Garrets sunsets sunrises and campfires there’s something about the color orange that stops me in my tracks needless to say it’s my favorite Cupid that’s a warped sense of humor you nice neutronium and dynamite now I’m not sure which of us was which but we were forcing she was blowing my mind explosive like that night the universal bird from.

I bet it was only the first kiss like a click of a landmine the blast should’ve killed us instead the heat of passion.
I flushed the one toe separated was.

Painful to stay together we practice pain like we study Yugi Fulbright scholarship PhD we don’t wanna hurt that’s hurting is this easy if being hurt we were divine dazzling disaster like a mushroom cloud inside yet breathtaking full of smoke was a beautiful shade of orange was alluring.

Completely super fly to slam together just right even when they almost it still require some level of destruction for one or both pieces something has to be cut crush there’s sever parts break here skull we did it turns to tumors and I was just looking for some treatment she was.

My chemotherapy but nobody told me chemo kills good tissue along with the bad every part of my body was laying lined except for my heart and my.

Spine I tried to avoid the exposure with the radioactive residue.

Of all relationship was pumping off the skin of my self-respect I couldn’t let go or look away blinded by the beautiful light of our.

Is it carrots are actually supposed to help you improve division but I still won same strengths that leap recover but refusing to leave now how do I apologize to the women I use this bomb shelters to hide from our Father cupid is the god of passionate love lust like a flame his arrow is nuclear-tipped and he’s dyslexic I.

Still listen to the only God of love and he told me the duck we burned like a flame but I can’t buy us they don’t stop till there’s nothing left to consume if somebody needs on you we were to buy it not the Hiroshima increasing all the love America had to deliver we exploded beginning and the ending like the horizon of each day carats sunsets sunrises and.

Campfires there’s something about the color orange that still stops me in my tracks but then again so new land.


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