Would of evil seriously how’s it hey guys doing it’s uh 10:20 p.
20 minutes late on a Wednesday evening so I think right about now I should be saying who’s everybody what is Wednesday I’m still a little bit congested stinking comic-con laga sees first one here followed by Tyco Ron followed by Alexandre PSP who’s this streamer what’s up.

Miguel who else we got here we got this we got we got Miguel we got pussy on pussy Devery def was that intro I have no clue dude I.

Don’t know I think someone else did to do and it wasn’t me it wasn’t me – it.

Wasn’t me um get cut offs ooh gotta change sound settings oh my god there’s gotta be a way to make this permanent this.

Is ridiculous alright change that change that okay I think we’re good.

I think we’re good let’s get a tweet out nice and quick you really need to.

Do it nice and quick today delete all that stuff don’t want that show it on stream I don’t think so just.

Kidding was just a Spotify but let’s see here we go dearest yeah at marvel champions the bagel count over NYCC weekend was a total of this word like this NYCC bagel mmm my CC bagel count it’s that good yeah let’s go with that my CC bagel count I think I.

Ate 16 I did the math and I think I did 16 18 if you count the two.

I ate two on the way back to Seattle but I don’t know if those actually count do we count.

Those you know what let’s count I mean technically I was on a plane that boarded in New Jersey and until you land in another state I consider that still New Jersey I don’t care if you’re flying over it okay we’re just gonna include it 18 all right NYC see big count 18 it’s on the trip Thank You.

Star that’s what I’m talking about all right let’s get off of the Twitter’s let’s get this bright-ass screen off of my head there we go super jet.

Lakers bodyguard sent over two bucks and Kade said he will grind for a Klondike bar a hole that Kade oh man if you guys think Klondike bar means skate oh boy.
You don’t shake kids hands anyway do you thank you.

So much for the two bucks man I appreciate it you know what’s coming next it can’t be stopped I won’t stop it because it can’t be stopped I just said that thanks dude hashtag angry face for safety ashtag constant pave tea counts to pave.

D is that safety constipation save constipation what Brian did you watch my video they posted today if you posted one today I didn’t watch it I didn’t I don’t think I would checked out any videos today I’m trying to get caught up on my own stuff.

I’ve got my video my first interviewed video is all done it’s all rendered I was i dude why does iphone have to have like stupid what’s the right word I don’t think codec is the right word what is it like the like the file container or whatever you know H something set like it they can’t just have like what everyone else uses is what I’m trying to say.

Maybe it’s better I don’t know but it was a pain to try it like it wasn’t it wasn’t working at all and I had to download some converters and all stuff annoying basically but it’s all settled and then I.

Had to strip some of the audio from Comic Con because that place is loud so I was going through that but the first any of you are posted after my stream tonight it’s all it’s all rendered and stuff one’s a short one with the with the creative slash art director.

Gabriel frizz era whatup Dicer got my wife in here.

Big account got go der and well let me scroll this on.

Down what’s going on we got B Daniels just got home exhausted and F being sick I hear you dude I hear you yeah I got.

Showing in your kids was my it was my wife saying though yeah he’d get me safe tonight walking to.

Women who were attacked while we were away where I parked my car he made an angry face while I walked but he looked constipated it worked kept the weirdos away ah I get it now.

Okay I get it I get it Poussin puse sent me over 10 canadian saying having a bad day I had to do a 45-minute seminar for my university and my group member didn’t show up so I had to do it all myself totally blindsided I finished the presentation though dude oh my god that’s brutal man that is brutal doing a 45-minute and you thought you had a partner and yeah.

Damn dude that really sucks I.

Would I would just see that’s that’s that’s what happened to me is uh that’s that’s one of the fears you know going through school I would have just dropped out right then and there like that’s it so I mean you stuck through it man you got to be proud of that because I seriously would have just been like let’s pull the plug on this whole education thing I can’t do it but pusun post dude sent it over 10 Canadian 10 loonies 5 to knees I appreciate it man thank you.

Thank you at least it’s over with right I felt.

Like I was in a nightmare or a movie do it I can only imagine man I can only freakin imagine all right let me open another feature 5-star use the magnet for luck did you oh man.

I don’t have to go check that I was thinking problems h.264 no no no that’s not what I’m talking about it’s alright hold on I’ll real quick yeah hei see that’s.

Like the the file type that some of the stuff was recorded in not and not everything was recorded in that so it like threw me off that that’s like some things were working and and some weren’t and I was like just like what you know it’s it didn’t take that long to figure it out it wasn’t like.

I was banging my head against the computer for like all day.

But it it’s annoying man you know losing an hour to between that and some of the other things that I don’t normally have to do to make a video it’s just annoying.

Okay anyway let me get started on something here max I got a lot of stuff to do today I miss you Brian I’ve been away for a while zucchini what’s going on dude uh I don’t know what that face 18 is long gone when should is the new launch date for the website well the website’s live.

Just not at the you know you guys can’t go to it because it’s like a.

Development URL but technically it’s live so I made it I made it I don’t know I I get these comic-con videos uploaded it’s I’m just going right back to working on.

Yeah that’s yeah that’s that’s all I can really say for right now.

About that so all I’m saying the website is launching in 2022 is that is this true maybe oh man that’d be great if I can get it up that early let.


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