Let’s go I guess it’s because uh my wife I I got a message something that message about it there inside you can see the button size of the fucking the house she left alright I’m streaming again don’t disappoint are you this is on streams are you ready to see what you got on screen number two choukri oh sorry.

About that my stream had a 30-second delay I had to get it fixed dude my dad is paying dinner music why are you here you just said you’re gonna go no out of.

The spectating that guy oh yeah you actually started this.

Entire thing of that penny 1:30 do you wanna know turn back hi don’t you forget to be less tell them to fuck off in Spanish fuck off I don’t see that where all the fuck is he talking to.

Me if he’s not in the game I know how can you hear me you’re not even in my lobby and reporting the writing I am gonna write Daniel quick online Carlos is trash they’re about done of course everything would be Oh God not you what’s up there anything to research really thing what we might have good life nothing at can buy back when the item changed all right there.

See you in ten minutes just a a quick quads match and see how long we could survive Randy not joining many saison but they need a boy is more important pink lien 1 1 5.

6 2 5 2 okay you lad you thank you hey Dan you tell me will you again Rebecca I give one like.

Thank you thank you mate okay I’m about the rockery your locker didn’t you buy yeah you guys for our building skills.

We’re gonna get we’re gonna wipe out to it’s hidden Q ourselves we’re just gonna look in a diary yeah I don’t know if I’m hungry and.

My jumper stomach just was tired back the fuck up or get smashed the fuck up oh I can give you a pistol oh not that I already have a battery though I’m charging Agro passion is in fatal I can’t go out there right now kind of too late for you ladies I’m.

Coming i’ma stop I’m out of math ah I still don’t have Matt’s come on mo let’s go how do you cuz uh tactical yeah she was annoying.

All over there 5d drinking might as well drink these then I could save diminished as a nice wipe right there in pretty good real-life problems.

Surprise the go passion stool isn’t that okay how many times the week around fifty me like four or five do you think I mean times learn that to be the week beat.

My meat I’m getting rape do this people heavy weirdest people behind me I know.

Right I know go Cassie oh my god we all know you like you know you like your part but Jill about do that hack I gotta get closer that’ll work better like that fucking stink bombs trying to get you they don’t talk about my Snipes yeah it’s maker clean look look at.

This clean favor here get out of there time to dip if you have some where like a trap they don’t talk about my Snipes 225.

Fuck you must take his Timmy with me afro ninja what always getting Lana is not nasty if natural are they pretty good then the prank Monda am I like that four.
Times my dick is a warm day that.

Is burning I see I can go back go passion is the pillow when we waste money on a free game who would buy 20kv books 6kv books please do have this go super in here oh do the guys.

It’s nice the cape on the guy I already like you wait a minute wTF is this bird.


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