A word with image credit credit Emily barreled for the New York Times like the light glinting off his hundred carats smile takes his career has bounced all over the place followed some yuppie landlord in rent his Broadway break through the pulse quickening young Jamaican and how Stella got her groove back his film debut and the succession of charismatic.

Television professionals most recently his Obama s mayoral candidate and.

Empire who estas last season I go between wanting to put on a nice suit and talk a lot of words and then roll around and shoot guns and scream mr.

Taking on a national pastime one with the power to both unite and divide in All American airing Wednesday’s on CW mr. Diggs plays Billy Baker a varsity football coach who Laura Spencer James Daniel Ezra.

A star athlete and a student from South Central Los Angeles onto his flailing Beverly Hills High School team the series is inspired by the life of the former NFL linebacker Spencer pacing girth it’s a risky trade-off in exchange for a gun-free zone in superior education Spencer must jostle.

For position on a roster filled with resentment not least from Billy’s son Jordan Michael Evans failing all-american will duck the admiration and fury spurred by Colin Kaepernick the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and his prata station of police brutality and social injustice by kneeling during the national anthem mr.

Amongst the writers haven’t been shying away from that type of fodder when it comes to town these stories he said Stokes is something that usually brings people together being the catalyst for thought in conversation the fact.

That we’re dealing with all that I think s well for the show during a call from Los Angeles as he was thriving Walker his nine-year-old son with his ex-wife his REM co-star.

Idina menzel to basketball practice mr.

BIG’s 47 talked about struggles with identity in lessons he might pass on to his child here are edited excerpts from the conversation.

One was very specifically poignant to what is happening today in this country in society and also in my life it gives with socio economics and race reality and identities spencer moves in with my family and.

I’m married to a white woman and have two biracial children so everybody’s challenged when it comes to how they identify themselves and how other people identify them and that’s something i’ve had to deal with being an african-american young man with an education and people stereotyping me there’s one line were in the show.

My son asks me if I think he’s black enough and that really hit me hard because there were times in my life when I’ve asked myself and my mother then his football in your.

Background just lightly but I’ve always wanted the excuse to get a role that forced me to train and for a cat at my age protein fits perfectly because from watching these.
Practices there’s no way I could get in those.

And do what these kids do what are your thoughts about the player protest movement at the end of the day everything that’s happening is healthy for our United.

States of America because it forces us to look at how United if at all we really are and I think these are growing pains I have my own opinions but at the same time I want to make.

Sure that I try really really hard to listen to the other side and kind of empathize so I think that’s going to be the lesson that’s.

Going to be the pill that we have to swallow because that seems to be the thing that we need the most work on is the country regardless of who believe swamp and mr.

It didn’t even hit me at first I mean I thought it was cool because I’ve been a fan of his from before all this so I was like great I guess.

He is not hurting for dough and then if the Jim something was on TV where there was a controversy.

And it forced me to actually think oh wait I’m forgetting what this cat represents to a lot of people I have no idea if nike executives knew that.
It would be controversial and they.

Did it more for their attention to the money but no matter how you cut it for me it’s awesome you’ve just directed a workshop of Henan Scot to s play thoughts of.

A colored man on a day when the Sun sets you early by choreographed but as far as actually wielding the title of director this is the first time and I’m having a ball it’s inspired by the play for colored girls who have considered suicide slash when the rainbow is ended by ntozake Shange so it’s.

A bunch of different perspectives of different kinds of african-american men from different walks of life different upbringing different backgrounds you’ve said that you wondered as a young man whether.

You were black enough is that a discussion that anticipate having with your own son I don’t know he’s growing up.

In a different tongue everything that I got made fun of he gets rewarded for.

I was watching two dope queens two beautiful black women standing up for all things female and black and they both had no issue talking about their white boyfriend’s and in the time that I grew up they would have gotten booed off the stage but we’re in a day and age where it rolls.

Off their tongues and the audience laughs at the jokes and that’s awesome that’s.

The climate in which Walker is being raised in and it’s all right with me he’s in a classroom where a lot of the kids look like him everybody is mixed with a little something he’s going to have to deal with other issues but he’s not going.

To deal with a lot of what I had to deal with a version of this article appears in print on on page AR 3 of the New York edition with the headline tape it says the.
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