Hi guys and welcome back to another episode of London’s original with Fulham the most self-loathing series on YouTube as always if you’re enjoying the series do drop a like on the video it’s not for me it’s just for YouTube’s random algorithm so in the last episode we lost every single league game and didn’t score a goal we did.

Get through to the next round of the Cup against Shrewsbury which at least kept the board off my back a tiny little bit and I actually think we could go one stage further.

We beat Blackpool in the final game of this episode but that’s not really my concern right now my concern right now is getting the sack before we get the chance to get to Blackpool to be perfectly honest you might notice I’m wearing the same clothes as yesterday’s video it’s because I’m recording this straight after so bear that in mind because I would have been.

Out to see any advice you might given in the comments do subscribe I love how you’re playing in 2d yeah well I’ve always been a 2d man I’ve never actually done think I’ve ever done a series when we played in 3d I look I use it for the replays but that’s about it I just prefer the 2d it’s so much easier in theory anyway to see the tactical changes so imagine how bad we’d be if I was.

Planning 3d that’s all I’m saying what sure is it that you’re wearing this is new look summer 2016 collection so I know you mat the old one it’s a full of retro shirt from the 1970s I believe available on the club website I believe they used to be anyway.
I’ll be there any more little cheeky question of the.

Day for you if you’re interested have you.

Had any glitches so far on FM 19 some of you have and let me know what glitches and bugs you found so far always do report them as well to SI it’s kind of important that you do that.

Because then they can actually fix this kind of stuff my biggest bug so far is.

That we can’t win matches if you do have any ideas for questions they drop those in the comments too with the hashtag QOTD right so after nearly.

The full fixture list we are currently seeing four points from safety there’s a lot of teams down there that aren’t doing well though and us and Cardiff is still yet to win a cave amazingly the board is still satisfied with my management of the team which leads me to believe they’ve not actually been to any of the games this season and long may.

It continue shad you stay in Jacksonville buddy dressing room atmosphere is poor I don’t blame him to.
Be honest but they still support me just.

About so that’s fine oh good cardiff have got their first win you just had to didn’t you you just had to the plan is like quite literally get past the Arsenal game and then fresh start for everyone kind of thing what I might also do is actually take over in training a little bit and try.
To plan the training out a little bit more around the games because I’ve.

Done how well my assistants actually doing that so for playing big teams work on the defensive side for playing it means we should win work on the.

Creative side right so I genuinely believe that we’ve had too attacking duties in this.

Team and I want to move metrics to a target man anyway but I’m also gonna make this more of a supporting role on the wing as.


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