On EA SPORTS FIFA presentation on Nintendo switch I’m Martin Tyler along with Alan Smith see this beatin away record in the league to go to in this division but so far at least it really impressively that’s one way out of that situation with a back heel but the opposition saw it coming in good form today’s playing very well.

He is playing well and is a talented boy and showing that consistently over the last few matches not just defending from him buck Noble and he claims the cross it was swellest nothing’s ever straightforward for goalkeepers but he’s not been.

The target for West Ham United here but they know it another shot it’s a miss an unexpected one considering the quality of the player Allen yeah it is he’s not done that too often lately I have to say he’s been in Finals now they’ve got a chance in this part of the pitch and if you look at the coaching body are well saved corner given Lancey knee that’s not a.

Good cross at all and easy to defend tackling is a real skill that wheelchair got.

It the pool on its halftime and the score is nil nil here the lack of noise really at halftime tells you how disappointed the supporters are with that first half birthday like us movies that’s an easy interception because the past wasn’t really a very thoughtful one noble how about Lester city’s next game Ella yeah rest.

Closed for the free kick not a person versus the other one he’s gone to ground and whenever that happens you’re going to get penalized for challenged substitute coming on it’s a tactical change an apple belongs to the goalkeeper he spotted a teammate and he’s got the technique as well as the vision to switch to play right tackling technique to win the ball cleanly now for them body attempted possession to the opposition now chips corner given played down the wing keeping.

The referee lets them go off advantage played by him space for the shot off the post boy still goalless here not much time left their next game Ella West Ham United go up against Arsenal after this and it’s been a hard match out here but certainly they haven’t reached the levels they have in previous games ball bursts and that doesn’t look good.

At all does it could be a booking here clearly a booking now comes the other car straight to his pocket he didn’t really think about it but I think that’s the good court well the clock is ticking on two minutes of play left.

Mandy a letter and see me that could have been the path to determine the match really and there it is it’s ended level as the final whistle goes a very good contest Alan and I guess it draws we’re still a bit away from the players thinking about silver wearing medals but we are getting to the stage where the.

Competition becomes really serious in this round the 16 yeah it’s going to be interesting whether it’s an Oakland attacking match or whether.
It becomes a Kate Rowan Nick’s.

Diner the West Ham are genuine challenge for the genuine prospect of victory if they get it right against today’s.

Opposition that’s very good positional now the shot what a fine save it’s a corner for arsal here I can’t get it away corner again throw-in to come mark Noble Marco an activist it’s a real tussle between the two of them try and get the ball some options now for the pass no God it’s a poor touch and their possessions gone away Jack will here’s the cross at least pissed away by the keeper he’s.

Buried as he was going up in two minutes Nick’s diner here’s a chance to attack Hector berry Nick’s diner or we’re halfway through and we haven’t yet got a goal to bring to you.

Nil nil at halftime a really big game in the tournament this one but we have Makita react it won’t be and he could get away here hit the post he’s got it away let’s cut out giving away possession jack will better than they have out here this afternoon Sheetz wants to make the save maybe now is the time it’s a corner also we’re gonna make a switch go struck.

Out with the header we just wonder if the pressure this late in the game has got to him that was a poor miss yeah I think he was trying to guide his own headlines there.

Bad decision he had other options Ramsey Nick’s diner it’s a good piece of defending to stop the.

Supply into the center I still have a corner now in the closing moments of the.

The way to win the ball back we’re a minute to right now the end DOCSIS.

Defending from him well it’s fantastic for the fans it’s pretty nerve-wracking for the penalty takers.

Not too bad for the goalkeepers here.

He comes sometimes the players volunteer.

For the first penalty because if they do fail there’s bit of room from and he did that.

Little stutter in the run-up but the goalkeeper still makes the same beat the goalkeeper well in this.

Penalty shootout that’s a brilliant goal dr.

Palantir way very confident he was well they say he did find the corner and he scores his penalty that’s a good penalty these shootouts very testing well here he comes to try and keep his side in the shootout absolutely.

No margin for error for him he had to score to bear the consequences of his side losing the shooter oh look at him you’ve got to.

Something that happens to place once in a while in their curries the most nervous way to settle a match the penalty shootout often criticized but no one’s come up with anything better really.

Enjoyed describing it for you hope.

You’ve enjoyed it too we’ll see you next time.


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