(mellow acusticus guitar music) Oh, you’re so sweet.
It is hard to believe that this sweet, little dog right here was partof an extreme hoarding case. I mean, this rescue dog was terrified until we completelytransformed her hiding space.

Even right now, how relaxed she is and just calm she is, that.

All came from this DIY transformation.

Of times you see me working with homeless dogs at rescues or shelters or.

Taking them out on the best day they’ve ever had but with Blossom, she’s really been apart of my home and my family. So, I thought I’d takeyou on this fun journey as we put this new space together for her.

I can’t wait for you tosee the final project all come together.

Okay, if you’re apart ofthis community, thank you, and if you’re not andyou want to.

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That subscribe button,turn on those notifications and let’s just jump right in to how this extremehoarding case rescue dog had her hiding spotcompletely. Okay, I want to start byshowing you her hiding spot, I.

Mean, even if we go outfor a quick bathroom break, she just darts right back in, watch. Okay, so after we go to the bathroom. Okay, everybody in andBlossom just takes off and.

Goes straight to her hiding spot. Okay, yeah, so this is her hiding spot. Now, she’ll basically hideunder there day and night, I mean, she’ll sleepthere, she’ll eat.

There, she’ll, sometimes, goto the bathroom there and it’s a problem. But for the first few weeks, I had to.

Just let her be because first she had to understand that this home was a safe space.

Fight off a thousand monsters ♪ ♪ Hiding in the sand on Mars ♪ ♪ Hijack a flying saucer ♪ – Okay, so a lot of times, if your dog.

Does something wrong, what do you do, you tell them no. With Blossom, she’s not there yet, her heads not there yet and that’ll just drive more fear. She doesn’t know what she’s done wrong. So, a lot of it has to dowith positive reinforcement. Just showing her love and encouraging her to come out from the table.

Of triesand days and days of this it just didn’t work, shewasn’t gonna come out from under that table. Now, I thought about blocking it off but the problem with thatis then her brain tells her she’s got to figure out howto get in there somehow.

Or digor jump over the barricade. Now, I’ve had a lot ofdogs throughout my life but there was one dog thatjust continued to jump up on the table and get food.

Hard to train this dog to not jump up on the table and get food.

A little harder at training myself. And I took the food off the table. Right, so, in this case, Iapplied that same strategy and I just moved the entire table. Okay, I don’t know ifKelly’s gonna.

Kill me, I don’t know if she’s gonna kick me out. As you can see here, Iwas legitimately nervous. – What’s goin’ on? – Well, I made a couple moves, I. – Okay, Kelly’s super nice and she’s 100% in support of Blossom but you don’t just go movingfurniture in your house without telling your wife. But as I suspected, Kellywas really great about it. It was getting later in the day so we had to get on this project.

Care if it’d take all night, I had to get it donebecause even one night with her being really insecure could set her back weeks. It’s okay, it’s okay sweetie, it’s okay. I can see right now, she’s nervous.

Because that safe space is gone away. So I’ve gotta hustle so that I can hurry and work on this spaceso that she feels. I don’t want her to regress too much just with her being scared. So I pulled Kelly into thedining area and we got started. Did you ever think that your dining room would be turned into a dog bedroom? – I mean, it was bound to happen one day.

I know I said, you know, Ihope she doesn’t kick me out.

But she’s obviously infull support of Blossom.

Just wait til you come home one day and there’s all newfurniture in the house.

Me set up her bedroom? – Yes. – Okay, so I got a bunch of stuff. I have been planning this for a while but in my head. So I don’t know how it’s gonna, sometimes things are in myhead and man, boom, nail it and other times. – But, in all seriousness,this one’s important because if I don’t get it right, you know, it could be amajor setback for Blossom. We gotta do this and we gotta do it now and get her comfortable. – It is, how does it go, that way? Oh, it goes, yeah it goes that way.

Why I though this would be perfect is because she’s hiding under.

That table, you know, she wants allabove her and behind her and on the sides of her all protected but she.

Still wants tobe able to see things. So, I thought a teepee would be perfect because, you know, I was thinking do I build a special dog bed or it’s not about comfort, I mean, she just lays on the floor, she doesn’t know. I don’t know, do you think this will be, is it a good start? – It’s cute.

More to this, this is just the start.

Oh there’s a lot more,you want to give me a hand with all the other stuff? – Yeah. (upbeat music) Okay, these are some of thethings we have to go up. So, do you want to hang,you want to hang that? Yeah, ’cause we don’t wanther to just have her tent, we want her to have her own little space that. So I think we put that,do you want that there or you want that lower and that higher? You think she’ll like turn and run away if she doesn’t like theplacement of your wall designs? – What do think?.- Right here? – No, I’d sayhigher and to the left. Perfect, man, you shouldbe on a home design show. (laughing) – Okay, no time soon? – No.

Okay, now I have twothings to keep in mind with this project. One, I gotta make sure this girl loves it and that’s functional for her. And two, I have to makesure it looks nice, right? It’s our home and that’s important and she’s.

Apart of our homeuntil she gets adopted. Oh, and by the way, she’s isavailable for adoption.

Now, I’m gonna put the link down below, so make sure our clickthat if you’re interested and share this videobecause you never know who might see this.

Youmight be the leading factor into getting her into a loving home. We have the chalk boardthat Kelly’s unwrapping so that we can write misssweet Blossom’s name on there. I have blue and yellow and black in case we need to outline it. – Outline it with blackon a black chalkboard? – Oh, right.

It’s black? – On a black chalkboard? (record scratching) – That doesn’t make alot of sense, so yeah. (laughing) So while we’re doing this,we’re uprooting everything and I know it’s making here nervous. And the only reason I’m notworried about her getting away because she’s a runner,that fear takes over and she just takes off, is the fact that it havethis Whistle right here. Now, this Whistle is alittle GPS tracker, right. So, we’ve got her littlename tag.

Right on there with my phone number and information. She’s micro-chipped but then we also have the Whistle GPS tracker. So now, as we’re doing this project I’m not worried, right,’cause if she slips out behind me when.

I’m opening a door, the Whistle will send an alert to my phone so that I know she’soutside the perimeter, we can go sweep her up realquick.

Givenme a level of safety, thank you Whistle and ifyou’ve watched any of my videos you know that now we’ve partnered up and they’re sponsoringbecause 20% of any sale is gonna go to Marley’s Mutts.

Is the rescue group that the foster program is through. I’m fostering Blossom with Marley’s Mutts. So, any funds that got to Marley’s Mutts go a long way because it helpsthem with all the vet bills they have for these rescue dogswith their foster programs. Just all the awesome initiativesthat they have going on. And also, Whistle hasgiven me a coupon code where you. So, what I love aboutthis is everybody wins, right, Marley’s Mutts gets a donation, you get $25 off andeverybody gets to rest easy because they know. I’ll put the link down below and the coupon code anddefinitely go check that out. – Okay, how do you want it? – Do it like the Blossom, like Blossom the TV show. – Too young? – Okay, can youjust hold that up so I can? – (laughing) Yeah. That’s, Kell, that’s pretty good. Can you give me like a flowerright there or right there? I was thinking a lot. Just kidding, it’s beautiful, I’ll take it just the way it is. – Wow! – Just like you took me the way that I am, I will take this sign the way that it is. Okay, let me just interrupt for a minute and say we’re getting kindof giddy at this.

Point because it’s pretty latebut we’re not gonna stop until this thing is done.

By the way, if youthink this little girl is cute, leave a comment down below for her, I read all of those to her, trust me, that positivity goes a longway for this girl, huh.

That, boom, yes! I think Blossom’s gonna reallyenjoy this when she reads it. Where do we put it? – How about right here?.

– No, no, ‘cuase I have, okay, I gotta tell you guys, Ihave something very special going on that.

Big wall,you want to see it? – Yes. – Okay, let’s put this up first. – Boom, call me, I makesigns for dogs. (laughing) – Man, that is really coming together. Okay, Kelly is grabbing aflower for the vase up there, I got these flowers justfor the entrance right here I want to just explain for a minute why I’m doing all of this. Obviously, Blossom’s really special but.

She can’t read her name tag and the covered teepeeis actually functional and I did that specifically over because all she’s known since she’s been ripped out of this hoarding situation is cages and crates.

Way, crate training is fantastic, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but just right now,she doesn’t relate that to the most positive thing. But, all of these decorationsare not just for Blossom but they’re for myselfand for Kelly as well. There’s a lot of rejectionwhen you’re working with.

A dog that is just gripped by fear. When they’re in that fight or flight mode and they just want to run away, even when you’re trying to help them, you’re trying to feed them or love them or show them that it’s going to be okay and they just flip out or they run away or step in their bowl of dog food that you prepared for them.

Not take it personal and while we’re always loving with.

Blossom there are definitely timeswhere it is frustrating. This space really helpsmake it warm and inviting.

And comfortable and just really brings the right positivity to this space. I hope Blossom really loves this space and I hope when it all.

Comes together that Kelly really feelswarm. I think it’s gonna bring usall together, fingers crossed. Final pieces are about to go up and just gotta see this finalpiece that I put together that I think will reallymake all this come together. Okay, this is it, this is the big piece.

I mean, this is what’sgonna bring it all together. I ordered this, I had itexpedited and rushed here. So, I hope you like itand I hope Kelly loves it because she’s been spending all this time helping me put this project together.

So, I’m crossing my fingers. – Go ahead, open it, be my guest. (laughing) (upbeat music) How cool is that? Look at Blossom. Look, that is in one of herhappy moments that we caught, I mean, her smiling in all her glory and I just thought, I mean, you know, sometimes when it getsreally frustrating with her.

She takes, sheregresses and so, I think, it’ll just be nice just totake a calm, deep breath. – Well, and I don’t knowhow you don’t look at this and not smile, so.

Let’s hanging itup, you want to hang it up? – Okay, look, could wehold Blossom up next to it? – Your ear.


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