The long-term development of a quarterback in the context that all three of the other division quarterbacks were on the field of Serkis and you know somebody had long-term vision for them right but with Mayfield have you thought much maybe not recent well the seasons well nobody you thought much overtime about what the long-term arc is going to be.

For him well I think you think about it I mean obviously when we drafted him you know when whenever it was he was gonna play you know our goal is that he’s gonna be our quarterback you know I think obviously.

He has to continue to progress and continue to get better I’m not trying to compare him to anybody I don’t think that’d be fair I.

Think he’s gonna you know blaze his own.

Trail as we go but hopefully it’ll be somewhat like the guys.

In our divisions career of dawn you know like you say all those guys played as rookies they’ve been a quarterback to their teams for a long time you know and I think that was.

The vision when we drafted experience of.

Working with a set in his ways quarterback what you had in Roethlisberger and not working with the brand-new quarterback that Mayfield it’s fun to work.

With any quarterback you know especially ones that are good or ones that have a chance to be good you know and and and.

Is a process and it takes time especially with the young group surrounding them you know it’s it’s what I.

Love to do the the process is what’s a lot of fun for me you know whether it’s game plan and Monday and Tuesday seeing it implemented Wednesday Thursday Friday see the guys grow see the guys start to know what they’re doing and and understand their purpose and roll on each.

And every play and and seeing them bring it to life something to kind of write a book about they’re all different you know they’re they’re all different personalities but generally you’re gonna have alpha dog to ultra-competitive guys guys that back in the old days probably have been leading the army you.


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