Move on to that individual time trial not long and kilometres is it just under 30 kilometres about 19 miles but look at that steadily uphill until it bites you to death as you make your way up to the top of the Sierra Nevada this is going to be a big turning point off the tour or is it is.
Roberto he’ll ask on to consolidate now his position as.

The overall leader of this race he does have the advantage of starting last but it’s a very long individual time trial this in teen miles or 13 kilometres of racing climbing right up to the summit the.

Style of interest oh one man didn’t start individual time trial this morning nervous super fast Alexandra Alessandra Pataki I should say he’s not Spanish but I presume that’s because of the.

Fact that we’re facing up to her very difficult next few days nothing more for him except the last stage and he hasn’t wanted the pain the mountain which remain now this is is it don’t knows Alec and turn in a very.
Good Mountain tartar but remember he.

Lost at the ban toss last year his overall lead in this race – Roberto Harris all Cheers with him know he still nurse he’s a very high overall position as indeed does Alessandro Valverde he needs to produce something very special today and I’m just not sure he’s got it well he’s had a very difficult day you can see still got bandages on his left knee and of course he’s cut up his left arm quite badly as well.
Roberto Harris should be the man – there’s a bit of a problem here and.

He’s just indicating to his back wheel and he’s gonna pull off I’m not sure what the problem was it doesn’t.

Look like he’s got a flat tire but these conditions but they do take vice whatever the problem that’s a much faster way to get the job done and that was a good change so he’s probably conceded.
Seven eight seconds therefore the bike.

Change let’s have a look at some times this is a lady of human nature and his stage win coming through here to the top now.
It looks like he might land a fifth finish the best time has been.

Done we didn’t see him come in there alexander vinokurov one of the survivors of t-mobile oh ouch ah this is not good floyd landis he’s looking at a 23rd finished finished time at the moment of 13 and a half kilometers the fastest man at this point was Santi Perez now that is rather interesting that the winner of yesterday’s stage obviously on complete and utter form after getting himself that win but Floyd.

Landis there Phil going through 2 minutes 45 seconds in arrears he is certainly I don’t think going to be in the top 10 tonight I’m beginning to question with the.

Old scene Madrid now I never mind the end of his mount in time.

So I think his race has been running all on the scene what a wonderful way she’s had.

Let’s face it but look at that surprise again Santiago Perez there’s me saying he might lose time today setting the best time at the moment 30 minutes at 13.

And a half kilometers 26 27 kilometres now that is incredibly quick up this mountain it certainly is it’s a horrendous mountain it’s.

Never-ending it goes on right the way up to the top in fact this is the highest road in Europe when it gets up to the summit but it’s a dead.


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