If you click on the video after the shame was over don’t forget to Like and subscribe first of all come on Monday through Friday 7:00 p. Eastern Time and here three minutes is you and I’m jealous cheese see what the item shop is my god my thorough anyways what’s good everybody good I had today today’s Friday yo man.

It’s I’m happy man I’m so sore from everything what’s up Drago what’s up freakin Shawn’s with me no clampy it was so freaking all tomorrow no I don’t wanna play with people the more people more attire to get.

A bit uh er yeah I want you to spill troopers I will forget make a frickin tree where I do put people show me the straw let’s not forget Isaiah bro it’s been like 23 years what the hell there it is if you if you bought it when you first when it first came out then it’s purple bro I got the skull Ranger at the home it’s been a long time bro what’s up everybody what’s up Zack is a ger it’s always.

There let me go why did you buy the volume come on.

Man you put it in the dish room and go you could’ve done better you could have ignored.

This damn it my throat is on fire today by the way so don’t be surprised if I can’t talk because I cuz I’m done just yeah I know.

Knew Ramona you Zeiger I do remember you that’s always crazy to see you cuz it’s been a freakin I wish it was a girl trip or not but but since everybody wanted a skullet rebirth I kind of guessed that you know there’s gonna be more school.

To Prison school Rangers bro I always know bro that’s what I don’t like adding people in more because everybody was like so freakin send me spam me with invites and shit and they they just don’t understand that I am on I’m a human too yeah you use a spanner with OHS and they would just say you like moves I’m like come on goal and oh and oh jeez go to your.

Pickaxes late yeah I know I know I want the freakin old sickle thing this one’s so trash if it made the same sound as the old one that I would get it team leader bro yeah Instagram yesterday I answer that fricking or twitter twitter twitter is better man hello have you no look in the description my guy don’t don’t follow me on instagram because.

I made a new Instagram I different diagrams different I.

Can they don’t to know if they’re gonna take out the stole and skull and skull Ranger hands full trooper I wonder if they had check them out today cuz I’m actually pissed off yet look it’s just one is green I think this looks cool Jiro’s boom wrote a message me on freaking tortures installed for tonight no I’m asking for mods just don’t ask yeah new greenie moans hot.

Stuff oh yeah it might be new oh yeah I was actually pretty good oh I.

Thought it was gonna do something else hey I kind of like that that’s pretty frigging closure of course this is still the goddamn game I don’t know why they’re never gonna take it out that was pretty freakin smart of you bail bail bail family now you.

Almost not forget frozen frozen our old rival ear posted a new picture today did she actually he did he or she whatever it is actually cuz I gotta check it out for every time he or she posted a picture it’s always the first thing that pops up with.

My feet but not today let’s see what the hell’s your name the skins emoji happy tears bro it’s been out for like the 20 years City family as soon as the shop came out what do I see they’re holding move know what Scyther super-rare oh yeah oh yeah he hasn’t been in the shop in oil you know I actually don’t remember see they brought it back that.
Wasn’t today yesterday enough okay I’m always today.

Don’t rare Skelly your area probably not well I gotta go take the trash out BRB I don’t want to be I’m asking.

Um let’s gather super-rare yeah no I don’t know I don’t know about rareness shit you know what’s up what’s up what’s up Beth or some method II me hold it ah oh it’s beholding the emo get it it’s like look at my email buy it buy it waste waste waste your money waste your money shall I.
Get the hold should I shall I got you old.

Up to you the first skin back emoji link I hope they don’t bring back the first skin bag bright I doubt they are actually to be honest I do like that skin allows well that’s good I get four words come back then I.

Probably would buy it down there hey it’s me it’s me it’s me it’s me it’s gotta in that fucking cool audio Sean’s my cold so nice you with your boyfriend are you with your um your football boyfriend or no he said you in dude yeah all right that’s same well for real is he you guys in the same freakin what’s it called Coulson hey bro this is weird I’m gonna stop look at that bro this.

Was I don’t like 34 nice my friends love to go with my friends I left the yard don’t you mean you have to go.

I’m so clever yo I can’t believe how clever.

I am you know right you know I hear that on top of my head I just made that up oh my god no ma’am I would buy this emo Bam Bam Bam if I hadn’t worrying for shit what’s up boosted always something Safa it’s been like 24 953 years my friend said you suck Celer mom tell him mom I know this is strange but today was sexual in with my friend cause I broke up with her I know this is.

Change but a recession watch again emoji crying face OH RHI cardio’s Lois counters back yeah okay.

So it’s kind of it is friggin rare bra I like these default skins I like every defaults gonna be honest well I don’t like his uh.

Is this girl is this girl as a default I don’t like her as a default boy with her hair like that it looks so much better what’s up just just amo we stop freaking Panch oh that was lowkey rare yeah exactly they bring you back all the rare skins.

They might as well just bring meant.

The whole fucking game can I see it can.

I see it with all the freaking the old did you buy this hey this is a friend here I.

Hate you I ain’t you let me see your skin and Locker.

I didn’t eat it once you didn’t you white but listen the skin emoji happy tears problems this skin is my favorite skin in the game it’s probably my favorite does if you love your subscribers no can I see this game yeah okay yeah yeah hey it’s just a scout I don’t I don’t really like the skin what I do I want one of the default skin so this is one default skin so it’s the bug default skin I like asking a lot.

You know yeah like Rice Krispies in her cameltoe died seated didn’t hurt my Rice Krispies wait no what what’s happening that’s nasty thanks for the sub yo welcome to the stream your new member no bro I’m not I’m not fucking telling people today it skin suck change it emoji wink already happy Oh would you say yeah what’s not freaking nah nah I don’t want played today I’m not gonna play with the Fuhrer people with people for a while unless it’s.

People are like my friends or whatever because no no yeah I remember you are hey this is the friend again okay is lying huh hey this is the best the friend again that was lying hot all right I just bad all over myself by the way just summer uh-huh I hope you don’t mind me asking what’s summer press circle it’s just.

Such an idiot I asked my thumb hurts right now Isaiah because I almost did it Maya thumb.

From that loser I adios like something hurts man emoji bro I feel like the strain like my bow just.

Crashed after today one of you one do it brahmana I’m gonna start one of you hundred people there is a go tap that not guns now that’s nasty don’t tap that just-just-just shownu emo yeah this is it what’s up wah do it’s in a wild brother oh yeah my friend he’s my friend who just.

Saw my never play with people emoji hard eyes okay emoji crying face but now yeah this is Nemo when he help you it’s not that good I don’t tell you she sucks EMU if you is the best player in this game yes you know have you won him I don’t know if amigo seems gonna to try cheesy now I’m not one of you wanted people today I’ll probably do it at all you’d whoa what the hell am i doing I’m not gonna do it now I don’t like one of you.

How about this because no JC sucks you’re good you’re.

Good at the game yeah good at the game be a good cookie bro one arm I might freaking end the streamer leave and then go take a shower I might freakin in the stream earlier and then go take a shower and come back and I’ll certainly ashamed I’ll probably was terrible if you.

Whoa I’m mad scared draw I got home for.

A free period today it was a cockroach.

Hey you totally let me down like that hey bro there was a cockroach on my.

Shirt this morning dude a whole Roach that was just as I was brushing my teeth there was just on my shirt bro that was so nasty I don’t know why oh yeah my frickin I have like 101 three yeah I’m not that good again I don’t really I don’t like.

Playing for wounds anymore unless I get forgot a bunch of kills time to expose my answer damn time to wicked walk your whole ass you suck she’s like oh I didn’t Foursquare I press I go are you fucking kidding me my guy are you fucking kidding me man this is a second time this happens immunity and.

Fortnight still has an out of that button in to confirm your perch is girl it really is pure salt v2 bro one is it just kidding just kidding by jungle audios freakin besties bro this is the second time dude are you kidding me why what are they gonna add girl why would anybody haunt this evil ah man that pisses me off this game sucks you’re kidding me man PST bro why would they I’m gonna go oh actually knowledge.

Dorrance solos emoji happy tears no I remember the pure salt fair yeah bro is retarded no I can’t believe that shape a whole beam oh that’s not good is freaking come on man are.

You kidding me do you guys remember this phase in for tonight where everything was freaking action I hated that that was so terrible I hate it when everything was like this one of those movies.

Movie scenes if she liked that I’m so stupid get this funny joke oh my God look at me I’m so hilarious and lurching all the way buddy where we’re sitting fuck hey I’m a BMO 1999 I’m a blue what do you want what’s that mean remember exactly yeah dude I’ll see you when I wanted to use dagger I got the moves like Jagger.

I got them like that here we were just all of that no 1990 1985 I arrived what are you talking about though what is 1990s or whatever had to do with anything he means my idea Oh bro why do you guys say I G and every time you gotta say I Z and I think you guys are joking but it just hit me now the IGN means in gaining it in game name don’t just say fricking just say epic game buy all my yeah.

Come on man always getting tricked about that on the why I just hit me now but with a freaking goddamn shopkins out yo he does oh the hell bambam film Fambrough cricket out of me on aisle four kids if you come if.

He comes later if you if he’s even here anymore just sound like if you if you come later like if I do stream later again then I’ll G then and then we’ll just play or you add me cuz I don’t like the blue screen that shows on stream where the hell the freakin new dad the shopkins are you for real of a shopkin.

Ah Thank You Olaf some Scheels now I don’t want grenades anymore I’ll take it’s not hurt somebody is young did your baby turn ethanol stream adverse against the aina whoa.

What did you just did you just did you just push me out oh my god I thought you were loyal would you just hurt me crispy I like.

That you yes I actually take.

This I do like something I Brian nobody was on stream last night but I was playing them until like 4:00 o’clock last night and I was hitting the craziest nights nobody was there to witness it though which spells oh oh.

Hey should I be scared oh boy you catch the spooky smell on me or let.

Me guess let me guess good fuckin gay spell well actually let.

Me search this house real quick set N word brother and brother.

Were using before the rice and drag noodle hey don’t call me that that’s cool that you know two languages I wish I was you I.

Don’t know woman and that language is Spanish thanks for watching I only know uh Engrish girl I don’t know like I want to carry more heels now I like.

Cuz I always die so easily I’m boy I don’t know I’ll just.

Take this make it though we’re gonna kill Pam don’t like legit if they add if there is one more slot in this game than it would be perfect oh my god I know English would what you do no way that’s so sick you yo you’re the muck that one guy that knows I think.

Like every language in the world they actually speak it fluently every language just that’s some dedication he must be traveling oral 25/8 because of that because cream manager talk.

Movie war news I’ll be mad easy from he’s been.


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