Sandhills golf club presently ranked ninth on Golf Digest list of America’s 100 greatest golf courses is one of the most important courses ever built much of the state of Nebraska is a vast stretch of the Great Plains known as the sand hills 19,000 square miles of the ancient ocean bottom it’s dramatic peaks and valleys of pure sand it’s.

Long been the perfect terrain for golf all it lacked were golfers and golf courses.

Developer dick Young’s cap took an option on 8,000 acres of pasture south of Mullen and hired the team of Bill Corps and Ben Crenshaw to build a.

Private 18 holes on a modest budget as Young’s cap said they weren’t designing a golf course they were discovering one this is every hole at Sand Hills Golf Club the first hole plays almost due north off a sand ridge into a valley below to a twisting.

Tumbling fairway squeezed by.

Bunkers in the landing area the approach must be played.

To the back half of the putting service regardless of the flag location anything short will.
Roll 50 yards back down the fairway or into a treacherous bunker.

On the right sand hills first hole is such a stunning opener that Golf Digest panelists once voted it one of the 99 greatest golf holes in America from the back tee the second is up over the crest of a hill with only the flag faintly visible as a target the member team well to the right offers a clear view of the fairway diagonal at this angle with knobs and moguls here and there.

From the fairway the bunker seems right in front of the green but that’s an illusion it’s 60 yards short the controversial green sits at the top of a gradual incline it’s hard to hold right half being a plateau with steep slopes that reject shots while the lower half of the green cats to the back the view from.

Of miles of prairie without a hint of civilization one of the quirks at Sand Hills is that it only has three sets of tea markers and on many holes only two tea boxes on the par-3 3rd average golfers play from the same tee as big hitters 216 yards downhill the first hundred yards over tall native grasses and a natural bunker to a Jenner screen nearly 50.

Huge bulge along the left side of the putting surface the green will play like a reed am kicking shots to the right off that left hand bulge at the down hill fourth the fairway is enormous ly wide this is the only man-made green on.

The course a hillside slope reshaped into a shelf type green reminiscent of the fifth and 17th at Prairie dunes in Kansas to the left of the green is an awesome natural.

Bunker one of many on the course called blowout bunkers because gusty winds carved them from the sides of sand dunes those blowup bunkers set the template for all others built on the course by Corrine Crenshaw they simply dug.

Away at the faces of sand hills left for a time then returned to find the win had produced wonderful jagged-edged hazards young scape in the maintenance crew tried different methods to stabilize the sand snow fence wooden pallets hay bales even rubber tires then Korra suggested a product called soil tech normally used for cart pads it’s now sprayed directly atop the.


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