Manitoba conservation and water stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh unveiled the proposed surface water management strategy to protect Lake Winnipeg in better manage floods and droughts this is in every sense a watershed moment for our great lake Lake Winnipeg today we’re signalling the biggest shift in water policy I understand in our history we’re proposing Manitoba’s first surface water management strategy.

And as the first action an overhaul of drainage regulation Manitoba has committed 320 million of.

5 billion of core infrastructure.

Our wetlands the key part of the strategy our wetlands are absolutely critical they’re critical to the quality side but they also can have advantages in terms of dealing with the quantity retention is one of the elements of any flood protection strategy so when we’re yeah we’re talking about our wetlands it has double benefits Mackintosh wants feedback by December 31st and hopes to implement the strategy within a year Jim bender Winnipeg son.


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