Hey guys it is frosty with my good friends drum Z roms apparently back and we are gonna be basically trolling it’s gonna be like a prank so right here hey how much value do you have drums drums q4k 6401 601 64 K so guys he’s got one 64 K value stop moving dude he’s got here come to me.

He’s got Clockwerk headphones black belt shades green banded top mat and supa.
Dupa fly camp so basically we’re gonna run around.

And just like call everyone out on being poor and stuff and then he’s gonna treat it to his alt and act like he got scammed.

And then we’re just gonna troll them and like no dude helped me so much you know we got to find like awesome like like 90k rap oh yeah shut up noobs 4 year old – what today – you’re all – and it’s running out of be seeing like a day so or no we don’t they don’t care they’re on trade let’s find like a 50k who will remember it like this person cherry or so poor haha wait even though they’re noob I’m better than.

You wait she’s just ignoring us wait come here we got to walk away dude come here come here Bob yo friendlier yes I think my friend Young is gonna ruin it are you gonna run it properly yeah here.

I’ll give you another thing well he’s actually talk in the voice call because actually I.

Think I’ve heard his voice okay we got to get them to come Adam I’ll whisper him don’t say we’re all doing a video oh yeah I’m whispering him right now what do you want to join the call to do it quick so you’re like yeah asking.

Me to hunt Sweden yeah I just asked him if he wants to wait oh yeah okay I just did I said want to be.

In on it wait no he didn’t oh okay now he realizes dude okay I’ll just talk to him yeah Adams with a group called it I I could have had friends a DM say you could talk what she said valid points oh my.

Gosh you can’t talk bacon hair what no wait I don’t talk to noobs okay let’s go over here now we’re here die okay dude come here come here right now come here come here this might be a failed video just I never.

Get scammed dude come here come here to me.

It’s triggered one oh we never did say well.

You’re never gonna get hacked or skin talking infinite trash okay now trade it to your trip or.

Okay come over here now we get to get some of these pretty here them a check my.

Vittorio quick got avatar like this okay now reset or just rejoin the game oh yeah dude get yeah then you can just easily reset for noob we never get hacked or right what you’re all done right yeah well should I pour I.

Put my pores get on should I do it did the trigger through let me check the tree so I don’t refresh myself it went third it went through okay okay okay where are.

You at now did you reset did you reset where are you at did you reset bro oh there you are oh yeah it’s cherry dude it’s cherry he just got hacked dude yes yes cherry okay there afk we gotta get some other people okay Bob Bob we got hacked haha Ron’s got hacked dude he’s just like cooky lager okay we got to find we got to find those other poor people we thought for.

You he’s laughing okay we got to find who are the other poor people were yelling at one where were they where.

Were they oh I got another one shut up I just say you could talk yes dude cherry should I do it to my account dude I’m gonna do it to my account I’m gonna do it I’m gonna go under windows hold on I got it I’m.

Gonna have to I’m gonna do that should I do it – mine – I’m gonna do it look we’ll.

Join a poor server – okay okay fine that works up one guy have 100k where were you at work one guy dude we got it no no trade it okay trip back to your account I’m gonna I’m gonna go on to my old I’m gonna send it I’m gonna send.

It to my main account now okay almost Bobo even happen oh yeah me kind of suspicious you know yeah I know frosty does inventory know it yeah that and then all my.

Beast Jason wait yeah one – dude I can only do I can only do all my face modes.

Do it here’s what I did I here’s what I did.

I sent – cheers why would you ask I think I’m just gonna send that okay wait I want that yelling at me for a reason I’m gonna take the trash out okay guys we’re gonna do this we’re gonna count info right here trade quality none there we go okay refresh let’s do this boys okay.

I send it now there we go sent it okay I’m gonna I said you I didn’t hold on I sent the trade I need.

A poor avatar what should I do for the poor avatar do what I did I just took all my clothes off yeah same color we got a twin or different let me take off all my clothes.

Hold on there we go okay there we go everyone will believe it though dude cuz I’m pretty known okay okay okay okay we gotta join a different server okay put all your stuff back on your main account is.

It under Oh No okay go to a different server may be a richer service server this time oh this guy just said Jada is the only nice limited top-hat to be.

Honest oh my gosh jay-z actually looks really nice it’s clean dude I know but so I was like green banded green but it’s ugly bro how and then dress up rich avatar I got a dress up both of it two eggs tell me when you’re ready and then join my server I’m gonna join the richest.

Server there’s high linearity server all right I just sent that trade out to that guy okay okay okay we’re gonna oh.

Maybe hey okay here’s a gig on you’re all sent to three two on and then Harding said can you buy another item or no or something lowest rap okay I probably care yeah actually I asked my friend waters that you want to get in on.

I know waters I’m friends with.

Them dude that would be perfect though because everybody knows about waters is he gonna do it.

Invite them to the call okay tell my friend no just like just three people we don’t want a lot of people it’ll be hard I hear water I’m good with that but like I’m down for.

That but nothing else really no waters probably won’t do it okay just join join my server and server Joshi I’m in the richest server I would kena okay I can’t get it who joined it I’m gonna suck every server okay no no join me I’m in the.

Richest I just told you that like fool oh I just said that is it have wolf in it yeah it’s all dude just wait okay I just.

Won the first time I bought this video.

It has as much views what has the most views ah probably the most controversial ones which is like the downfall of Rome be extra rocks all the kids are disliking it okay Joey what who is this dude CJ smiles were what so.

Many you work enough under someone oh my gosh she’s spamming is gonna see this and he’s gonna ban.

Little litt gang Brooke there you go tourist right here proof look up in the chat boom five up there okay that’s enough for him to get banned for spamming.

Okay dude didn’t you join me join me man there so you could talk what are you gonna enjoy me or not dude you know join me I mean why like bad good god okay tickly stuff I’m joining you I’m in your server don’t leave closing some stuff right now okay stop stop stop did you get do you have all the items on your account right now what trade already in gone I think do you have all the.

ID okay okay let’s we’ll trade it once and then we’ll dress up I’m poor again and straight all the items back okay okay.

I’m recording us gamers dunno just come here we got to find people that will actually remember us okay so we’re so big you dimed lagging so bad dude what.

Dude come here right here right.

No I already sent to a trade no dude right here spooky no dude where are you at we gotta trust these dudes ah okay he’s like he’s like bro we never gonna get hacked or scammed bacon hair haha okay dude he’s actually good about it next person next person spooky chain.

With him haha no come here dude come here you got it no the dude.

This isn’t lunch I gotta argue with someone I’m arguing with someone about the one we never.

Gonna get hacked we gettin richer every day okay okay now this person ready yeah come here bro come here come.

Here over here we gotta find this dude right here spooky we know we’re just gonna get hacked poor ha ha we’re never getting.

Scammed bro oh okay now ready to turn it on your should we trade it now I wait no one more person haha I’m report you we never gonna get hacked bro okay okay should we treat it now no oh that guy’s an actual scammer actually hey.

Baby is I’m officer dude he owed the Spooky’s guide black come here come here bro okay trade on you’re ready to trade now oh dude accept the trade now okay accept the trade got it dude are you okay dude accept the trades now okay oh hey dude he’s perfect he’s perfect bro he’s perfect come on dude okay let me accept mine and dress up as a noob ah outfit I need crepe this is an outfit real.

Quick later so slow I’m dressing up as a poor person okay we gotta find about we got it.

Okay reset and we got a dude I’m gonna rejoin okay dude.

Wait wait give it a few seconds like two minutes oh it’s not refreshing okay I’m joined probably I’m right next to spooky hair like yeah I know it doesn’t work but okay good on you except the trade you don’t think yes I did good hurry dress up dude check my inventory dude now you dress up as a new bin and accept the trade and now.

Rejoin or whatever refresh I think I just got exposed okay dude oh my gosh what.

Are you doing where are you everybody shut up I didn’t so you could talk.

Well I’m rejoining you’re taking too long bro dude you got to do quicker I’ve already treated all my stuff off good again okay obviously it has women work stuff to me he discharged her on slowly here so rude okay.

I’m joining you man I’m joining you I’m joining okay okay dude I got a prank my friend okay I got a prank my friend his name is rampant rampant gaming join okay you just joined me dude this will be perfect join me okay you there’s drums breath dude join me okay drums oh my gosh dude join me okay alone I have these one guys like they’re laughing at me dude okay that’s good.

Oh yes dude it just refresh.

Okay I’m gonna go tonight right now I’m gonna prank him so hard he’s right here he’s right here dressed in a freakin Swedish uniform bro do it I’m pranking him I just got hacked lost all my army ins imma bleep in your place he said you’d look Omega poor but the ramp.

Q I don’t know are you in who’s your top guy dude he’s just like they have cereals he doesn’t mean okay I just join me go into servers I’m me friend top guys value me four point one mill help oh did I say can I have an item yes dude I’m just gonna act like I did I’m just gonna act like I did Oh must be a scam site.

Why what is it I hate dude we both did we both just lost everything bro.

Look at wrongs dude he just left and said speak to him on disk okay I’m gonna make a group call okay don’t you got to go along with it okay okay or should I just dude are you there for real yeah bro.

Can you hear me or what yeah yeah no I can’t now I can sometimes okay should I they have to watch food has to be blocked seriously just act like we went to RTX.

The vault okay okay man okay gotcha I’ll make a group call wait what what did he change his name dude he changed his.

Name I don’t know what he changed it to though ah Draco rising he changed its ok.

I’m adding you I’m at a new bro dude voice calling this one ok ready go bro rapid dude to try it someone some dude oh so we visited the site to use what happened was some dude he had like 78k in trade hangout today he said to visit his site he say he like owned it or something.

So I went to RTX – and then he said it’s like the next rocks and tees for values but then like 5 minutes ago all my radioactives were just oh my god you just know it you just.

Told me to sign in on there and making a Cal and what dude dude I don’t.

Know how you Frank Drake oh we just.

Do so hard for YouTube video bro say hi oh I guess that just made that whole thing I didn’t want you to alert anyone I know it does and I’m not going there.

Want you to alert anyone I didn’t I want hey I.

Just already made a calendar but I used a different email do you it sounds sketchy Ben William degree says he’s a moderator there that’s so stupid yeah I.

Mean I use Hitler he gets he gets moderator at every value site just because he’s a youtuber oh dude oh dude delete your message drag oh dude no dude he just announced that oh sure bro we got it dude we gotta join it oh my gosh this is too good I’m so comfy bro what are you saying no in chat would you praying Draco okay dude should you want to be in on it so rampant what we’ll do is we’ll.

Just run around or should I just end the video here bro this is kind.


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