Is there anything that you can do about it right now if the answer is yes great and get to work if the answer is no then I have to figure out a way to put that aside and not worry about that and again just focus on what you can do you’re gonna have a lot more results when you.

Do that and you’re gonna be more fulfilled and as just good for your sanity as well we’re at dad’s bringing a soft edge to a hard topic join us every week as we talk to.

Real people with real stories from the everyday single parent to family professionals and find entertainment along the way join me Walter J Hagar’s as I discover and share wisdom positive changes start here featured episode hello and welcome back.

Again rad dad’s Walter here with you and I’m feeling amazing if you don’t know we’re at dads is your resource for single separated divorced and otherwise non-traditional dads I am happy to have you thank you for joining us to the new listeners and for everyone.

Who supported us along the way I cannot thank you enough for making we read dads what it is you know I appreciate you listening and I aim to bring you value and insight a little bit of wisdom and entertainment as well if you find value insight wisdom and or entertainment I would.

Appreciate you sharing this episode with your friends and other people who need to hear it this is a featured episode.

I want a hiatus right now the season one of we’re at dad’s has just come to a close but I’m not gonna leave you high and dry this featured.

Episode is now being rebroadcast from our archives it’s something that I found value in and I hope you do.

Too now if you don’t know in episode 52 I highlighted the need to take a hiatus reset and restructure 4 we’re at dads season 2 which will launch in February 2017 in the meantime I wanted to bring you something amazing speaking of value if you don’t know quick links are available on the iTunes player if you tap on the album art the colorful we’re at dad’s banner on the iTunes player it will.

Uncover a short show notes section.

And in those show notes you’ll have several links of things like our resources page which has been redeveloped and features several podcasts and other resources that you may find helpful like Amazon affiliates which I.

Use it very simple to do as a matter of fact if you’re going to buy anything on Amazon go through.

The Quick Links there or on our show notes page and any page at WWE at dads dot-com and what that does is allow you to make your purchase through Amazon and for we read dads to collect a very small percentage of your purchase which would normally go to Amazon this is a.

Excellent way to support our show and we’re at dads without costing.

You a penny extra also featured in our resources page is our.

Audible trial that’s right go to audibletrial.
com/preneurcast calm and not only that you get a free book to boot a new addition to the Quick Links is the episode zero that’s the origins of we’re at dads if you’re new this is for you okay I didn’t mean to rhyme that but it.

Works listen if you want to know what reread dad’s is all about and how I started and what we’re headed towards episode zero.


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