They are at the post and they’re off minds and magic for the lead molecules is there on the outside and a thela Grand Prix now moving through between horses Grand Prix to the lead and a thila to the inside and second minds and magic third Malibu Stacy fourth molecules fifth 19th Street is sixth sister nation down toward the.

Inside is in seventh and then thoughtless toward the outside.

An eighth she’s a gypsy is ninth and quick-release 10th and last twenty two point three four seconds the time for the opening quarter Grand Prix from the outside.

Has the lead and neck and still in a.

Feeler to the inside right there second minds and magic to join them third swinging toward too far outside a half lengths off the.

Lead then a gap of two more lengths back to 19th Street and fourth sister nation is fifth changing lanes toward the outside six links from the front she’s a gypsy hugs the rail back in the seventh position off the far turn anathema mines and magic they.

Go one to 19th Street is third and sister nation fourth on the far outside she’s a gypsy as fifth back toward the rail thoughtless his six in the center of the.

Track back up front anathema mines and magic going at it sister nation still third and athelas short lead at the 16th Pole from mines and magic sister nation third anna thela still in front Anna thela mines in magic.

And Athena by a neck for Brian Hernandez Jr in the winner’s circle for Keeneland featured eight these– Anna for.

Anna thela the winner owned and bred in Kentucky by Michael and Rico Baum trained by rusty Arnold Brian Hernandez Jr the jockey Anna thila.

A dark Mayor Brown five-year-old mayor by elusive quality out of Atlanta by storm cat six and a half four logs over the fast main track one.
Minute 16 point one eight seconds..


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