Just a quick this where my guys is before we get into this video I would really quickly just like to apologize because this video should have been yesterday however when I went to upload it when I when I got finally around to learn it it just wouldn’t not process which important man I had to go back really rerender.

Re-export and everything my heart and unfortunately that just delayed a little bit too.

Much so it is up today as you can see and hopefully you guys can understand and.
Hopefully happen again too many times so alright guys welcome back to the.

Channel and welcome to episode 12 of this the FIFA 19 Cardiff City career mod as always thank you so much for the support on the.

Previous few videos the first video of this episode the first video of this series the first episode of the series is officially just take one thousand views so thank you very much for that that’s incredible and.

Today’s episode as always as you can see we are actually starting right so we’ve scored the most.

Goals they’ve conceded the least it could be a good game well you’ve got with a very reserved side no we don’t we play Spurs you know literally three days.

Time is important but the two games in this episode are obviously Leicester City at home I think we’re at home no let’s just hit it away we are at the king power and then spurs or Tottenham Hotspur for those you know like am being called Spurs at the Cardiff City Stadium where hopefully we can or did at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and get at least a.

Point three points would be nice here but with the team we’ve picked in the plays that we’ve rested I have got a feeling that could be he’s very small he’s incredibly small he’s only a child technically the child is like 16 but he is very small however this is the Leicester City team Yakupov ik.

Pereira that guy Hugh’s an elder not Harry Maguire child ray and Mindy Mindy captain in the Foxes today she got shot she’s got T Montero and Okazaki.

Leading the line no Jamie Vardy nod not silver few players missing few big players missing wait with Petter check between the sticks its Morrison holding and exceed me on manga so Bamber has officially the gravy we’ll be leaving a club and this is this would have been his.

Last game he’s on the bench a man named Nina Patterson Gunderson I was talking that we didn’t stare so this is the team check Morrison holding manga Harris Gunnison doofus Patterson do Dean Morris in zaharie just just to rest the legs of people at Jack Grealish you are absolutely knackered from the last couple of.
Games and they can be playing they.

Will get played against Spurs when they will hopefully a bit full fitness ready.

And raring to go to pick up points from the mighty whites I believe then it then is could be wrong disperse from Spurs manga it’s a Harris another double-barrelled surname go away Harris it’s Amorth to Morrison to Murphy tomorrow Okazaki with less this it is first attempt on goal I’ve skipped the highlight key.

Thinking and playing Ultimate Team I’m not we’ve left this it is first effort on goal it is on target.

And it has gone into the top corner against Pat a check we always seem to concede one checks in there however I do key getting comments telling me to give me more of a chance because he is the higher rate of the two keepers realistically in any sort of first team battle novice to Patterson Patterson.

Fruits as a whore is a whore it back outside.

To Gunnison good awesome threw to Patterson Patterson just not something horrid good footwork and Zora shoots.

It took a couple of deflections but yeah Cooper which was able to just parry it behind.

And the ball with him from Dean gonna find its way into the back of the net I’m not 100% sure it’s Patterson I was trying to figure out the face he looked to be like Jack greenish boys he wasn’t on a pitch was trying.

To think of the next one it was kind of person and it’s a it’s a great header to be fair it’s a very good header he’s the first man he’s up he’s into the top corner and Leicester City.

A peg back he’s not even gone down it’s a Morris you know as a person I’m good but it’s not even go now as a Patterson goal it’s an elder on goal which is very unfortunate other part is in there it’s in and Akasaka has had two shots on goal and he scored both toughies.

It with dolphins Davos will be coming off at halftime absolutely no worries about that there’ll be a couple of changes at halftime to make sure hope that we do what we need to do in the second half.

But no no pressure on akazake whatsoever and still the past minute he’s out to silver silver shoots and Petter check has watched it fly past him into the top corner and all he has to.

Do is put a hand anywhere near the side of his head and he’s got a chance of saving now he keeps his hands.

Down by his side and just falls over watching the ball travel into the top corner and unfortunately that does look to be game set and match Leicester City now Harry otter if we’re gonna turn this one around we do need a couple of I guess a couple of very quick goals to even think about getting level and have we just washed up off the pitch I think they have.

All that I believe that brought to Mary ground which if I may not list isn’t much of an improvement it’s not it’s the Abbate just brought on so Leicester still not had as much possession and his cardiff but da Jeffster Montero and it’s similar to the first one Petter check has just let the ball past him he’s not very good he did it when I got the.

Comment saying police on check he’s not a bad keeper and he’s a bet he’s an upgrade on average I thought you know what it’s not a bad show it could be our favourite Arsenal on this career mode and he’s just not very good unfortunately I think this will be pair checks final.

For a very long time in this city and it’s poor from holding it’s silver that’s offside ref Charlotte he’s not Monteiro scored it’s 5-1 to the foxes and this is just showing off the rabona pass through who from silver has cooked the defense of open I.

Thought he may have just been ahead Montero but unfortunately not and it is five it is definitely game over I mean game went over at free one gamer over soon his check cording the net realistically.

In Rd about it and the referee finally blows the whistle over double the amount of added time that there was meant to be and.

It is unfortunately not being a pretty affair for Leicester.

Got Tottenham Hotspur at home next and I will see you guys at the Caddy.

City Stadium so let’s go and I know I said that we would see you guys at kickoff but just really quickly it before I went any further.

I want to say that wait this is the shortlist of the transfer hub and sent offers if you were allowed to send.

Offers yes we could keep your now and she can see if we scroll down the bottom three players have agreed pre contract terms who signed seven Johansson the Norwegian midfielder will come in he’s gonna be a part of the team that sort replaced in Haryana and Victor.

Camera asked if we can get them to in permanently he will join the team as soon as the summer transfer window opens of course not the January transfer window your highness guys he’s gonna be coming in he’s a 25 year old German central defense he will more defense we can also placenta back one of the big reasons I bought him is that versatility crew him in leather park he’s gonna be on 30,000 a week it’s not gonna be a lot of.

Money for us come next season if we can stay in the league and then we’re sound and a very good striker a very very very good bracket a plane it’s been kind of out sorts ever since he joined Liverpool really he’s gonna be on alarm on it 80,000 a week is massive eighty.

Thousand a week is massive for ourselves but the fact that we’ve got a player like Dave McCrory get coming in means that goals shouldn’t be a problem with himself and probably read from the plane up top is maybe a – I’m not 100% sure but we will now.

Get to kickoff and hopefully maybe just steal something from Tottenham Hotspur once again so they we are playing I believe top of the league as well you can see the Magister city Manchester United Liverpool all very close together.

In mid-table so weird so weird season so.

Far Calgary us is back in the team as you can sell it was always home to back in the day of this hurricanes playing Bali alleys playing they never to it no shame in song with Don Yama out of their old Italian troops or trippy a lot Maurice Ben Davis I want to.

Say Ben Davis Chris you know each and I saw in the background scared efforts comes back in because Pella check.

Isn’t very good I offer mango holding Carrera as you can see we have adapted to the back for again Mendez land camera set at Josh Murphy Jack Grealish and Bobby Reed the likes of Joe Bennett Morrison on the bench obviously.

Motion it’s just not 100% ready to play in this game he played a lot of football over the last couple days and folks are just not ready for this so there is trip here all de Velde of a Tong and Raphael der arrows skip and when Yama Erickson Alice on in the hurricane up front that is an incredible team apart from skip who I don’t know.

That is a very very very good team I’m starting to think maybe we should add to Freight the back camera says can’t play forward and we are now under pressure it’s in Carrera dudes get the head on it.

And that Murph it just just getting off on it’s a follicular wear from any on rushing Spurs players and now comes Nathanial Mendez line up this right hand side and.

It’s Mendez line those have Grealish who does have Korea and Correa with his first goal for Cardiff City puts us one nil up.

Against Tottenham Hotspur again in this series it’s the youngsters first goal he’s a left back it’s a great run.

It’s a superb run but I found my.

Favorite bit about playing with the for free free with all the four four one one that we’re using is the the rushing for backs but you know but we’re still playing well with the free at the back and it’s gonna be a massive.

Massive toss-up between which one gets played in certain games because that they’re both working.

Into trippy trippy of being harassed by bits cameras it deemed it.

To have fouled the English fall back I did I personally didn’t see it Christian Erica standing over it whips on in and hairy otters up it’s fallen for human song who shoots and it’s gone.

In and just as we have been very unfortunate with errors hairy otter is not being able to get the ball that direction we wanted it to go and it’s.

Detectives effort superb ly don’t get me wrong it’s a super strike however.

The audacious attempt at the other head and now human song shoots in human song is scored that’s my own mistake it’s a good effort from Delhi eyelet with the first attempt the pass I don’t know why I didn’t just built it clear unfortunately we.

Tried to pass it in human song is the man that it has fallen to and he was also.

The man that has just got his second of the game and we know awful well at that second half’s and not necessarily our best.

Friend in this it all certainly haven’t been our best friend in this series so far and I’m not one of the potential that that I know I’m not overly confident sorry that that will change in this episode so.

May a bit that will be the end of a chance again another good result from Spurs tripping down well there we’ll keep that in as well Murphy he didn’t touch Garen Trippier Oliver l2 Christian Eriksen now if it’s a camera asset and.

Cameras are getting this time does well is able to just lick it through if far enough to Josh Murphy and everything is falling.

Spurs ease way of the minute every bounce every deflection every stupid foul it’s gone it’s been given it’s unfortunate because I genuinely that can’t do anything about.

That it is a foul of I just unfortunately can’t do anything about it and it’s gonna be a hurricane from 12 yards the LF Ridge goes the wrong way it is free one to Tottenham Hotspur and Korea’s goal is now just a distant memory ladies and gentlemen that’s all there is to be said it is now just a distant memory but Amin to Pereira Jack Grealish now Bobby Reed Reed to josh Murphy who shoots it’s.

Over and that surely will be that ladies and gentlemen unfortunately it’s just another all of them games where the second half has been the downfall it was one day.

Left half to him in the second half has been absolutely appalling from myself however you say it out there considering the wall shots not.


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