No dude specifically I didn’t do the time command so that he wouldn’t like fly towards the fly but you end up getting it anyways okay 42 isn’t awful like in the couple from that yeah on the bright side I think I’ve been dropping less frames since I changed that thing honestly I’m not even entirely sure what I change.
Like a setting that I don’t know what it does but I couldn’t remember if.

I changed it before bringing my laptop for repairs or not so I thought I’d give it a try and I guess I probably did oh never mind right as I look over big frame drops I wonder why I wonder what is the problem for.

That because it was like it was chugging her towards the beginning and then I switched something and it was fine for.

A while now we’re having problems again but this one is okay where we’re at right now I guess after this I’ll open up task manager and see if I can like close any programs that are running right now because I think the problem is the CPU CPU usage because it’s like up towards around.

Higher than I normally half an hour and trying to figure out why II might be literally won’t just be OBS o gold anyway going to play actually it’s okay or is it yeah it’s fine wasn’t sure if he was.

Gonna get a fly or something maybe a little hungry please tell me that’s in please dude actually well okay so that’s the thing about this game.

Is that this is weird to explain so where the goal is and where you spun are randomized but like the gimmicks within the level are always consistent so like where.
The spiderwebs are and where the flies are and where the.

Snakes are those are always in the same place but where you spawn and where the goal is spawned is completely random which is frustrating but so it’s a matter of like trying to see where the.

Goal is and trying to see where you are and being like all right based off of what I know in the level what can i what can I do to work.

Around this RNG which is tough it’s really really rough it’s like not a good speedrun at all but another gold here’s another world record it’s not gonna be awful nope it’s perfect great oh yeah no it’s some it’s a replayable to a point because in the single player in story mode you’re playing against like all the different characters and stuff and oh thank god oh another this is fine I thought that’s gonna be frog in one it’s.

Okay that I didn’t in story mode which is you know the 1 player mode otherwise this this was too remote or two different things but like if you’re playing one player it’s.

Probably gonna be story mirror so the idea is like you’re playing against all the different characters and stuff but all these characters do the exact same thing every single time on the exact same stage is like those are not random at all you can route it perfectly which is weird it seems weird that no third hop I don’t understand.

This game that’s okay because this is a really really good Techtron think I’m scared of how well I’m doing I wish the stream would be better I.

Keep it up it’s a good thing I’m recording it locally then if this does world record I’ll have something good to upload instead of something really really choppy and nasty okay I mean this is pretty big time save know maybe no it’d be tough to say because my Techtron was a really bad in my PB which is the world record now like maybe I’ll only save like 10 seconds which is weird it should.

Be more than that oh well we’re like 20 goddammit it’s okay hearts pounding a little see we are a minute ahead a world record it’s like goddamn you know run that’s 20 minutes that’s quite substantial I don’t think that’s good no.

Dude come on time lost there but I don’t think a minute.

I don’t think a minutes worth of time lost dude are you kidding me are you put me in the hole at least dude off only I’ll get some time back on.

Hypnotoad on but it’s gonna be time loss for sure quite a leap quite a jump you did there that was such a good lead it was such a good lead I’m.

Still gonna be ahead they’re like foof imagine if I actually did that level well disgraceful I mean even if I keep this time this is still gonna be you 14 something but still it could have been a 13 something can you imagine it’s okay as long as there’s no fly or anything actually that’s better than the item ped that I.
Was on it’s no water okay wait a second that did that redo my.

Curve using that item you kidding me still world record but and thanks Landy this dreams being a little finicky but I just got world record again so sometimes it happens you world record fantastic.


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