So the welter moves on to stage 80 now and the battle is just as hot to first country climbs a third to warm up and the second category I’m near the end anti via one hundred and ninety six point six kilometers on Behar and this is now a battle between two men is appears after the tough ride there.
Yesterday of our Sandro Valverde after a very long day in the saddle it’s.

Always a very nasty little climb up to the finish in the walled city of avea here’s the ride as a game of picking up the action and it’s been another day of good attacking Ryder this is xavier Pasquale.

Our picture has just gone through here with a six kilometers still to run and he’s joined on the attack by even Peres and his name sounds familiar well it should be he’s the younger brother.

Of the famous Terra who once dominated the Tour de France and the tourist Spain is well they’re running for the cafe Barca team there’s been a lot of attacking on this day today with the three big first.

Country climbs and that just around about eight kilometres to go there’s a very serious group second on the road here and it’s been a day when everyone expected I think to have a slightly easier day but for some riders it gave him a chance to actually rattle the top end of the overall classification you know Felix Cardenas reminded us of his new position as head of the king of the mountains by.

Winning the first climb it’s a third category climb over the alto Vela header but after that the breakaway was starting to annoy the situation and font went as a Seiko went over the second cat just ahead of parrot and up.

When ahora there’s a name we haven’t mentioned throughout the whole of this year’s at welt up the man we used to mention an awful lot in the old days when he used to ride for the very serious calm a squadron just looking a little bit further.

Back there’s Roberto harasser looking a little bit more comfortable now there was a couple of challenges early on from Francisco man Sabo trying to rattling cages over one or two of.
The early first category climbs wife in.

The hot earthly world we used to call my hot spot spins with life in the points competition at the intermediate sprints zarbor got four points winning the first one after 25 kilometers and after that took a back seat but that might be very crucial at 4 points because he is still being challenged by the climbers in this year’s welter it’s not certain yet.

He’s gonna win well these two guys inside of 5 kilometers to go right now Xavier Pasquale Rodriguez and even parrot I’ve got around about a 10 second advantage over the front end of this group which seems to be trying to take them back as they go under the banner indicating 7 kilometers ago and there’s another group moving forward here as.

Harris is in that second group on the road as is Alejandro Valverde who seems to.

Have recovered just a little bit overnight he’s plummeted quite a long way behind Roberto Harris now in the overall classification these 3 minutes and 15 seconds in arrears on these two leaders they.

Got away on top of the Puerta de Nava morale which was the second category climb and if they stay to the finish Donald give him a breakaway of 20 20 kilometers and I think they might now there’s the finish in the.

Distance there and it’s a day well I’m Valverde will be grateful for a day off I think to try and recover from.

The hammering he took yesterday and I think her ass will be anxious to keep Santiago Perez out at the sharp end of the race because he’s getting a bit too confident he’ll have to keep a very close eye on him over the next couple of days because that’s gonna be a very serious sort.

Out in the final time trial and it may well go the way it did a couple of years ago when Roberto Harris on the final time trial actually lost himself the overall classification for kilometres to go right now calmate leading out here with xavier Pasquale and even para the colombian rider in second position kel may for the reputation of being one of the smaller teams.

Have certainly had a very successful went and welter Spanier so far I think up until yesterday they probably thought they were going to walk away with the overall victory because Alejandro Valverde was only.

Five seconds in arrears but this Phil has been a very rough ride in towards the finish and you can see the races split up into three or four different groups two leaders are around.

The corner they’re holding on to around about a ten-second advantage a 15-second advantage I should say over a chasing group six kilometers this is begain be a.

Day of them on us these are the strong climbers they’ve got themselves a band together.

Nobody is attack this group at all today two riders would not affect the destiny of the.

Just just keeping things under control my sling Valverde riding that lactic acid out of his legs from yesterday the obvious man to win I suggest would be happy a Pasquale Rodriguez to.

Give him his full title because he is the most experienced rider those had places in the big.

Classics like the Grand Prix of Zurich and Liege best on the edge isn’t the big winner of races though he’s.

Only had three wins and he’s been approached this 1995 now so he’s getting on a bit it’ll be 33 in November coming in to.

The outskirts of town the two leaders are still holding on to their advantage and I think this is three kilometers to go for the two men and you could see the Colombian rider is actually.

Being put into a certain amount of bother when you get that acceleration when Pascal Rodriguez goes to the front five kilometres to go for the chase group a long way down there almost three minutes in a rear so I don’t think they’re going to close that down over the next three miles of racing that’s the group they’re containing or a bear to harass Francisco man Sabo Alejandro Valverde but it is Phil a very tricky running to the finish.

Here and very often we have seen that splits in the past and I do remember a couple of years ago seeing.

I talked on Zoll is actually attack.

Over the last kilometer and grabbing himself a couple of seconds over the rest and just seeing.

The cow a rider there Rodriguez just releasing and retighten the clasps on his shoes just to make sure he feels.

Comfortable for the Sprint there we are again for you there’s no doubt he’s planning on taking this one out if.

You can get to the finish line ahead of pad up and he should paralyze a better climber than a sprint up well that is all very much psychological maneuvering trying to make yourself get into the position of being ready for the sprint to start you don’t want any accident there is the great walled city of every year it really is a magnificent backdrop the tourist Bain has been to this place on a number of in the past but it’s a.
Rather tricky little climb up to the finish and you have to.

Climb up over a large cobbled Road before you get into the center of town the scene in the pasture a lot of very last-minute attacks which when.

You think that the World Tour Espania is still really sorted out by a.

Matter of seconds it is a moment when you have to be very.

Attentive on the running as I remember back in 1999 jean-loup vanderbrook winning here and that he wrapped up the points competition via.

The very end of the race but whatever happened to Jean Loup I mean walk you mean Frank hunter Brian John Luke I remember what happened to John Luke I remember actually was a former teammate of mine but Frank Vandenbroucke er.

Well he’s really is the bad boy of Belgian cycling you gotta win the other day by the way a small Commission Belgium he still tried to keep his iron but he hasn’t really had a good year just can’t break back in he’s mentally it’s his mind rather than his legs because he.

Still has an incredible talent he certainly does it was a small car mess in the little town of his wave again which is just outside of court Erick.

These are the two leaders now on.

What a magnificent backdrop that is it looks like a film set really but it is in fact a fully fully walled medieval city just a group of the the main contenders Roberto harasses in the group with second and third in the overall classification now Santiago Perez and of.

Course eccentric Valverde three kilometers to go for that group and it’s still hovering at two and a half.

Minutes here’s the wold crime if I wonderful is going to be a challenge here from Parra if I was para this would be the ideal position to try and launch an attack just.

One thought he was going to do it I just said it ain’t looked as though he’s.

About to accelerate but he’s got to use the climb I think because if it’s a sprint then Rodriguez will take it when the crowd loved this now what a lovely place to finish a stage of any bike race here when here comes the tour of Spain.

Had a number of riders by the way if three notables didn’t start today Michael bodied us posted Alexander gonna cool off of t-mobile averts you all gone now I tour Gong solace didn’t start either and floyd landis has abandoned on the road yes well I wasn’t surprised because we did hear that little rumor a couple of days ago that Floyd was complaining of some kind of a chest cold and the best thing for him now.

Is try and recuperate in there maybe he’ll participate in the World Championships in a couple of weeks time but these riders feel they can’t mess.

Around too much because the shooting.


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