good and they played the game tough it’s always dollar Nassau kind of like the way you guys played today.

You know front nine back nine and 18.

And yeah I learned the play for a dollar Nassau I learned for you know to compete with the older boys putting four dimes around the.

Putting clock that was that was me but again it was about the competition that how I learned how to play the game and what yeah.

What it did for me here in South Carolina I’d like to thank I’d like to thank you seek in the ocean course Pat.

Thank you and especially been here for coming up with this idea of having this competition because in this competition you young men can carry it on like Charlie said you can carry this thing on through life yeah but some of.

You might you know you might not play the game all your life but I bet dollars to doughnuts that all of you will you’ll play this game for life because of things like this that you get a chance to play it and I can tell you one thing this game of golf you know it’s frustrating I know some of you want some of you lost but you know the thing that will make you better you’ll learn from your mistakes today you’ll go out to that practice tee you go out and you work on the.

Things that didn’t work today and you’ll you’ll improve upon and that’s how you get better but you really get better in planning competition always play for something when you’re playing always play.

For something I don’t care if.

It’s a nickel or a dime just put something on it so it means something every.

Shot means something and that’s if you’re going to be any good this game that’s what you’ve got to do so anyway congratulations to the US team the East Lothian team two years from now they’ll be on the US team the South Carolina team will be on different turf kind of.

Like the Ryder Cup right you’re smiling over there yeah you know you.

Get it on your turf it’ll be a little bit different game over there and.

It’ll be a lot of fun and the competition will be worth it I wish you all very well and again when Ben called me to be a be a part of this and asking if I would lend my name to this.

Cup this beautiful cup here I said that would be it would be my honor.

To do so and it is my honor to do so and I congratulate everybody here and I guess most importantly the friendships that you that you can if you can understand each other your friendships that you’ll you know there will be some lasting friendships here that you know we’ll carry on yeah I know your social media it’s pretty easy bang-bang-bang and just you know keeping truck keep in touch.

With each other I wish you well and for the East Lothian team enjoy the next few days playing golf some of these great golf courses in South Carolina you.

Know you’ll certainly enjoy the experience so with that thank you all very much and again it’s a pleasure and an honor to be here trophy correct to come here jack well cut it down right.

Over here Jack and I go back a long way don’t we Jackie do we go back a long way of playing the tour together back in the days and and you paid for your practice falls at the driving range you paid for food in the clubhouse there was no courtesy cars nothing like that remember that remember those days I think the day those were the days and we didn’t mind a bit did we that’s all right we just wanted to play Jack congratulations to.

The future I just want to say – it was an honor and a privilege for me to be able to be the captain of a South Carolina team and I’d like to specially thank our.

Life captains Charlie Rymer you called Woodberry and you know congratulate our team and the job well done and appreciate the competition with the Scottish attention – and we look forward to it a couple of years down the road and like Tom said it’s going to be on different soil so we’re going.

To have to play a little bit better – but anyway I want to thank also Kiawah Island Resort and also Kiawah Club – seat and in this a beautiful golf course South Carolina Junior Golf Association and the South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation.

And I appreciate all y’all do and look forward to being with you again sometime but anyway thank you again and I hope everybody enjoyed this.

And it was a great inaugural event thank you Tom I asked Dillon food to step forward please Dylan is the head special here at Cacique he has done a fabulous job and welcome welcoming us and just.

Event we are enormous ly grateful to you for that we want to do two things if we may first and foremost we would like to ask the cacique keep the Watson Cup for the next two.

Years before we take it over to East Lothian will send it to the engraver but we’ll have it to you shortly thereafter and hope you keep it and be proud to have it absolutely alright go to spot in mind that’s it secondly.

We like to present you with this flat showing the two teams that played but here to sleep today signed by the teams the captains the vice captain’s and Tom as well we enjoy having that as well if you don’t mind I just want to say say a few words when Vanna and half and Pat brought this opportunity to me quite a few months ago now it’s just totally on board with.

It as they as the director of golf here at the club you know always have a big premises on junior golf and growing the game and doing whatever.

Forward right I was in a very fortunate in my career throughout my ranks to have got some great pieces of advice and to end up with a.

Beautiful facility like this and I wish I could have more opportunities to pay it forward but to be able to provide you guys with a beautiful playing field for this tournament to be a part of something great to have mr. Watson here a bit being present and you guys are really lucky you know and you may not really truly understand the depth of what just took place over these last couple of days right.

Now but you will definitely understand in the future you know but it has been an honor to get to know some of you guys seen you guys out there grinding and grinding it out tatin off on the first tee gave me a lot of goosebumps you know reminded me.

A lot of my junior golf career and it’s funny how things how things plan out but I’m very fortunate this is a great.

Opportunity for you guys it was a great.

Opportunity for us to pay it forward and help grow the game but based on the.

Conversations that I’ve had with you guys over the course of the last few days golf’s in really good hands if you guys are representing the Junior side of things so like I said hopefully everybody’s truly enjoyed their time here at the club the time on the island I wish the Scottish team all the.

For the rest of their travels here and obviously you’ve got a home if you guys ever need anything okay but I enjoy congratulations to the South Carolina team enjoy some lunch and enjoy the afternoon and I hope everybody has a wonderful day and we to conclude we’d like to give the last word to Dave Warren who’s the East Lothian captain Dave it’s been a pleasure having you here spring collect your working with.

You and you brought a fine group of young men over here they played extremely well you made us equally.

And it’s it’s just been a pleasure so thank you for George that the last one mr. Watson and everybody involved at the South Carolina Golf Association and to Cassie can to keep Island and to all the parents and players and everyone from.


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