Hi and welcome to game on beat the experts edition here at northern Burlington High School I marked some arrow joined by Tom rim back at John Louis another good week for me eleven and two John was nine of four Tom eight and five so yeah I’m still in the lead this year so time’s running out guys all right.

We’re gonna go for games this week starting here with northern Burlington they’re at Bishop Eustace Tom who do you like well you got a shuttle of northern Burlington they had the huge upset over Delran I mean John and I couldn’t have predicted that so but so this week we’re absolutely gonna go I love a mere.

Stevenson in the way he plays the game I’m gonna go with northern Bishop Eustace is a run first team if they can’t run they’re in for a long afternoon they’re gonna have a long afternoon yeah the Crusaders got their first win last week I think the winning streak stops there though love.
Northern Burlington in this.

Game next game Palmyra at Bordentown Scott he’s still looking for their first win well I think they get it this week I mean Paul Meyer has been plenty been playing pretty well going back and.

Forth a little bit but I think this is the week that I think Bordentown finally gets over the hump you know that they’re their new new offense more of a run based offensive a can.

Get that going early they win I like Paul Mary here this is the 66th meeting between these two teams by Meyers 145 of them I mean that’s that’s dominance they’re a big play team they’re gonna make some big plays I think they I think they get it going this week yeah Bordentown as we said they’re winless but they’ve been getting close they only lost by a point whether their.

Last game they’ve had a lot of time to think about it I think they get over the hump give the ball to Jaden Blanding the kid can’t be tackled and Palmyra is having a really difficult time tackling kids so I like this matchup I really like the Scotties here.

Okay Willingboro at Camden chimeras coming off a big win bro pride borough pride borough pride but.

I think this week it’s gonna be Camden Vizier Murray had an amazing week last week he’s probably that been been their best football player this year something.

Tells me that they’re ready for a little bit of a letdown it’s not gonna hurt them for seeding but I think candan pulls us went out oh the letdown rule you know I hate that Willingboro is hot they’re gonna stay hot they have a chance to be the top seed in there and they’ve made a couple bus rides to Cedar Creek it didn’t go well play these playoff games with Shawn Phillips field.

Let’s see what happens I like Willingboro I’m on the bandwagon I love how the chimeras are playing but yet so tough to do this two weeks in a row I just like Camden playing at home going with.

Camden okay our final game the game of the week Rancocas Valley at Shawnee well the Renegades are having a bit of a struggle right now Mike okis Valley.

Pulled out an amazing game against one tepee last week.

My cookers Valley’s playing a little bit better right now you know you got you got a love the way that the Red Devils are playing I think it’s the Red Devils.

I think offensively Shawnee matches up well with this team they’re going to control the ball they’re going to score some points they’re gonna have some success but RV just too many weapons got to go with RV when I look at this game I’m kind of looking at who it means more to.

I mean RVs been on a good good run they’re cruising I don’t think it means as much to them this is a game show and he has.

To have I mean they need to get on the right foot going into the playoffs.

We’ve seen this movie before where they’ve started slow they find their rhythm somewhere and late in the regular season and then go on a crazy run and win at South Jersey title I’m not saying that’s gonna happen but I’m saying this is where they turn the corner I like Shawnee this week well you know how I hate the letdown rule alright that’ll.

Do it for this week make sure to go to the game on home page for great new content every day and follow us on Facebook and Twitter at BCT game on and hashtag BCT sports we’ll see you next time.


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