From the snow to the green and wildlife in between this is one legendary episode Connor takes us on an animal adventure a Paralympic snowboarder chats all things gold with Sofia and some of our lady salento legends are the first to tee off at top golf hi I’m Maddy welcome to GTV this week’s episode is brought to you by.

Legends who Archer amazing things I was.

Hearing amazing things I’ve just started reading chapter books more that way later now it’s time to make the legend Connor a young corner thanks go on a wild adventure prepare yourself he lights a crocodile with the turtle and Casey birdlife may be a.

Saint a wider winter this is not doing so well you’re looking for some wild animals.

I know where we can find something turns out we don’t have to go you know search of.

A wide aventure nan for wine Cole and thought Avenger Tov been some of her lovely animals let’s take a closer look this is lemon and lemon is called an.

Hour B no carpet – well can any fun in a wild so we’ve got carpet pythons living all.

Around us in the wild so sometimes in our boobs in our sheds in our Gardens and carpet pythons are quite common our be no carpet pythons definitely this size you wouldn’t see in the wild because he’s an hour.

Good at camouflage so he wouldn’t survive very well out in the world he’d get picked.

Off pretty easily by predators as a baby so lemon is a pet he lives with me he’ll never live in the wild thinking it’s live do you think you’d like to.

Have a pet snake oh my gosh that’s very cool plums dark mums are usually too keen my mom’s not even kidding I’m listening have you danced with them include lemon is almost fully grown so he’s 6 years old at the moment they usually live for about 25 maybe 30 years so lemon may get a little bit longer and you might also get a little.

Bit wider as well but he’s almost fully grown so he’s actually a Darwin carpet python we’re a little.

Bit smaller than the ones we.

Might see around us what does sings a that’s a good one so because lemons in captivity we feed him rats and mice in the wild they’d eat rats and.

Mice as well so they’re really good pest controllers to have around but snakes are like all sorts of small mammals opossums fate birds as well but rodents like rats and.

Mice are a big part of their diet Phoenix Island so this is Roger and Roger is called a red-tailed black cockatoo you know in care in the world they are so they’re found.

In lots of different parts of Australia Rogers actually from Western Australia but we do have a subspecies of black cockatoo here in Queensland a bit further north does.

He – like I see over coffee – no that’s a really good question so Rogers a bit different to other.

Cockatoos and parrots that can sometimes copy our voices and our words he can’t mimic us all copy us at all he does have a pretty loud squawking sound he’s got a few different calls but they can’t talk like other parrots can I cut copy us terney for yes Oh Roger can fly but he has.

Been doing this for a long time he’s always been somebody’s pet I’ve had him for quite a few years now he belonged to someone else.

Before that and someone else before that so.


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