Good afternoon everybody it is Tuesday October 23rd and I just want to spend a few moments with you to talk to you about this couple races are gonna be coming up within the next couple of weeks I have told in videos before and also on my Instagram Instagram account out during the rock and roll Las Vegas they don’t.

Which they haven’t a second weekend of November.

I’m going to attempt to break the Guinness world record for the fastest half marathon and a football uniform an.

American football uniform so right now I’m just going to try everything on make sure everything fits and this Saturday is the Halloween half marathon here in Las Vegas.

And this is going to be my mic dress rehearsal basically when a worthy uniform can run the race and just kind of see how it changes how everything works how and it’s gonna be just that entire dress rehearsal as well and then two weeks later after that race is.

Going to be the actual rocket event which I’m going to hopefully attempt to break that record down the breaker before at least earlier this year was one hour 43 minutes but I actually just checked the Guinness World.

Record website it looks like there is a new.

Record holder that just ran a 1 hour 40 minutes past marathon let’s see if I can find it here yeah one hour 40 minutes and 14 seconds it doesn’t show who was that you know what that that.

Doesn’t matter anyway that’s the time to beat 1 hour 40 minutes and 14 seconds that’s what happened that’s how that has to be my chip time at the Rock and Roll Las.

Vegas that or even what has to be faster.

That does not seem bad karma because when I.

Marathon a couple of weeks ago in Southern California and I ran at one hour 22 minute half now that was with no football gear on so that is just.

Shorts tank top and my running shoes but this time I’m gonna be wearing full pads shoulder pads and Jersey and a helmet I do get to run with regular running shoes but I have to have all the other necessary football gear so how much of that is that going to slow me down to an erase.

You know that’s yet to be determined and also the Vegas half marathon is run at nighttime typically this race is going to be warm there’s only been one year that I ran it in a see I ran this would be my fifth year run in this race only one of those years is actually been cold the other years have been actually really really warm so that’s something.

Learning to create a factory anyway that’s why I’m running a half marathon would be that duster personal find out how everything works and have two weeks to make adjustments anyway I’m going to get the uniform on and show you how everything worked and so that’s good edit all right now the first part of the uniform.

I’m gonna try on is going to be course the pants now I’m a huge all burn football fans so I thought it was.

Only fitting to do this in a Alban uniform so I wouldn’t email for a long period of time and they piece together the entire uniform from all burns so as you can see here I got the Auburn Auburn football pants.

I also got a Oliver football helmet and all my football jersey so I’m gonna go ahead and try these on here now part of uniform is you have to wear a athletic supporter aka jockstrap I’ve never worn one of these in my entire life so this is actually pretty interesting to know how this is going to work but again just a her sole this Saturday he could to.

Find out how all it is going to really take into place so give me.

A few moments I’m gonna get these two on then we’ll get the rest in for long alright let’s do it alright so here our football pants so we got the Pats here I am wearing these or support strap I’m hoping they didn’t get me terrible chafing during a race but we’ll see I’m gonna see how it acts this Saturday and then I’ll build make adjustments so this is the first part uniform have to wear the football.

Pants with the pads included so that is here I do have to wear knee-length socks so I’m gonna go ahead and put those on here and then I’ll get with the shoulder pads and then the comet will go there all right get the socks on and dogs are going to help me out here so he like sucks jacket already tell or way too long I.

Think these are socks for soccer players I actually might be able to get away with wearing compression socks instead of these.

So it’s have to see all right my sucks alright next part is a uniform now as I mentioned before I spent a long time on eBay piecing together a uniform so.

Nothing really goes together with this uniform such as I you know I bought everything probably like weeks from each other so you know I got a really basic shoulder pads and this job only try it on.

A football jersey I only put this Beast Roark head on a few times I never played football before so I really have no idea how football shoulder pads begin this so if you watch this video and you have played football many times please just keep joking.

If there are better more effective ways to put this woman he’s put in comments below us like it just.

Look less of like an idiot at the start so far so struggling yeah see look like a little kid at a little peewee football first time the jerseys very long time sorry yeah.

So my shoulder pads so this is a game helmet in which I told this older one and this is actually being quite youth as you can see there’s there’s paint chipping away back here I’m hoping everything kind of stays intact look it’s coming on and see how everything looks all right there we go how do.

Look now dementia report new half-marathon record is one hour 40 minutes and 14 seconds two weeks ago I ran a one-hour 22 minute half marathon so on paper it should make sense I should get this record right but the thing is I ran it.

With just shorts and a t-shirt another teacher at tape tops so running with hold this I know what do you guys think I’m just kind of doing just doing that get here that I can you just helmet like making those creaking noises like when it’s trying to.

Adjust but I feel like a little kid wearing all this anyway this is my uniform just finest the running shoes I’m gonna be wearing so this is it guys so I’m gonna wear to attempt to break the Guinness world record for the.

Half marathon in American football uniform so if you are trying to sit them like this go ahead and even cons below but I could really use your encouragement as well to say good luck wish me well and my again my dress rehearsal is going to be this Saturday so I’ll take you guys along.

For that but now for the race you rock’n’roll will complete you that as well but thank you for joining.

Me for Simone’s far as I try our unicorn great day take care and I’ll see you later.


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