Please welcome the lovely Kelsey Grammer you look great before I tell you about your show and I do want to talk to you about it I wonder you have some experience delivering children don’t ya you got a few I have five children you got five kids so between the two of us we’re you know experts yeah absolutely nothing.

To worry about if anything starts to happen we’re celebrity babies this show is sensational but your vet you play a very mad serious role in it I know I’m used to seeing you in.

The comedic well most people are used to that and unfortunately they’re still used to that we’re trying to find you know a.

Few more people to watch the show I feel your pain that’s you know we’ve been in fact if everybody here watches the show.

Tomorrow night then our ratings will double clean claim so we’re doing our best to try to convince the critical acclaim you all you have to do is win a couple of awards viewers yeah yeah it’s very nice it’s it’s a great role.

To play it is a serious no some done yeah yeah I did a.

Minute ago yeah um times just check-in the lint no.

No you know there’s a guy backstage with her sticky one yeah he rub it on I feel funny but sometimes he rubs me with his I’m not even lens too much I actually heard that yeah I get you one of those if you want you still I think of you I always wanted to go and see you.

Do the Shakespeare in the Park in New York do you still do that from time well I can yeah I mean I try to do Shakespeare at least every couple of years right what the Shakespearean played the roles that yeah it’s difficult the Shakespeare into the second yes.
Macbeth you don’t want to say that well I think it’s okay to save here.

They just say it’s not okay to say it in a theater I don’t have an issue with it right okay are you superstitious when you do the play no no how’s your Scottish accent do you do it that’s.

Got no no no no I don’t wait that’s a Scottish analyze to work with a fella named Alex Russell from Glasgow no you don’t I know I don’t know he’s a chef when I was you know actors we.
Usually do a lot of different things I was 17 I took a job at a hotel.

Where I was basically a jack-of-all-trades I washed laundry I fixed the elevator if somebody got stuck in it and I worked from about working about 7:00 at night till about 4:00 in the morning this is a porn I think is that it could have been it feels like Alex Alex was.

Always I would help him sort of I was beat like his broiler man during the rush for dinner.

Rush and then he’d take me into the back this is whether this was a porn stuff scarf no no I got the rule.

Bottom 18 he’d sneak in the end of the walk-in freezer basically and he kept the drum buoy in there ah his hand behind the box of frozen vegetables and poreless both a little shot and say I nicked out of the goods and then yeah back we’d go and then we’d go back to working.

The night have to go out and brush the tennis courts and arrange the furniture on the shades of the hell was this places in Pompano Beach Florida Wow that said swanky it was Barry’s yeah yeah that’s what the.

Interesting thing about Alex wasn’t maybe you know guys like this from Glasgow uh when he was 14 he decided to have all his teeth removed so.


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