All right we’re back we got another break this evening third quarter of the football game good play in Wisconsin in some Gulf cards we got some we got some 87 football going for Greg B we’ll start with clay and go then get we got these Gulf cards for Clive a clay ball one but we’re giving them an extra.

One we’ve got the the gum there’s just a little bit right on the front piece of piece of that front cards we’ll give you an extra pack but glad you came classic back brace excited.

About the so we can get it for you here we go first one is just stuck every time there we go Mike Sullivan let me get some sleeves for you little off-center my bad card – lon Hinkel good-looking cards though.

I was Miss Cut but they’re uh they’re meant coming out of here but that gum just so old it’s like I’ve never had a pad where they stick like they have on this pack either why would we got you hooked up with another PI.

A couple extra cars just for stopping by tonight George Burns and he’s not the actor I’m them stealth song corner don’t you better George Burns JC Snead although there’s you are you again coming up I like it just a little off-center top to bottom good-looking cards though there’s your Tom Watson you’re looking for out of that fact.

That’s the statistical leader one great card good-looking cars sharp as can be sit here no-no-no card number the see here HOF the first one here we get 125 out of ten not too bad good-looking car huh I like that one not bad at all okay good-looking car all right here let’s get you one last car you’re off-center just.

A little bit just just sharp is gonna be them and the finish is great you just got to get one of this on singer we got you some more that’s what’s exciting about it especially getting another thing they wouldn’t gets on their own Center a little bit better we’ll be happy to send you these ones that are.

Got gone stuck with you you don’t want their toast I don’t know why they did that like I said there’s the only tax cards that we have that has that problem it’s just roached.

Wayne Levi Bill Rogers ladies a little bit of a sting on the ball now they look to be a little bit more centered Bill Rogers just stack them all together for you long ankle lon Hinkle 88 you’re Pro 1981 when things were a little different 1981 lon uncle Larry Nelson coming up a little off-center tot the bottom these are tough ones to get that perfect.
Cut on the wider they weren’t cutting like.

81 that’s for sure looks like.

A good on coming up Larry Nelson David Graham a little spot on the print defect on his.

Face you see it on the camera better than better than I can see it in person there’s you fuzzy coming up next good centering on David Graham fuzzies a better centered it’s a good looking car to get some residue on him to death of his wife.

Right off that’s a good-looking car right there I don’t know what that is on the table it’s like a print defect it’s enough from gum.

Or from wax I don’t want to wipe it too much when.

It cuz that car looks real good and just get that nobody’s father supreme defect so you wouldn’t get it a zoom for you Oh Oh David my camera needs a breather Fuzzy’s Mantid Alucard the good-looking card that’s awesome he’s got the stash working.

You get the 8070 stash working the gold chain damn Pole damn cold not bad run I’m dying to see him again Dan poll fuzzy David Graham Larry Nelson lawn Hankel a.

Little better cutter Bill Rogers John my haffley Tom Watson I was a great card I bet you that one you had a couple of good ones actually have this little guy George Burns now from the old movies lon uncle Mike.
Sullivan I’m back that’s not a.

I’m gonna run that was clay put these for clay and Wisconsin if clays a badger fan or maybe Michigan Michigan look like yesterday she didn’t look so.

Good all right clay will have that right out to you Thanks drop that tomorrow we got one more quickie here eighty-seven tops Greg be there we go looking for that yeah maybe Jim Kelly or yeah maybe Randall Cunningham might be in there too David Jennings these are good-looking cards to know you’re clean art still well it’s a good-looking car if we get a good one out of here won’t be in business.

That’s a little old sinner Jerry Gray Rams I want to send her down nicely.

It’s a nice looking car cars out here Ryan where’s Carter I mean something this is a good-looking car leave one alone mom’s good shot Doug Martin.

Not of the Tampa Bay and yet not the hamster manual King he was running around with Mickey woods and an umbrella yeah hey t so Bob Golic seen that card before that’s your favorite broadcasters brother uncle over here Richard dent just good-looking card sorry guys.

Under the thing Richard dent snot pretty good.

Too good-looking card justly no Ernest givins.

Thousand-yard club doing it doing it no boilers uniform – then I got you boy oh that’s very good and your focus seems like there’s a this car here these hundred.

Side they Center I’m good when they printed them Lorenz of Hampton Dolphins Kim Clark on the phone calm is why for somebody probably girlfriend Tony Eason coming up next good look clean the card no I’m Haiti stuff see the see the fiber on the side and was cut that’s back fresh like furry Brad Benson New York Giants.

He’s got this – working – Charles Romney’s bills the bills folklore dairy ridden clean cards oh boy looking good so now the cameras on why didn’t it Wow look at this dude am I reading that writer or water Doki Doki William Doki only it’s Dookie.

No I don’t think it is how nuts you bad Greg we we tried we tried gray well gray and clay this was your break man.

Thanks for thanks for your purchase on classic pack breaks we’ll get your cars out immediately tomorrow you should have them here in just a couple of days got any questions send us a send us an email or visit the site go ahead and pick up your packs today we’re getting new stuff in.

Got all kinds of stuff coming what Olivia posted to YouTube here shortly we’ll have it titled with the name clay and great alright we got that thanks for tuning in again we’ll see you.

Next time get on there and let’s buy something else let’s let’s crack it tonight we’ll break these cases every won’t go oh we got it that’s an old football some old basketball I said 74 tops with bill Waltons rec unit here’s your seventy-nine tops crack that in the night if you want so good-looking packs clean on the corners and the.

Edges 84 we’ve got 11 spots left in this one this is get your boy Walter and Marino and ly who else in there oh yeah away and Moreno and Walter Payton that’s a good pickle on here’s you 87 Flair everybody.

Wants to crack this one that one’s got it I wanted to get a couple of pretty important cards on it for sure don’t forget about MJ yeah I mean bird.

Magic on the one card in this bike 80 tops get them while you can thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time appreciate it guys.


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