A peewee football coach claims some teams are cheating to win in mobiles youth football program we’re not talking about future pros here these are four five and six year olds just learning the game NBC 15s Muriel Bailey is live with this exclusive story Muriel Greg the coach tells me of that some teams are actually putting older kids on.

These kids are faster stronger and bigger and he’s worried someone’s going to.

Get hurt let’s go for 18 years lou isaac has coached the peanuts that’s the four five and six-year-olds at Duvall Park he says recently he’s been noticing a cheating trend he is playing on the other kids names put the eight name of the child Isaac says some coaches.

Are registering older children using a younger child’s birth certificate I asked the kid what his name was and he told me.

A name and it wasn’t the name that was in the book.

But his picture was on the book with the other kid’s name on it he says this past weekend there was another situation where parent recognized a child on the field she was irate she said you know.

That this particular kid was playing against her her child and he was too old because it was her cousin Isaac says when the team walked off the kids kept.

Their helmets on so no one would see their faces parents like Donovan Eli says she’s worried about her child’s safety taking hits from bigger kids we understand it they’re gonna be hit in football but by someone hits on age which is why they separate the teams we reached out to the city in an email a spokesperson said they were notified about the complaint they didn’t take.

Action because the allegation has not been proven they went on to say that if a coach was found guilty he would permanently be banned from the league Isaac says he wants the city to improve its verification process to protect players they shouldn’t be going on like this and I also asked.

The city if it would consider making any changes to its affair occation process during registration and it says that the city is open to all of its procedures and policies being changed reporting live in Mobile Muriel Bailey nbc15 news.


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