As its deign in George and George with dynasty breaks we’re doing a preview of our Thursday Friday and Monday breaks coming up first time we’ve done this yes new parts we don’t know we’re just giving a try see if it works as a little way of a little way or a way yeah big little small giant a way.

Of getting the information out to you guys about what breaks we have coming up obviously you can always go to our website which.

com up here at the top when you do new users you’re gonna get.

$5 credit in their account that they can use on their first purchase and here’s what we’ve got on the schedule tomorrow night we’ve got national treasures baseball case number four we’re giving away a free spot someone in the break will win a free team a.

Good way to win a free second team check out our videos on YouTube of the first three cases they’re insane we’ve had a Stan Musial auto we’ve had two Otani autos we’ve had a Lou Gehrig one.

Of one pretty sick stuff Cal Ripken auto in the last one so that’s that’s our first baseball break tomorrow at 7 p. central what do you get to when I do the football part and you get to read what they’re saying on the screen you can’t really read they’re making fun of me no nothing they’re not they’re making fun of us so that’s just pretty funny what they’re saying but go ahead then we’ve got Bowman chrome baseball after that we just changed it it is now all teams.
In it was 13 spot break we changed.

It we’re giving away one spot in Bowman chrome and first I want to do that right yeah the first 15 people to buy in the first 15 spots excuse me to buy in we’re gonna put you.

In a drawing for a free spot if you get in early you got a chance in a second-team free soup refractors prospect autos rookie autos that’s crazy every year so definite was and we did this by special request you guys.

The baseball people had said they wanted some more bone and chrome so he tried it out there at the higher price with tier teams and didn’t seem.

To be getting a lot of response so just made the change and already has people.

Buying into this so apparently it fits better with everybody’s style to go this way so my torch will hit the football real quick prism and.

Then I’ll show this when you’re done yeah everybody say more excitement song hey guys and gals it’s George Wythe dynasty breaks.

Give it away some good information on football that better rhythm football George yeah yes we’re doing prison football on Friday and as Dan mentioned not only are we doing a case at 12 bucks case of prison football we’re also doing one bonus box of first off the line a prison football and it has the extra stuff and there are a couple extra things but bottom line.

Is the price is crazy how we got there is really not important whether it was a mistake or whether it was just because we have appreciated our customers bottom line is it’s a hell of a deal for 56 99 I think everybody else is around 60 999.
Something like now the retail on just the case is $74.

99 with the with the added box it’s.

84 9 so we’re you’re gonna save about $28 yep awesome retail we assume that all the sell out pretty quick do we have any other deals on that just everything just that’s just the deal the 56 99 a deal 39 autos okay and then and then the second part which I hope we’ll go ahead and sell out to along with that is what we referred to as the huge triple giveaway which includes the fact that we’re giving away some hundred dollars in hitless.

Credit $50 and hitless credit and a graded card at the end of the break but it’s two cases the case.

Of certified a total of 93 hits maybe ninety three and a half hits I don’t know plenty of hits in the cases should be fun its total of 27 boxes so a nice long break with a lot of stuff going on so that should be.

Good giveaways and that’s our that’s our biggest break we’ve done 26 boxes of.

Football and then Monday it works let me let me get to because I’m gonna show these yep these cards we’ve got here Monday we’re doing honors football.

That’s our favorite product 2016 honors we’ve got Carson Wentz back Prescott Ezekiel Elliott Michael Thomas Jared Goff rookie year so.

What they do they’ve taken great autos from Pat the past sets from playoff Don Russ sets like that and they’ve inserted them into this product it’s gonna have 20 encased autos it’s got a Manning rookie ticket somewhere in the product not necessarily in our case but they don’t have one oh I hope they put them in they put a Brady rookie ticket Wilson a lot of cards in a.

Great rookie class that of $69.

We’re giving away a free spot and I’m here some of the here’s some cards from honors that we have here in the store here’s a goth rookie.

Auto from honors these are going to be the base rookie.

Autos is that the design this is a past.

Rookie ticket Auto there hand-numbered a lot of the cards are hand numbered the derrick karr from 2014 contenders Franco Harris this is.

A recollection collection I call it recollection collection there you go I’m not sure which I think they’re spelled the same and.

These are very rare very rare finds in a Super.

Bowl otto’s it’s a Peyton Manning Super Bowl otto’s this is a hard we haven’t had any luck finding another one on online or on eBay or anything so this came out of honors all the honors cards have the sticker over the mag saying it’s from honors so really good set awesome autos that’s Monday night so George yeah we can start schedule that’s.

It that’s it Thursday baseball Friday football Sun not suddenly Mundi football and we’ll have something else to go along with the honors on Monday night we’ll see probably baseball we never know exactly how things gonna blow out so I wish I hadn’t said that can we come you don’t never know how things are gonna flow out George there’s our website dynasty breaks calm and we’ll see you next time guys thanks thanks guys see you tomorrow.

Night yeah which might be tonight dependent when you’re watching it oh and I told them I do.

The bonus here it is Oh where’s the bonus gonna fade to black all right guys see ya.


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