Chipping deeper tripping deeper trippingdeeper out of sight I see you riding from afarjingle wear them cold black Hi guys welcome to Honey Bee adventures and today I am with Manish , Vishal , Say Hi Hi Albert So we are going to Kalamboli and exploring the off road Trails Their ! that’s Vishal getting annoyed of mycamera and following this.

Yogesh , Manish Alfred and that’s me riding hi my nameis Akshay Taking a Ride on my mad Bicycle .
Oh yeah As Vishal always does , He makes the.

Plan at the last momentand as you all Know the plan which is made at the last moment.

Is the mostenjoyable fingers lacing chrome and steel rubaround the spinning wheel , What feel ! Yes this is the shortcut we wanted toget.
Out of this as soon as possible and.

Wanted to head out towards the mountain Triping deeper.

Out of sight ! This was our only way to.

Get on the other side to dooff-roads bicycling otherwise we would have not done this ever you guys never dothis taking a ride on my mad Bicycle Oh yeah ! – could.
You please main’s feelings theres man on to.

Gear trees on me Jason okay welcome to the Kalamboli trail we have on the camera Akshay Shetty and this is my first time on this Trail,Vishal has been scaring me showing me the Big long trails look at the trail out there,the sun is shining we are ready to go it’s all right alreadygetting the food on the plate let’s go and hit the trail yes Alfred sayed wepacked ourselves with energy bars and water.

Just to enjoy ourselves once wereach the top of the mountain That’s how we are traveling uphill Taking a ride on my mad bicycle oh yeah ! Taking a ride on my mad bicycle You know its what I like ! we’re reaching halfway to the mountainit was good to see Vishal and yogesh.

Taking a break half of the mountain covered we arealready tired long way to go Oh okay lovely Climbing Further ahead we came across this beautiful banyan tree across the valley and then we became child again ! Tricking around on my mad bicycle taking a ride on my mad bicycle taking a ride.

On my mad bicycle , Oh Yeah You know its what I like Oh no got.

Stuck here ! Shouldnt have went from here ! finally we could see a civilization upon the mountain these are tribal people which are not even aware of what ishappening below in the city crazy world down below Sir .

What is your name ? My name is Namdev ! What Nyanndev ? Namdev ! How many people stay here ! 60-70 ! What is done here Farming ? Yes Farming ! What crops are grown here ? Finger Millet (Nachani) and Vegetables Which Vegetable.

? Bottle Gourd & Cucumber Where do you sell it ? We sell it in Panvel market ! What can we get now ? Now you wont get anything because the Vegetables are sent to be soled out ! So it is sold out , we are Late ! We are late , They sell it in early morning ! Came from a beautiful trail right now inWagle.

Chi Wadi people are tired climbing uphill Kalamboli , this man brought us through the wrong route he bought us through the grass made his own way Soon the Trail would be called Vishal gandhi Trail The Village name would be Vishal.

Gandhi chi Wadi passing through the village we went through the other side of the mountain from the edge we could see the entire Rigard district it was beautiful weenjoyed it Show us the Trail.

! Do one thing first you go ! yes this is the reason we had come up toenjoy the entire root of going down Hill We went from their , and came from here ! Yes , from here only , lets call it VG Road only , vishal.

Gandhi Road High-Five ! and thats how we enjoyed the fanaswadi Trail off-road mountain biking , hope you enjoyed it too until next time do subscribe my channel and if you likethe video do please hit the like button see you bye bye you.


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