My little no friends saved me so yeah there are a couple of places to run and hide in here you can even you know hang out here if you wanted to but I wouldn’t recommend it cuz that’s just too anxiety-inducing to even try all right we’re getting there six and oh no well so much for that so it.

Appears as though we’ve reached a playroom of sorts and kind of a weird little thing that they make us do here that you can actually kind of see right.

Here you got yourself a little bit of a flimsy board it’s gonna move this toy box move it out of the way there we go and we can drop down maybe if we go right here now this is where you want to be really conscientious about the noise that little monkey man makes a hat brass monkey we don’t actually need to take him with us that’s good friend oh I don’t like this man he makes me sad but.

It also looks like he’s a huge fan of the loudest figurines of all time huh so you have a spoon you’re choosing your next victim and you’re measuring it with your finger.

That’s not good okay god you get little vibrations every so often and it’s too much for me was I supposed to do anything over here it was right here oh you’re going back into the left room I didn’t realize he could do that we have a game show over here by.

The way this might be the last one we need for this but I want to take it with me and.

Hopefully it will allow me to live this is it I dropped it yeah all right here we go now there is a little place for us to run through but you want to be really careful our what is he doing up there our main objective I’m stuck on this.

Wall is to get right past that room where he was just in and climb up the cabinets to the side so let’s be careful and also stay on the carpet whatever you do luckily we have our monkey friend here let’s do this go and take him and throw him as far left as you possibly can oh no no no no I walked right.

Into it I power slid right in his skinny ass well that’s her first death and that was completely my bad all I wanted to do was crouched in front of him and this actually is.

A really forgiving checkpoint Wow very surprising it was bound to happen especially in this stage so I’m not surprised the Geisha stays collected I guess obviously not going for what no death run but yeah here’s the crumpled remains of it and can I get up here and do something no stop red herring has it were.

But let’s go make our way back over here ain’t no use fucking around in the garden you know alright let’s try this again I’m pretty sure I need to be crouching the entire time anyways so go take this and we’ll toss away the hell over there yeah cuz we’re gonna have to walk across some hardwood floors we need to watch out not mess with this.

Toys we’re good it’s a creepy whoops clumsy me hi yeah I would like to leave immediately please oh yeah he’s going to.

He’s had enough of his toys okay we’re fine I wonder what would happen if we went back down we just started to like playing with all of his dolls probably.

Get really irritated at us okay let’s go up here and hopefully not get captured again because that would be nice obviously if you’re going for the heart to the core run you absolutely cannot die.


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