Good morning everyone it’s currently it’s June 7th hold it yeah it’s June 7th Wednesday and I hope that you’ve been liking my recent vlog almost stunning and I’m not studying paper writing they are not stuff doesn’t happen in my life today I have a break I have no class today on paper due tomorrow I do have one due.

Friday but I’m going to get it done play by tonight right now it’s 1 o’clock and I’m about to do a mini little photo shoot it’s really.
Just some photos for the school newspaper which.

Is super exciting they’re doing a little feature on some graduates like graduating seniors and they’re talking about like the article I don’t know what’s going to be about but they already interviewed me and a things about me and YouTube and things like that and they wanted me to take the photos for the newspaper article at my old dorm at some here at River Vista and.

I learn havin back here in forever is like deja vu and generally I do miss it like I miss sitting here and like Reaver quad and all.

The good times that I had here but I’m really excited to do these photos and I’m excited for the article to come out I can’t wait to show you all it comes out on June false I believe so there june 12 is 14 something like that but I’ll definitely keep you all posted on of course I’ll show it to you all but I’ll let you know we need for the photographer to get here but these are the good times this is my dorm building you guys have seen this.

So remember all my wonderful videos here and then over there we have Reber hall we don’t we’re going to repurchase that’s rendezvous over there which is one of our like grab and.

Go like cafe dangles so the good days I miss this right I’ll let you know when the talk first Ella’s here and when we start shooting okay quick update I’m here with Stella she’s amazing we share at my old dorm room reversed if I do I’ve seen people living in there but they’re not actually here so that’s kind of.

Fast but we’re going to get reducing canons right now but we’re getting some real ones with me like tending the flock you know I am blogging but oh so we finished up the shoot is really quick it was like 16 minutes so it’s really nice and now I still run a couple errands but was so cool is the photographer for the daily room Stella she’s actually an infinity she used to watch.

Or will I don’t know if she still does but she’s watched my videos before she came to college which was so so sweet it really meant a.

Lot when she said that I seemed very approachable and that she really liked how I respond it’s like a lot of the comments and I really hope you all know that I literally read every single comment I respond to literally at this little comment except for one like come new comments on like super old videos those get pushed down on my feed so I easier for me to see the em are like it’s easier for me to.
Respond to the ones that are.

New for like my newer videos they’re probably old videos when I get new comments I get emails for them so I definitely like read every single comment but it’s hard for me.

To respond to the older ones but I do always punch my new ones because if you all are taking the time to watch my video and not only for my video but to comment I’m definitely going to come between back.

And interact communal and all that jazz all right have a great day good luck on finals Oh something always come up it’s behind me I’m like so down the high and hang out with.

You ball but I got off run some errands right now and bird away oh well think like that makes me happy but okay.
I gotta head to my car go do some errantly hey everyone so update I have.

The blog for a couple days so like the newspaper stuff happened a couple days.

Ago and then I saw for my previous two vlogs i beliee take over the vlog so I haven’t had my blogs in camera for a couple days I just have logging system just insane or final I have one final left so that’s really nice but it’s like.

Perfect cause like I left those clips always be doing errands I play for our vlog and then now it’s June 12.

The newspaper to release something a little awfully jog a little bit but I’m going to go get a newspaper seems like possible but I’m gonna go get the newspapers I’m so excited ah LRO’s like wait student well I’m doing.

Right now no with me okay a lot of rest and jogged alone you stand wait I know look this meme though so cute okay I believe are these today’s issues I can’t tell hold.

It okay okay after I’m literally sitting on the ground for like seven minutes I finally found it okay so I’m not into the actual like main issue so there’s like this flap and there’s a photo swap and then there’s an opinion flop and I’m on v10.
Of the opinions page is also like an.

Online version which I’ll post.

That I’ll link down the link below so.

You all can read it and check it out but this is a physical copy I may get a couple of these copy and I’m gonna take them yeah yay okay so I wasn’t at the gym but I liked that it had my ID so I’ll just like darn you can go into the gym oh your IDP users should like I ve like number they can like look you up but you only get like a maximum of three per year and I use it once.

Already I don’t need to gym right now but I’m so excited I got one copy of like a full issue and then 2 of the opinion issues for myself but yeah I don’t know if it’ll be available tomorrow anymore they might replace.

It I know it’s yeah they might replace it I’m not sure but again I’ll link to the online article down below if you want to read it check it out and then also see all of you who have been donating to Emily’s Yuna kept fund she’s so so so grateful and we’re playing like do something really big and special for.

She really really really appreciates it so we’re going.

To think of something real cover you do for you all and I want to yell maybe like try to get her to vlog her UNICAMP experience so you guys.

Can see like for those of you who donated like where your money went and stuff there are very exciting but I’m gonna head back so excited about the issue okay one so it’s night time and let’s be real I’m not going to do any because Monday.

And my final is until Thursday so definitely it started tomorrow since there are some things I have to memorize so it’s easier to memorize things over a.


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