Well this is it been on the road for seven hours and here I am latitude 66 degrees 33 minutes reach the Arctic Circle there’s nobody around just me the bike actually had quite a few mosquitoes so I better get the hell out of here hi folks and welcome to our YouTube channel midlife Motorcycle Diaries because not to be.
Confused with the motorcycle.

Which was of course a film about Che Guevara bendling around South America this is a chant aimed specifically at couples who ride bikes who are been around for a while like myself.

And my wife or couples who came to biking lates all for those of you who never ridden a bike and think you know it’s probably too late to start it’s not never too late to start it’s never too.

Late to get some fun out of I’ve learned to ride a bike was to give you some some quick background I came very late to biking I’d.

Never ridden about motorbike until I was 50 years old my wife learned to.

Ride when she was 53 so he’s never too old and it’s never too late see most people of my age do ride bikes probably mess around with bags the kids you know.

When they were 13 14 on dirt bikes in the back field cetera and then they have go away they have a family and they come back to biking later on I never did that if I never liked motorcycle never entered my no radar it was meeting in my mind at all for 50 years and the reason I’m here talking about.

Motorcycling and riding bikes is based on a conversation I had with a friend of mine when we’re in South Island New Zealand in a bar having a few drinks and out of the blue my mind makes it to me when these be a great country to do a brooch of emotive acts.

And I agree that under ygor’s like but the seat was planted and – about two years later on I.

I passed my test launched in New Zealand hide a bike I think it was a suzuki bandit 1200 and we did.

Attend a – around South our Museum God’s own country for my money probably the best motorcycling country in the.

World anyway that’s that’s how I started and.

I my first bike which I think can see Suzuki.

Sv650 naked bike and I thought it was the best bike in the world and I thought this is it I’m never gonna change it some people said you’ll get bored with it very very quickly and they said are you kidding it’s great sure enough a few months later I I wanted something different so I wanted to trade it in and then I bought probably the worst bike.

I’ve ever had a BMW 1150 are terrible terrible clunky by dropped.

It so many times I hated it so I I get rid of that trade that in and got my cell phone trying to sprint 955 in silver lovely bike and really enjoyed that until I wrote it off.

You know accident when I was in London ironically I was trying to do my Institute to advance motorcycle tests when I committed the cardinal sin of all.

Taking just production ah that off another one then I traded up to sprint 1050 and.

Then I wanted to do a significant trick I was inspired by like a lumpy humor Greg and Charley Boorman doing the long way around and I thought would it be great to do something fantastic like that bear in mind that hadn’t been riding that long but I thought times not my side if I want to do these things I’ve got to get out and do things spend your life.

Making excuses so I traded my sprint 10:50 in for my first proper BMW BMW 1200 GS and my plan was to do a major trip on it but before the major trip I had to test it out so.

I suppose the biggest trip I ever did at a time was I got the ferry to Santa and Dan Spain I wrote the south of Spain and then back up through Spain across the Pyrenees and up through friends to Cali and came back two week trip to see whether I could hack it by.

Myself riding solo in a foreign country where I didn’t know the language and based upon the outcome production I then decided my big expedition was going to be to do the pan-american.

Highway so my plan was in 2010 to fly my bank to Alaska head north of the theme from this Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean Prudhoe Bay dip my toe in the.

Ocean and then turn to South alight all the way to Argentina however I was given some advice about which back to do it on and they said be 1200 is too big for that we need some small something the easier to fix it because wrong so I traded my 1200 s in.

For a 650 being glued a car which is the buy guided by trip on I.

Took 12 months out I put my business on hold I rented out my house in the event it only.

Took me eight months to complete it with lots of trials and tribulations along the way all of.

Which were documented in the Buckeye Road which is now currently animism good stuck and filled for Christmas.

So I’ve done that I’ve done the roughing it I’ve done the adventure stuff now I just want to do more sedate touring with my wife I love fortunate enough to have found some day three years ago I got married and she was more than happy to ride pillion and then out of the blue something decided she said you know what I think I would ride my own back ok.

You sure about this so she went through the process I was slightly apprehensive but you know she did her CBT and then a direct access passed.

Her test and now she conveyed BMW 700 years so together you know we are.

We we’ve got a document this is all pointless this channel we’re gonna die arise and document our trips around the UK and in Europe and wherever we end up and the idea is we’re not gonna do it you know off.

Rolling stuff we’re not going to do any serious heavy duty long mileages.

Because i’ve got older so this channel is about i with more title adventures in a sedate way so we’re not gonna camp we’re going to stay nice hotels wherever we can hopefully gonna eat nice meals and we’re going to you know to give our thoughts and feedback on them so for people who.

Might be inspired to thinking oh maybe you know I’d like to do that nothing too old to ride bikes now individual world you know and you can get much enjoyment out of it whatever age you are so I started writing them for 50 I’m now 64 53 and she’s now been riding 18.

Months and so we’re gonna we’re gonna put some videos out there that’s if you like yeah that’s great then please come in subscribe give us some feedback if you don’t like it then fine don’t don’t to watch it this is really for the older biker who wants to.


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