We’re gonna welcome in 1992 sugar bowl MVP he’s a national champion running back at the University of Alabama matter of fact he won championships at all three levels high school college in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys derrick lassic I hope you’re doing well welcome back to t town thank you man it’s good to talk to you hope.

You’re having a great college football season enjoying your Tod and this offensive.

Explosion here in T town yes always the great season won the title winner you know I enjoyed that a lot more than what there weren’t doing as well sure so long ago hey no and you think about I mean just this.

Past week Alabama beat Tennessee for the 12th straight time and the 12 years prior to Nick Saban’s arrival we were 2 in 10 against Tennessee what a difference a coach baked let me ask you what what do you see in this football team there lastly one of the most dynamic offices I’ve seen in a long time I kind of compare them to or again back when Oregon.

Was scoring those points but I think we have a better running game than they do and I think two of the better passer.

Than Mariota just what he’s been able to do it’s I mean we were just reading through some of the stats and he’s done it he’s he’s setting college football numbers were records and he’s doing in only three quarters phenomenal he just once in the lifetime I think type of talent I mean he has a quick release he’s accurate he’s.

Under pressure and he runs it gets out of the way of rushers a lot better than people give him credit credit for how do you beat.

This guy hope he gets hurt and practice don’t don’t they don’t say that now I mean let me knock on it so would here uh well you asked me the question I know I did I know I did.

But I mean in all serious you you play to get some NFL greats you’ve been a part of a teams that had great quarterbacks I mean I mean how do you defend this guy if your college team I mean he’s a great talent.

But then he has all those toys around him he has a great tight end he’s eventually gonna be a first rounder you’ve got three receivers that I think are.

It eventually got to be first rounders he’s got three running backs gonna be first the second.
Routers yes two or three offensive linemen there’s.

Gonna be per second around us so it’s not only hint yes he’s surrounded by a lot of great talent but he.

Elevates that pal he’s kind of.

Like a Michael Jordan he makes Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant a lot better we’re talking with guys we really think the guys around them a lot better yeah well you know Brett Favre I heard.

Him talking about quarterbacks and he said you know you can throw a lot of different things at me but he said to me a quarterback is defined by.

What you just said everybody else takes their game and he helps them take their game to the next level be a lot of the stuff that’s happening now I predicted back in July yes you did I had a yeah so it’s.

Like I said Judy’s gonna be one of the toughest even in the country he wanted top two or three I think in the country the scary part about this is they’re sophomores they’re only gonna get better and they have another year so there’s going 60 points this year guy knows I’m going to do well and now you know we say.


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