Looking out across the Sierra Nevada now 2,000 kilometers in excess over the welter Espania has covered were in our final week we are back in the saddle and still that man is in the golden jersey as it knows al George Hincapie of the United States after he finished two days ago he decided enough was enough it was time.

Now to prepare for the World Championships in Canada he has good form I think he wants.

To hang on to the strength he’s got so that sir as George gone the other four riders Levi lifetime is now best of them climbing steadily was once one hundred and fiftieth in this race he’s.

Now 73rd Floyd Landis Pablo julik and Freddy Rodriguez before remaining Americans there in the race itself right let’s have a look at the map itself.

And see where we’re off to today this of course is now stage 16 of the rail estate $15 16 as we go for high.

End to Sierra Nevada it’s a.

Stage of just over 100 miles but of course the big teeth is at the far end of the course we’ve been over there when Santa climb already NIH abrir outsprinted his namesake David Lynch Barea there but there’s.

Only a small breaker wave to ride is clear at the moment Diaz and at Tara and the latest gap were getting is around about eight minutes so they’ve really give him a run at the mountain now this morning with the loss of George Hincapie and indeed of laddie Mirabelli also gone 163 of the riders.

198 and the teams intact now six of the 22 as we head off towards the last week of the race there’s the two.

Non-starters just confirmed there George Hincapie went home after the race ended two days ago on Vladimir low belly also called it a day as well bit surprised about the lamprey rider they’re dropping out he was smoothly well up overall top 40 place and we’re looking here Oh Roberta ass still has not found how.

To get rid of the golden jersey sitting right behind him here there are now seven riders forming just over 40 seconds behind diaz severe medicago Cardenas and Ally re Enza Avila RT Enza rather has been joined now by Valverde del omo and people and we could visibly see that Oscar severe was waiting for the arrival of alejandro valverde and he’s now there well you can see the reason he did that was because he was not very.

Happy with the position of the orange jersey the leader the king of the mountain so Felix Karadeniz and not only I think you said earlier Phil Felix kadena sees not only lost a couple of stages because he refused to work I think he’s also probably lost quite a few friends as well and the one thing in the sport of professional cycling and I think Bob will agree.

With me on this is you cannot afford to make enemies because it’s quite easy to make up race I had a few but I try to make more friends than enemies and cárdenas not making very many friends at all in the breakaway and you do need allies when you go.

On these breakaway they’re about to catch our air SWA leader on the road who’s been out there for 130 kilometres if he can hang on it would be a miracle I think they’ll show vias Lobato immediately but this is a very strong little breakaway they got a solid lead on the peloton that’s right now led by the own say team you can see them right there de Galliano in third position being lead by led.

By Marco Serrano there and when in the Mena vacante riders Martine pedi – Greta and.
We’ll see Bronco Rasmussen a little bit further down and.

Lewis PES and the gold jersey just tucked in there with Roberta at us just a little ways down Arras has got to attack it’s not the type of climb that suits his talents but he has to throw caution.

To the wind and try to attack anyways at least put a little bit of pressure on the leader 52 seconds now – Valverde is room they’re just behind the breakaway and the leader is of course he’s e-journals out it ass has to do everything he can to put some pressure on easy drew knows all but so far.

It’s all on say they have four guys still in the front group and that’s quite an impressive accomplishment.

What excuse me well just thinking Paul at Valverde here now is currently climbing into fifth place old man Sabo so there’s got to be a counter-attack coming from him soon well in fact he’s also approaching the position I think of.

Well because he’s not too far behind him so where he’s the guy making a good operation this afternoon if they’re not careful he may well be the major surprise on this stage and this man here is just thinking I think about getting this mounted stays behind him sir the leader is Adorno’s al was put in a spot of vert difficulty in the early part of the climb but he never panicked he had his teammates around him to pull.

Him back into the car into contact with men like Roberto Harris the man who really sacrificed an awful lot earlier on with Manuel Beltran because he said it unbelievable tempo and followed that up with lots of attacks from varying riders from so many different teams I thought that.

Was gonna be the end then for that leader he’s into a nose el as we come up here to ten kilometres to go and there is the lone leader still surviving by not very much.

More than 15 seconds and then it’s a further 55 seconds back to the group of is it known as el a couple of kilometres to go and around about eight kilometers to go it’s when the gradient starts to kick in and we might see a few more attacks coming if Roberto that Harris has got the legs today well obviously the first a flurry of attacks.

Did not work out the way her ass had planned that they’re still riding alongside one another so now he’s going to probably wait and recover and hit them it in the last six or seven kilometers and just see what happens there he.

Is licking his lips in anticipation or perhaps he just needs a drink but either way.

So far this race has not gone the way of a burden I asked the winner of the race in the year 2000 he’s in the good of about 20 riders here and the one man.
Around him as the golden jerseys got first.

And second the one man gaining most here number 98 sir Alejandro Valverde there is the catch so Pedro Diaz has come back now into a group making a tries at least for the moment looks as though Diaz Lobato just has a little.

Extra kick he looks cool maybe he’s been saving just a little bit to go with the front group when it came up on now’s his big chance he certainly deserves something because he’s written very very well today in that original breakaway of 14 riders which escaped after 32 kilometers here we are now just 10 or so kilometres from a finish and still in the front group it’s gonna.

Get a lot more difficult quite shortly though because we come up to the steeper part of this climber 52 seconds separating the front of the bike race from the group of the leader and in fact this move will be putting Valverde up towards.

A possibility of a fourth place finish spandy right now because he started the day not too far behind Manuel Beltran there is Beltran that really digging deep and looking for all kinds of courage to stay in contact because he’s done a lot of work for his team leader here this afternoon it’s one of the last chances for a bear to her asked to try and dislodge the man in the golden jersey there are starting in third place in the overall classification this afternoon and it really.

Has to do something special it would be a good idea for him to try and leapfrog across to this group once he gets to the steeper part of the.

Course and there as he has and he wasn’t – he didn’t really he didn’t have.

Enough left in those Lakes to stay in contact with this group which is being ripped to pieces by Oscar Sevilla only just.

Tick through there at 9 kilometres garbage said about Diaz but this is a classic move now and it’s worked out according to plan for the riders on the kill my squad it’s a very good tactical maneuver.

There by Sevilla to wait because of the non-cooperation by Cardenas the the the rider there is the as low Lovato being dropped from the breakaway long break great for publicity for his squad one of the smaller teams in.

The bike race he’s gonna supply the long ways down the mountain while our seven guys in the front are really making a huge temple led by the calmate tandem of Alejandro Valverde who was able.

Sevilla waited didn’t want to cooperate without a teammate tolling Cardenas all the way to the line that would be a bit of a disaster so he asked for Valverde to be.

Sent forward Valverde had the legs to attack he’s been climbing fabulously as one two stages already Alejandro.

Valverde has and able to make the junction to Sevilla now that’s a very strong duel all right 59 seconds at nine kilometres to go show they are actually coming back because they were out to one minute ten but that was based on the leader on the road who has now been caught and that dropped I think we.

Will see some very hard attacks coming from the group just behind our leaders here Cardenas trying to match the accelerations of the kilning riders and now the attacks are starting to come they’re trying to isolate the riders behind the Cardenas is trying to close the gap each time either Valverde or Sevilla attack from the kill miss Claudia now move it Valverde will sit on for a moment and when they catch him.

He’ll probably go so kill me really on a mission to win the stage today well I tell you what to Phyllis Khare then us then the orange jersey is certainly not making any friends at all in this group and it’s in fact at a minute garlic will go this time and they’re gonna have to chase him now because he’s just.
The quality of the mark rider who could win this state he.

Waited for oscar severe to make his move and then played his god valverde I don’t think we’ll risk an attack at this moment he’s protecting a possible rise in this race.

Up to fourth overall and I think you’ve tried to make better use of gaining time rather than just trying to win the day that is rather a large gap he suddenly opened up he opened up a great gap there and Cardenas is on the front now it doesn’t seem.

Like he’s quite as motivated to close the gap to.

Up to the rider from the banessa.

So team Mercado maybe it’s because he used to race for koumei and has a.

Little bit of animosity against the team el derecho Martinez now coming out of the pack 51 seconds behind so they took 10 seconds out of those riders in the last kilometer this race is most certainly not over on say.

Still on the front they’ve done a great stage that’s Marcus said on the setting the tempo for the last and there is a toss right and that’s exactly where those al needs to keep himself just on the wheel of at us but at us Mesa started tacking out very hard with everything that he has left well manna cargo when he came to this race was success in 2001 a stage win.

The fifth place overall we were talking about him then as a future winner of the welter hasn’t quite worked out for.

Him yet but he has had a win this year in the dolphin 8 as they’re now tied.

To sorted out from this group here but this infighting and countering each other moves is going to result in a catch well it’s quite strange as well because there’s one Colombian in the breakaway and.

They’re six Spaniards and I think the world one Italian nation says work because the people here all those written for burn esto for many many years is absolutely Italian they obviously I think are trying to bury the hatchet here on the Bob because they certainly are trying to give him a run for his money they’re not happy at all by the fact that he continues to sit on and won’t collaborate with the pacemaker and PA Polly now is a going to be the best ally that.

That Mercado could have he will measure all the attack now coming from this group the kill me riders will have to reorganize and perhaps use a little bit different strategy now they’re going to be chasing and it’ll be PA Polly sitting on there chase Cardenas seems to have come to the front now and and he’s chasing Valverde it’s currently get very competitive here we’re going to see the gap to the peloton from this week and see if anybody can try.

To get across it was used to tell you skatey Alberto Martinez.

The last time we looked down the hill he was trying to get across but he was easily.

Matched by Marcus Serrano the own say team they’re getting second in that scrim for who wins the stage he gets the Polka Dot pair do the pair very good move by him to get that two points and that will bring him just a little bit closer and yes if he does win the stage this afternoon he will take the.

Lead in the points classification by a single point from hairs arbor who at the moment.


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