Do you remember when sports used to be fun me neither that’s why I want to take a minute to talk about the emotional investment we put into eighteen to twenty year olds throwing on a dead pig I mean if you really think about it it’s completely reduced suck my dr.
Bell’s Indiana who’s your daddy we are if I.

Was going to drop this basketball can you predict where it’s going to bounce let me guess you said straight back up didn’t ya now if I drop this can you predict where it’s gonna bounce yeah this weird sheep thing it.

Can bounce literally anywhere so now armed with the knowledge that a footballs balance is completely unpredictable and it can go anywhere let’s take a look at some of the bounces Penn State got against Indiana.

I mean seriously check out this last one the guy’s just laying on the ground not even watching the play and the bull just pulls right into his lap how lucky is that in.

Fact Indiana wouldn’t recover a fumble by either team until there was a minute left in the game when they were already down by 12 points as much as people like to believe that close games are completely decided by coaching decisions and toughness and whoever wants it more the truth is they’re just as often decided by these crazy bounces that neither team can control and Penn State definitely lucked.
Out that the bounces went their way this game.

In fact you can argue the Penn State didn’t even really earn this victory instead they balance to.

Their way to win all right we’re done here speaking of not deserving to win this game let’s talk about this hot mess that was the fake punt so number.

38 here just gonna run up the field and take this man out of the play and that leaves us in the end of a player here on the edge completely unblocked but that should be taken care of by the linemen 53 who’s gonna run over and.

I think the idea was for the linemen to kick that player over to the sideline and.

Give Gillick in a lane right up here in which to run but things go haywire so I’ve paused it right after the ball snapped you can see the 38 is starting to go up.

Field and you can see the line that’s coming over here to kick him out.

Players here their first movement was actually to jump into the inside of their players and block them to the outside this wasn’t the Indiana player beating them to the outside their first movement was literally to jump to the inside of.

The player and then to push him to the outside which happen to be exactly where Gillikin is trying to run it’s almost like half the team’s not the play was going to.

Go to the outside and the other half I was gonna go straight up the middle speaking of which look at the hole up the middle if.

These three players all push their players to the outside and they held those blocks pretty well.

You have to even maybe three linemen that could be leading right up the middle with Gillikin following suit and that’d be an easy first down but that’s clearly not the.

Play that was called so now I’m gonna rewind it back to before the snap when we’ll watch the little play yeah that is a lousy play and the most frustrating thing about this play is that it.


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