Oh what no way God are you sis I got featured on daily twitch are you serious dude don’t lie to me don’t lie to me dude holy shit my anxiety Oh what is that is my name I I just I can’t know besides I came from I came from daily Jewish it was like so that’s somebody’s name no.

No no no no both animes are nice no I love I love si O 2 I love them all dude you guys don’t have like you don’t have to sub you don’t have to.
Like donate you don’t have to do any of that like what I.

To do is just be entertained by me right just watch me just follow me you don’t like I don’t care I don’t care about the money I just want you guys like I’ll try to respond to you guys but I usually have like an average of 2 – 1 2 3 people chatting I was crying because I got.

Like 4 subs from a team of guys I was playing with on this game like.

Once one of them subbed to me I was having a really hard day like I was having a hard day that day and I got like 4 subs and it just it made me cry and that that’s all the video was like it was just like just this group of nice people you.

Know daily twitch if you want I don’t know who’s watching dude but thank you so much dude thank you guys so much all the followers dude all the subs the donations the graphics thank you so.

Much dude oh no no Scott man did you say something about a chair according to according to stream labs I’ve gotten four hundred and sixty-five dollars seventy three followers twenty one subscriptions put you at five hundred dollars thank you guys yes look at what my mom just posted.

On Facebook oh let’s take some time to read this so approximately two months ago I have never heard of twitch but through my son I have come to know about it as I watched several Amazon packages show up on with us to complete his.

Setup those of you who know my son that is very humble and lives in very simple life so my son is an affiliate and in the past two months had many supporters and made some internet buddies so as I’m standing in the kitchen doing dishes he walks out and I thought he was just coming out to get a drink or something I look up and his hand is on his head.

And he’s just bawling his eyes and it kind of freaked me out because he never cries and I thought something was seriously wrong or that his computer had crashed haha but nope his dreams are coming true he is so humble.

Then wholly-owned blessed dream people are always being so passionate and what he likes to do Congrats some of you.

Hold on let me go to my moment Oh.



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