Guy but it’s nice to see you roll out the welcome mat with the snacks for snacks yeah that was appropriate I reached out to him last night via social media and he said honey buns and butter fingers which is solid choices by the way so I figured I take care of him another D lineman I think I think.

Just knowing how Bob playing on Scouts and Matty PR we’re constantly looking to make our team better and you.

Know what he’s done for a long time speaks for itself I think he’s an instant addition to our team is going to help us so that’s what we’re hoping for and I can’t wait to now they got some.

Some younger guys savvy guys still but they they’re good at what they do you know they’re to me I don’t think they’re hard.

To figure out I just think they’re really really good like they’ve at what they run they know where their holes are on I think they protect them fairly well and I think that defense is full speed and it always has been so you know.

Just just knowing from my time there it’s always kind.

Of been like a bend but don’t break type of defense that we’re gonna you know you’re gonna get first downs but at some point and a drive you know we’re counting on you to jump offsides or do something make a knucklehead.

Mistaken and that’s when it capitalized with a tip.

Ball or you know or they punch the ball out whatever maybe so you know just looking on film it’s been tips you know with twenty nine was out there obviously he was flying around putting his bag on the line reading combinations but I feel like just see I was always they’ve always had ball.

Hawk type defense I think that’s one thing the Pete takes a lot of.

Pride in and that’s one thing he definitely preached every single day get the ball about get the ball out I still can see them you know every single day.

That it’s all about the ball right there song office thief especially as oh all about keeping the ball getting the ball and returning the ball so this your fifth year since.

Since you played with Seattle does it bring back any old feelings when you play against them or see coach Carroll or kind of bring you back to your first chapter your career you know right now not not really just because I’m so dialed into our game plan and getting ready for this Sunday but I’m sure once I see Pete Snyder special teams coach and equipment guys and the trainer is there to bring back some memories I’ll you know try to say hi to him quickly but you.

I’m just trying to go into this game focus and.

Try to win this game this is a big time game for us seems like a pretty good relationship piete piete in’ and my position coach ever extremely patient with me they didn’t rush me to any situations which you know looking back at it and being rushed as young clara can can kind of ruin your career.

Sometimes he just always loved me he always worked with me always trying to find a way.

To get me on the field and you know pretty much my third years when it kind of it all.

Able to help the team consistently and you know it’s a big thanks to him in my position coach you know I was a late second rounder.

And you know some time with the team like that it was you know they were trying to figure out what the recipe to win.


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