Active you’ve got Menil here was chatting to him before the game yesterday and he was giving us a real rundown on Sporting Lisbon team but we’ve had the actual game tonight also running out the winners what did you make it a game first half was was good play sporting I think it was an even game in the first.

Half I think we were a little better I I don’t know if that’s that’s bull on our striker I don’t know if we I haven’t seen the replay.
I don’t know you see red cars.

For those but then did he go down too easy I don’t know you know I haven’t watched the replay yet so but then second off was just bias you guys dominated you you had the possession play the High Line and I think we were actually pressing.
Really well in the first half you guys play.

Out from the back and you weren’t managing to to get the ball up front and I think maybe that tired our our players and I think that showed.

Off as well what did you make of Arsenal good a good performance in the in the second half I was impressed by well back.

Because I think he gets a lot of I I don’t watch many Arsenal games but I know he gets a lot of and actually today he actually did all right for me yeah it’s quick isn’t it yeah and that’s that goal that was disallowed I it was a foul but still a good the other and a good finish as well so yeah I know my young that guy’s quick we had to play very deep so that he couldn’t get the.
Ball so listen you should still.

Thou should still be in this group us and you to go through from this what do you think do you think sporting still have a chance in this competition of winning it it’s tough last year we had a better squad and we didn’t win it we played very well against Atletico Madrid but we lost two nil there and we won one you’ll hear it wasn’t enough now.

With our squads I can’t really really see us winning but I think we’ll get through the group and then it depends if maybe things change if you get a.

New coach maybe some new signings in January and if we get a bit lucky with the opponents in the knockout stage maybe we can get far let’s see listen.

What Lisa was nice meeting you thanks yesterday as well for giving us a complete rundown on the team the city that was brilliant and um it’s a note for me my singing back oh you never know let’s see let’s see you.


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