Cohen in the slot so Biscay steps up so biscuit in Robin he’s got a first down Mitchell Travis key getting out of the pocket he turns it into a 14 yard gain for Chicago poletik quarterbacks Mahoney’s last week travesty this week Belichick had high praise for travesty was it off his back foot lofts it incomplete he had Robinson.
Down the sideline with Gilmore and shotguns for.

Biscay under 9 minutes to go here in the first.

Fake it steps up trip it ski out of the pocket throws on the move and it’s incomplete Jonathan Jones put the heat on try Biscay to read Cohen in the backfield Ford for Biscay pressure knockdown seconded 13 Aires trying to get their options rollin here Travis key he’s got old when a.

Shaken bake by Travis Qian he’s down at the 44.

Yard line Bellatrix head for bisque is an egg strong kid very good arm he can throw at 60 to 65 yards 30 to submiss ski bouncing to the outsides got the angle for the first down number.
Of those five and a half to go in.

The first four Biscay puts it in the air and a strike tenting over the middle to trade Burton first down is spending his first four years in the league with Philly on first down Travis key protection holds up looking down field trip miss key lets it fly incomplete bears trying to keep this drive alive.

For Biscay rush coming for this key incomplete second and five bootleg for Biscay short toss cut by Perkins ribbon toward the sideline dime package here for the Pats so this key spins the other way looks to this key will one – a Biscay into the touchdown ours is ready for him we talked about the number 10 of Bobby Douglas how about the number 10 of the Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

A convoy with white hair and Leno in the second quarter to this game the trouble this time the Cape Air’s going for ch4 Biscay lays it up there for Burton man is the looking at a Memphis Miller Travis key launches endzone – hi for militant city notion for Chicago on first and goal faking the Biscay faden’s to Biscay throws as he was eighth play of the drive to fake it to Howard Travis key.

Buying some time throws in a crowd ricochets the beginning of the downfall it’s not for New England – biscuit Goldberg cooks that second in 15 after the penalty for Biscay swings it but catched by Robinson then couldn’t do anything with it four yard.

Gain van Noy made sure of it needing an offense in the NFL third and 11 now for Chicago – this key steps up in the pocket throws it too high second and six try Biscay uncorks warning and it’s dropped during his rookie year on third downs the Biscay out of the pocket this is where he’s been dangerous using those legs and via 36 yard line toss it – Gabriel’s.
Got blazing speed but a lot of players over there.

Cohen goes to the outside for Biscay looks down the sideline and.

Compartir has been with Philadelphia Cleveland and Miami there’s a completion down the field to Burton eight seconds left timeout taken to the 45 in a position to make a kick for Biscay but keep an eye on the clock too risky throws that abounds one second remaining.

Cohen with the catch and ducks out Comiskey it’s a short pass clock around the 30 : is out-of-bounds said.


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