Greetings and salutations everyone my name is Angie kerkhof and welcome to my youtube channel today what are we gonna be talking about well it’s the fantasy football week eight quarterback starter sits I’m going to be talking about my two starts at the quarterback position while addressing a couple of ideas and maybe perhaps guys you might want to sit.

This coming week depending on specific by week’s matchups stuff like that also be going over my 1 through 18 rankings at the quarterback position now my rankings will be consisting of six point per passing.

Touchdown leagues so obviously it’s not gonna make a huge difference but yeah for those that have for those quarterbacks that throw a boatload.

Of touchdowns and obviously it’s very beneficial for them and without further ado I just want to go.

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As a right now that is the the main thing that I’m talking about why because we’re midway through the fantasy season it is week eight guys and for many of you you know you’re trying to make that playoff push some of you you know you’re 2.

In 2 & 5 right now and you’re thinking okay I can make a six-game spree happen and I can make my fantasy playoffs and try to make a run that’s why I’m here to help you I’m here to give you some advice some analysis.

At the quarterback position in order to help you guys out so what’s out without further ado let’s get into it shall we hey everybody how’s it going I thought.

To the to the quarterback conversation as right now I’m putting on a hat because I’m ready to talk.

About two guys that you know isolate haven’t been fantastic at all they have been nothing close to fantastic they’re not you know Patrick mahomes level they’re not Andrew Luck level but Kurt cousins and Andy Dalton in their own respective team situations they’ve been decent this season but the thing is I expected more from Kurt cousins at least as of right now you know the first seven weeks this season hasn’t hit his bye week yet and just hasn’t.

Been fantastic fantasy wise you know as a team the Vikings you know they’re obviously talented they’re going to be successful but Kirk Cousins hasn’t been able to produce as much as we’d want him to now here’s the thing Kirk Cousins he plays against.

The New Orleans Saints this week now what exactly does that mean well the New Orleans Saints by all means they’ve given up the third most fantasy points to the quarterback position thus far this.

Season and they’ve given up the first the most the number-one-ranked they’ve given up the most fantasy points to the wide receiver position thus far.

This season now I mean it’s plain and simple Kirk Cousins he is a good quarterback in a good matchup against a very poor defense that has struggles in the secondary where the Vikings.

They succeed with passing them all Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs you know we know Dalvin.

Cook is gonna be out for the next two weeks latavius Murray isn’t an excellent running back but he does the job he gets the job done this coming week they cannot rely upon the run game anymore they’re going to have to pass the ball a ton there for Kirk Cousins is one of my starts of the week for this week I know he’s been disappointing us as of late he hasn’t been as good as we expected.

Him to be especially with the weapons that he is upgraded to you know on the on the Redskins this past season in 2017 he was.

Good even without great weapons I expect him to continue to elevate his game hopefully Stefon Diggs can.

Couple balls couple touchdowns here and there Kyle Rudolph can find himself a part of this offense in which he can contribute and it will help this offense and help Kirk Cousins vanity value as of right now he’s the start of the week for this coming week at the quarterback position now the next guy I want to mention he was my start of the week last week at the quarterback position next to Jameis Winston this week he plays against Jameis Winston they play against the Tampa Bay.

Buccaneers and Andy Dalton by all means should have a great week I’m telling you he has to have a good week it’s impossible to be okay look this past week he wasn’t great.

You know 50% completion percentage was 8 you know he turned over the ball wasn’t able to string much of an offense together and they weren’t really able to move the ball that in itself that has to do with the Sunday Night Lights and.

It also has to do with the Kansas City Chiefs are a better team at home defensively at home they’re a team that elevates their game and as I mentioned earlier on this.
Week at home they only allow 17 points per game it could.

Be a streaming defense this week against Case Keenum just saying but anyway Andy Dalton plays against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now what did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers give up they’ve given up the most fantasy points to the quarterback position on a weekly basis.

Give up the most points to the quarterback position they give up the second-most points to the wide receiver position what exactly is that do for Andy Dalton well he should be the best.

Quarterback this coming week if you’re playing against the worst defense you got receivers like Tyler Boyd AJ Green CJ Zama and you have mixing in.

The out of the backfield you’ve got to be able to produce he’s not gonna okay I don’t expect him.

To be the number one quarterback but I expect them to at least play better than his projection right I’m expecting three plus touchdowns plain and simple right because if Baker Mayfield is able to throw two touchdowns when he struggles for majority of that game then you.
Know Andy Dalton in my opinion as of right now is a.

Better quarterback has a better situation has a better team that surrounds him than Baker Mayfield Andy Dolan has to be able to produce he’s proven to us thus far the season that.

He can last week in my opinion was just a fluke that’s why I’m sticking with Andy Dalton the red rifle he is my honor my starts of the week.

Let’s go ahead and move on after talking about some starts of the week to.

The statistics the fantasy points against a thing that I’ve been going over this past week instead of talking abouts it’s because you know many of you will get a pretty good idea of who I should you know who I believe should be a sit off of my rankings so this will kind.

Of give you a little bit extra insight on Mike Oh baby I knocked that fly right out the air ok so here’s the deal what do we got here we have here as you can see the points given to the quarterback position on a weekly average basis.

Thus far this season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in six point per passing touchdown leaks give up thirty three point one five points to the quarterback position.

On average now look how many yards and touchdowns they give up.

To the quarterback position three hundred and forty one passing yards and three passing touchdowns on average Andy Dalton has to have a good week if he is not able to you know produce on such a week might by all means Andy Dalton we’re gonna have some problems dude we will have some problems all right personally on a personal level you will not only crush my.

Soul but you’re gonna hurt many fantasy lineup this week I understand your job is not to fulfill my fantasy needs but it’s to get your team some wins and.

If you’re trying to win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers you’re gonna have to score 28 plus points it’s a fact you’re going to have to so if you can get you know four touchdown passes maybe throw on the mix and so the mixing owners are you know having some fun actually I play mixing in the cup of my leagues this week just throw all the touchdowns to AJ Green.

Entire boy period anyway let’s go ahead and uh let’s move on let’s just.

Think about who you might not want to start at the quarterback.

Position this week depending on the specific stat right the matchup stat the Seattle Seahawks of all the defenses have given up the least amount of points to the quarterback position that is a that’s an interesting statistic now why exactly is that a case is it because the Seattle Seahawks defense is not great against the run is it because they’ve had easy matchups well the fact of.

The matter is they they’ve just proven.

To be a pretty good defense this past what I think was two weeks back in.

Week six they absolutely destroyed the Raiders right when they played against the Cowboys earlier the season the game I remember completely watching that Prescott wasn’t able to do anything but the run game of Ezekiel Elliott was consistent enough to where you would think okay well we’re not completely out of it.

But let me just go ahead and look this up because I’m quite curious now that I’m looking at all right so the Seattle Seahawks thus far this season they’ve given up the 15th fewest points to the quarterback oh sorry through the running back position so they’re not you know.

They’re not giving up points and bunches to be honest this Seattle defense I guess they’ve been good that’s thus far this season many of you Seattle fans will probably know that and you’re yelling at your monitor and you were so good on defense we didn’t need Earl Thomas we didn’t need Sherman we didn’t need kam chancellor trust me I’m sure you wish you had them all right now and you guys would be better for it but you know they’re old they’re broken you don’t need them anyway so Seattle Seahawks wise what.

Exactly isn’t mean does this scare me to start you know Sam Bradford it definitely doesn’t help you know the situation I think Sam Bradford is a good Sam Bradford yeah Matthew Stafford that’s really close.

You know I’ve always because they were both first-round picks back to back I not first-round picks first overall picks back to back years then the names have always mixed each other Matthew Stafford does that fear does that scare me when it comes to Matthew Stafford starting this week it doesn’t completely scare me but.

I could see that you know Matthew Stafford.

Not having a fantastic game I could see that Baltimore Ravens they don’t give a lot of points to the quarterback what does that do with Cam Newton does that perhaps scare me maybe a little bit yeah Jacksonville Jaguars does that scare me with Carson Wentz sure it could potentially you know these kind of matchups I would rather.

Play quarterbacks playing against the Saints the Falcons the Buccaneers the Steelers the Bengals right I’d rather play quarterbacks and against the Patriots the 49ers I’d rather have quarterbacks that play into those matchups then quarterbacks that are playing against the top and elite defenses in the NFL right now that’s nothing that you want to completely you know put your quarterback into especially because there are so many options on the waivers in in many of your leagues you could pick up a guy like.

Andy Dalton because of how bad he performed this past week and you know stream him and be fantastic with it you can pick up guys like mr. Trebek ski who has a good matchup against the Jets this coming week and.

Be able to produce decently the way I see it just to keep you you know this is the consideration look at the statistics do with it as you may but as right now I’m just a little worried you’ll see by my rankings in a little bit with thee players.

Playing against the tougher defenses there are some players that are matchup proof like even though we see Denver as the 28th best defense against the quarterback position that doesn’t really scare me much because the fact of the matter is their defense have given up so many rushing yards in the last couple weeks I mean what they had those two two back-to-back 200 yard rushing games between Isaiah Crowell and girly that doesn’t really help the quarterback so obviously some of these statistics are a little inflated and deflated depending.

Game script and situations like that so I wouldn’t fully read this like it’s your fantasy Bible but as right now just keep it into consideration let’s move on to.

My rankings yes this is going to be a shorter video usually quarterbacks and tight ends are shorter videos because there’s not that many guys to talk about and to be honest many of you don’t run with two quarterbacks you you have one quarterback his name is Patrick mahomes Aaron Rodgers Andrew Luck Tom Brady and that is your guy that.

Will start every week until you have a bye week so specifically who is on.


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