Break ID number for two three four thousand eighteen illusions football one box break this has got to be my favorite football product so far five hits and gorgeous base and parallels go second one of these is up there three free spots William R Oh Jimmy CA CJD I Jomon more RPA to 499 Green Bay Jimmy’s CA Berkeley rookie.

Archives is down to three cornerstones at two Brady rookie idols whoops this way one of ten dual patch ito Smith Devonta Freeman one of ten to Atlanta William ro Mayfield rookie Taekwon lewis read parallel auto 254 left in Phoenix full case six left in the next one of these this is Colts Jeff Bo.

Brady Terry Bradshaw insert.

Darn old rookie IDO Smith jumbo Jersey also Falcons William R Oh YouTube isn’t working we actually spent.

Most of the afternoon trying to work on a new connection to get everything working better so I expect that to be up tomorrow Jackson rookie.

Year second year auto gorgeous and obviously gradable incased Kansas City CJ di I like it all right.


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