And this is Joe Brundage we are we are Chacon Street poets and we’re here today we’ll run mr. just oh brother good to talk with you today how’s it going oh yes oh yes let’s go ahead and get to some questions arm tell us a little bit about yourself and your background I guess the the elevator version of.

My life story is that I spent about 30 years IV drug addicted I spent the last six years of that addiction homeless even outside in Little Rock Arkansas been to prison couple of times nineteen times I started rehab and I’m counting even the times that I.

Started two hours later walk yeah but nineteen times we have class I went to prison at some point all the time I wrote but at some point yeah I decided it was the thing that might say yeah and I started.

Giving it value good story saving my life I like that so what made you we see here so you see who’s your favorite author published prior to 1980 I like Cormac McCarthy who did no country broke me well I got to cook at home Gretel yeah learning Brown.

Maybe I like those guys that do great dialogue yes right now as a poet you might think I’d pick a poet as my favorite writer and I can kick pick some colors that are important to me but my my ambitions as a writer are not so small as to just grab can’t just count myself as a poet yeah and so I would say a.

Correct poor thing very Brown or by pretty hard for my favorites nice nice all right so who is your favorite author published after 1990 that’s see that’s very tricky for me I don’t know if I don’t know how much I’ve read that’s been publishing for that quite frankly but as far as poets go I like I can’t pronounce his name give us something he just got published in The New Yorker did you rape oh that’s a llama Cassini lives here in.

The United States he embossed something but I love Darla my own in New York City from a pearl up there to two people that I read with when I go up that way but their.

Work absolutely melts my face RJ Looney in Little Rock Arkansas something to be watched okay we see you so now you’re writing like I said you found writing and it saved you and you just took.

Off from there but listening to your work you know I’m saying it’s I hear I don’t just hear like your soul pouring out but also yeah I mean I I’m not I’m not I’m not an academic right and a quite frank I dropped out of college pretty fast okay three semesters okay add a little or so State University in Jonesboro okay but but I went to college Darkstar Department corrections.

In their libraries uh you know they punish in this country but giving you time right no matter what people think you.

Know people think I’ll never have enough time I never have enough to have they punish you by giving you time mm-hmm and I took that time and I read a lot of people that I had never.

Read before Gabriel Marquez the hotelier mm salted guy right the rats of magical realism the McCarthy books that I hadn’t gotten yet oh um Larry Brown a berry Hannah bowtie girl sippy I discovered I was locked up and I didn’t just read those books I was in contact with college professors that were in the world I was around letters back and forth to different professors backs backs backs from Arkansas State University and their creative writing course had been in contact with me when I was locked up in chairs.

Of both with me Marsha camp who wrote the or who get the collection the prison letters Justin Boots available in cowboy cowboy google.

com cowboy boot of publishing calm and it was letters that we.

Wrote back and forth about that subjects.

Me advice and she she was about Lucy Babcock though it’s an important woman in Arkansas history who fought for the rights of the foreign and did that sort of thing she was an academic and she was a poet and a friend of mine and she believed in me early and.

Even before I went to prison the second time we had met and so when I went the second time yeah that time was not wasted they gave me time and I took advantage of it right right and I read a great deal yes good deal so with regards to your writing do.

You write in a way that’s planned and researched or just straight off the cuff for what some some about some of us I uh there are works that I write that literally take me months that I will I will have a kernel of an idea or message perhaps or maybe sometimes just a line you know I have a phrase part.

Of a line right that I like and I work and I build it I worked out building not working I build my work and then sometimes.

Those are absolutely fantastic poems hmm maybe my best and maybe anyone’s best mmm but sometimes recently for example I woke up and I just had niggling idea they pestered at me as I smoked my boring marijuana cigarette and drink my coffee and by about 10:00 o’clock that morning I had gone through several phases of applaud from jotting down.

Stuff in my notebook to them tapping it up I did some transcription on the notebook right shuffle things around then I typed it up and then I went over at several times.

Again still though the entire process only took about four hours and I think I have not got a lot of great reaction from I test things out on social media new things for a day or two and then I pull them down again and I.

Didn’t get a lot of great reactions right but I think it’s one of the better poems that I’ve written I can’t remember the name of her I never it was about it was about where I stayed more East Side last time I went to read there and and the just the mundane things.

In the order that was around me it’s not the things that you think I’m not the Statue of Liberty but the Starbucks that was down the road for me on Delancey right right the McDonald’s were the junkie was sitting out front just full fucking God.

Rent-a-cop standing right by her not giving a damn right yeah I you know I was lucky enough to stay with a little air B&B in the neighborhood where I was reading I had to bury electric.

And it’s it first and only time I’ve ever had normally I’m in and out URI of literally taking trains you got a reading jump back on the train never stay in hotel not and red all over us but this time not my supporters and my readers had a semi I started GoFundMe thing that told him I wanted to have a little bit maybe a pasta along with Mary Fisher who I live with in Austin here and who is a great not.


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