Oh no not tuna Metro prabhakar garu world billiards Association president captain Mohan Guru of everything a film Nagar cultural society secretary garage a guru guru monob smokers and billiards so secretary APPA rao garu when i FN CC sports monitamon de guru arjuna oddysey karate guru get a coach no Alec and Eric appeared Nepean America namaskara still just could.

Not get what a mother I am very happy you have named it as Telangana state ranking Snookers and billiards championship Dean toady Telangana.
Una muchacha de la Luna smokers and billiards player.

Savory tomorrow Mulla Mulla youichi while a Pratibha beta costume than JP the indo-american dark aura tells Tony Irena Wallach and ik I think there are about hundred and thirty part specs right 130 participants are there who are coming from all over the 31 districts and I hope that they will really play a good game and they prove themselves.

For the as a national players which is going to come in vain vain future sports on Iran came on ignition ghazala concentration and a hundred saw someone Adi Philip Nagar club low attend ie with environment window regarding this tables whatever it has been done it’s very good that I have seen for the first time even I.

Am a donor member of this club or that in shakoora the motherland eight caliber tune apology could I have seen this coming up and it’s has come the club has come up in a very good way I got a Jubilee international club blow my mother included captain grandma upper over Ghani we used to play snooker there but it’s a long time that I have I didn’t get chance.

Once we get elected as you know that we all become very busy once we are defeated we have got lot of time so hot our time low beam and recruit again we go back to that room and we play and snooker is definitely a good game you require full concentration for potting the potting under than between the concentration shipping when you.

Do the potting it’s not only the concentration what you do for the potting of the balls.

But even you learn but the complete mind of yours is brought into that sector if you really keep that in practice in.

Your life also you can part many things.

You can have many goals like that and you can become a big champion in every field so this concentration whatever the games are there even badminton when she plays I think the full body of her hurts is alert a mind is alert and she totally concentrate on that and sees that she always wins the game so that.

Concentration when she plays the game it’s not only for the game she’s playing but for the life also she can have that concentration and try to build up herself in their life and to come up still further so these type of games which are there even when we am also a Remi player I play Remi also but Remi when I play I don’t say that I am only gambling it I say that it’s a mind frisson of mine freshner means always when you discard a card from these.

13 cards you feel have you done correct or you done wrong so whatever depends is the stress whatever you say you are going to keep it on your brain and then use it that means Sport definitely requires a concentration with that concentration you can lead your.


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