Some white letterings silver pants and silver helmets with that well looks like Seattle Seahawk right across the side of the helmets we don’t know who is going to get the ball first who’s going to bring their offense out of the field first we’ll have a coin toss coming in just a few moments I’d I hope that everybody back.

Home can see the picture now we have restarted it and hopefully the camera is working now and tell you what it’s going to get a little hectic here pretty soon for me to deal them adjust it and fix it everything as we’re not going to have a coin toss and the kickoff.

This is a little unusual they take the starting lineup and take into the middle of field and run them towards the sidelines once again me a coaching staff for.

Bridgewater Emery Ethan it is Jeff Van lower Tim Hawkins Jason for Bridgewater Emery Ethan it is Jeff been lower Tim Hawkins Jason Bailey Griffith van lure Jared Anderson Andy Erickson and 1000 Juba on the other side it is Paul Guerin TJ Knudsen Troy stemberg and Jason Bauer well.

I just got confirmation until we.

Are up and running again on on our live stream I hope that it stays that way that’s my hope for the every game but most especially tonight let’s get to the middle of field what we’re going to have.

A coin toss the mObridge Pollock Tigers will be able to select heads or tails being the visitors on the scoreboard and so the referee comes in Tok sings over with them to explains a few rules and now he’ll that one of the tiger.
Players call the flip I’ll see if they’re going to bring their.

Offense out first or a play a little defense and still going over a few things very good officiating crew here one of the best around officiating tonight’s game in bridgewater a lot of explanations going on right now let’s see it’s a Scott end-all out there right now talking things over with teams now they flipped the coin I believe and we’re gonna see if who won.

The toss and who gets the ball looks like mObridge Pollock won the toss are going to defer to the second half and.

That’ll get Bridgewater Emery from the ball first and so here we go as both teams will head to their perspective sidelines and we are going to have a kickoff so kicking the ball for mObridge Pollock of course is going to.

Be number 44 on the program and that is Noah fire haizen he’ll put a boot on the ball send it back deep to BC I exploited a love the seahawks uniforms I can see a lot better all the numbers out there with the dark.

Blue and the white lettering so nice crowd on hand here and Bridgewater also a nice crowd of mObridge Pollack fans as they travel then good assortment over there it’s a long drive thanks for coming and here come the Tigers out to tee it up from the 40-yard line fire isin.

Will bring the T out set up the ball we’re just mortals last moment instructions coming out right there from the coaching staff for Bridgewater a morethan looks like going back back deep for the Seahawks is going to be.

Jammin demon our end and also back to as a Brady Hawkins fire isin approaches and here is the kick.

It’s going to be picked up by Hawkins Hawkins at the 10 now gets it across a 20 25 30 now on to well nice return now across the 35 to the 36 yard line and that’s where the Seahawks are going.

To have it first and 10 as they bring their.

Offense out onto the field well rich Pollack defense will come out first they’re going to come out there Craig in order to one end John Keller at one tackled Parker meant that the other tackle Josh Nora will be the other end split backs in the backfield slot out the right side they’re going to.

Run it straight forward and a big handoff goes to jam and.

Aaron and he’s down the sideline he is going to be pushed out of bounds right around it looks like the 30 actually a 28 yard line of mObridge Pollock so a big pickup that time 33 yards on the run and blacks and Albers got up there to push him out of bounds so just like that the Seahawks are just off the doorstep as they break the huddle get back.

To the line of scrimmage they’re going to have split backs in the backfield slot over on the light side here comes Hawkins in now he’ll give it off and here is errand again and Aaron trying to get outside he’s gonna have to reverse direction he’s cut from behind and a nice tackle that by time Mike Regan order getting him right about 3 4 yard loss behind the.

Line of scrimmage so second down and 14 coming up for the Seahawks as they couldn’t get anything going to the right side tried to reverse it and it was the right defensive in Craig in order coming in from behind and dragon Aaron down from.
Behind just getting things started here 11.

Love it I left here in the first quarter and 0-0 our score right now put backs in the backfield a split out over here on the right side and this time they’re going to pitch it out and Aaron trying to get outside he’s being pushed to the sidelines by the defense and.

Gets that a one tackle before he’s pushed out of Bounce by Isaac Olson see where they mark.

This I don’t think he had enough for a first down and it’ll bring.

Up a third down and just about three see I was.

Trying to go outside trying to use some of that speed that they have again errand on the season 155.

Carries for 937 yards on the season Hawkins comes in slides in under center now and he’s going to end it off straight ahead big hole opens on the left side of the line and errand is gonna be good enough for a first down in.

Fact inside the 15 to about.

The 11 yard line first and 10 Parker ments from behind picked up the attack along with Jimmy Richards that time first in 10 Seahawks and they are on the doorstep right now from the tiger 11 yard line again split backs in the backfield slot over here on the right side gonna hand it off this time to the big fullback and going forward is Grant.

Andrews I believe that is he is 6 1 200 pounds a junior he’s got a hundred and ninety-eight carries for 48 yards he is the guy that is going to get you that short yardage running just kind of a Rambler Seahawks bring to play in from the sideline with sorors Schultz Schultz is going to be the slot back.

Over here on the right side of the line Hawkins comes in climbs under Center now and is going to give it off a little misdirection this time big hole opens up on the right.


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