Anything surprise you about Le’Veon Bell anymore you know I know you’re not worried about it you want to play with you here but in terms of him everybody thinking he’ll be here in a certain date does anything surprise you that’s everybody else no locker room we’re not even worried about it it’s unfair for me to even talk about.

Them and you know they’ll have to answer his.

Questions when he wants to but we’re not talking about it right now we got Cleveland Browns football and if he.
Joins along the way so beat it but it’s not fair to.

Everybody in this locker room and LaVey on himself for us to keep talking about well with that in mind do you think because of the way James was playing.

And because the team’s not comparing anybody but you I just think James had a really good season so far and he’s gonna have to continue to be a workhorse.

And maybe uncontacted we need a workhorse as well but almost the sound workers getting double use I don’t care how we do it what matters we do.


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