Cheers folks and welcome to my channel it is a big it’s a huge day today why because it’s the end of season 4 Alliance Wars and I have been changing Alliance just beginning of the season and I think it was the best decision ever because if you look at it we ranked number 1 my Alliance ranked number 1.

And I’m super happy super super excited because of so many reasons a I mean it’s always a bit stressful war after war after war now I’m an officer in this new alliance even so you know all the planning and everything back and forth takes a lot of time takes a lot of energy but.

We really manage to consistently throughout the entire season throughout this entire month war after war really bring great performance and which is it the end of the day why we are the only alliance that has won all Wars of the season now there has been a couple of alliances that got docked and punished for you know whatever it is at the end of the day that is them doing something that’s against the Terms of Service of.

Kabam if it is piloting if it is account sharing you name it but at the end of the day there was a couple of top alliances that actually got punished and I think that makes me even more proud that we you know.

Won it fair and square I know we’ve been investigated I know there’s always Alliance as even reporting us and trying to find out if we pilot it or not but you know they just couldn’t find anything because we don’t pilot we don’t.

Share accounts we all drive our own accounts and it’s great to be among so many beast fighters in my lines who can really clear all their paths without dying that’s just.

Amazing and that’s in the end what gave us this number one spot in the season but I also like to congratulate ISO eight Animus for their number two spot an assassins reloaded number three spot great performance and if you look at it actually it was quite close between number three and number four here is number five and four number five 13,000 points it’s not so much so.

Well done both of you sharing the podium and one more thing about this leaderboard if you wonder why my name has changed it’s been part.

Of a defense strategy that we developed throughout the season but it’s only temporary so my other name will come back so now I would like to really look at the rewards and here.

You see the rewards and it’s great because I haven’t I haven’t yet hunted a legend title on my own and actually this number once but gives me a legendary title so I’m Legend now officially and the other rewards are also really really great.

Especially the most important I think here’s in the.

Beginning six starts five star shards t5 basic that’s the most important because we all want to rank five our champs five star champs to t2 alpha also really really good and as I mentioned here the legendary title war champion great really really great and the first thing I will do is I will of course apply my new title my legendary title as a war champion so let’s do that and have the legend title also so I’m officially a legend now.

Very happy as I said the name don’t worry it will change it’s just really been a defense strategy but it’s only temporary so now I have to wait three months to get my other name back and.

Then what else do we do the next thing I would like to do is I would like to do.

Open crystal I would like to open the war crystals I would like to rank up another rank 5 champion and maybe let’s do that first and I’ve already decided upfront who I will.

Gonna rank and it’s Emma Frost so Emma Frost will be my fourth rank 5 champion now I will not go into detail on her stats because basically that I will do maybe in another video but I mean she’s a great defense champion she’s a great offense champion she has a couple of extra abilities like preventing evade immunities so so all-round she’s really just a really cool champion and that’s in the end why.

Plus also the fact of course that she has a really good prestige so that’s in the end what made me decide to take her to run 5 and now I don’t have enough mutant I so I thought I.

Had actually gotten some dupes lately but I don’t think that will be enough to rank her too no I will not yeah but I had you always.

Have enough ESO so I saw so it doesn’t really matter which one do I not need really probably the mystic so I’ll take the basic what I have and then if I still need to take something else I probably take the mistake there hasn’t been a mystic champ for ages right I now stood me at supreme is coming but that’s why how he will turn out.

Moment anyways she will be my rank fire champion as I said great all-round usability in any of the different like if it’s alliance war if it’s Alliance Questor 51 quick event quest whatsoever she is amazing she’s really really good plus as a really good prestige that will also help for us for our EQ ranking so I’m really happy that I got her I grinded for.

Her in the arena I had a mutant awakening gem that I used on her and yeah now she will complete my profile because well finally now I have full rank five champions on my profile and looking at her stats just really roughly 27,000 Hills two point six thousand attack okay I think it’s pretty much in line with blade actually if I remember correctly and then sick level current is 56 so I’m trying to of course now use all the six stones that we get.

With all those new like occult labs and everything that that has been coming she will definitely get all the new mutant six stones and in her diamond form really really good armor really good physical resistance critical resistance.

Rating so I she’s just really really good in in both.

A defense and also often offensively if she has 10 prowess at buffs she just basically only crits all the time she she only does crit damage so I’m very happy I’m very very happy Emma Frost it is so my number for and this is what it looks.
Like in my profile and I’m very happy I.

Only have rank 5 champions now in my profile really nice really really nice so next we open some crystals and I think the first thing I would like to open is the war crystals the war crystals that we got from the seasonal rewards and it’s eight so we got.

Eight because we’re ranked number one number two I think at seven and then everything that is.


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