Welcome to this week’s kpop karna right here on turquoise radio calm I’m your host Adam Riley and for the next 60 minutes I’m gonna bring you some of the best in kpop yes that’s Korean pop bringing the best of Korean pop to the rest of the world last week we have a girl versus boy special and without a.
Doubt it was a unanimous victory for.

The girls are you really so.

Surprised this week we have all sorts of treats plenty of new music some classics and a.

Little twist at the end of the show we’ll keep you guessing for now for stay tuned to start off with we’re gonna have a new hit by Brown Eyed Girls called recipe followed by the current number one smash hit in Korea the highly addictive grain pot with ba ba ba jungsoo Motegi that make you go make it hot just feed it Chung’s more check did not make you going crazy ready get ready you just heard recipe cooked up by Brown Eyed Girls and the.

Smash hit that came out of nowhere in Korea that was crayon pop with ba ba ba that sounds a little bit like the ting team next up another trio of hits.

We’ll start with beast and beautiful night ba p with hurricane and finish off with another new hit by jay park hot go right there is indeed a disconnect if he down d-down every conceivable side out Oh something good that King Bandar negative on the query cache now my.

God you know Nikki they don’t got killed our mother gets nigga Jack.

Um I think I’m a great cook so this me I let’s.

G I you shut it up now check it out baby never jump put this have a video on then and I’m wet but younger logo should come in never become a masseuse through watching a porn porn I think I’m gonna get my baby no no you just heard three powerful tracks beasts with beautiful night b.p with hurricane and the last one that you just heard worse hot by the guy that all the girls love it was jay Park you’re.

Kpop corner with your host Adam Riley right here on turquoise radio calm the global online station with something for everyone turn up the volume we’re gonna have four back-to-back tracks we’re gonna have schooi with boom-boom-boom outsider with buying you featuring a member of MBLAQ an old one from BIGBANG called crazy dog and a new track by kim.

Hyun joong with i’m yours this is kpop corner with your host Adam Riley bringing the best of Korean music to the rest of the world across the internet right here on turquoise radio calm No No nobody gonna go look so that nor it illegal.

Nor the critical knowledge it is ignore it ignore it ignore it economy the No you you were just treated to four great tracks some new and some old you heard Shoei with boom-boom-boom outsider with by you the classic from big bang crazy dog and a new one from kim hyung-jun I’m yours for the rest of the show we have some absolutely fantastic brand new songs we’ll start.

Off with ace of angels with Moya and Tahiti when lovesick and round off the next race with EU rim and call my name you’re listening to kpop corner with your host Adam Riley right here on turquoise radio calm bringing the best Korean music to the rest.

Of the world yeah you just heard the first three have a whole host of brand-new songs that just hit South Korea the first one was ace of angels with Moya the second.


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