You get some odd looks when you say you play American football a lot of people especially outside the university don’t really know the sport some people watch the Super Bowl but people didn’t realize how big of a sport it’s becoming in the UK it’s the fastest growing sport in the UK at the University here at unity University has.

The development sport to a performance sport those small changes which are really making a difference to it becoming a big sport in the UK my.

Name is Tom Galvez and I’m a student at the University of Nottingham and I’ve been playing American football here it’s my fourth year as a wide receiver so yeah I just finished my GCSEs at school and we’re going out there to see my good mother he lives on Princeton and her husband is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan so when we’re out there one of the weekends they took us up to training camp.

Was awesome it’s the first time I’d ever seen a American foot wolf as I went out there and just absolutely loved the whole experience being in Lincoln Financial Field Stadium watching the Eagles train it was very impressive it was almost the complexity of the sport people see a medal but.

When they just see again it’s like a lot of small games in a single.

Game American football cause each players its own seem to be its own game it’s only matchup you have to in each player you have to beat your opponent so I didn’t start playing well I.

A fool around in the park that might make some school or every now and.

Again and the weekends with.

Meetup and third ball around I didn’t start playing something properly until I came.

To university four years ago.

I’ve been coaching American football for 12 years now and.

We’re looking for those students who are interested in a sport interesting trying something new yes we do get students who I’ve played the game a little bit before that’s the first hurdle because from them stepping on campus for the.

First time putting them in kit to our first game it’s maybe about a month month and a half to teach them all the basics getting how to use their.

Equipment safely and install a playbook so it’s really condensed time with people who have very little knowledge and a spot previous in the hall yeah it’s it’s quite tough when you first join it especially.

Coming in at such a late age as most people do here they’d normally don’t start they join University so it is it is tough getting used to the physicality of the game it can be quite overwhelming but we’ve got such a great support system the vets are always there to help the rookies and its really.

Good team atmosphere just to get everyone together and able not to the right place ready for those matches now I think the awareness of American football is growing and more and more these days and certainly last year being part.

Of an undefeated team we were the team of.

The year on campus and so there is an awareness of what we do now outside the University structure not many people may know about the University American football but within universities I think it is a growing sport growing awareness a lot of people have never heard of the.


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