Put it on my wall you can actually analyze I time up Oh all right we’re going to go ahead and knock some more matches here we have the red showing vs mark and Darren the growth tables over from Dave still Severian like this you’re going with cheapest is on the floor Wow going to have bread and Barry vs.

Jim Jim so instead thank you jimmyjane guys suck another one Tony vs james and jamie on Table six radiant Angeles is just a job No Oh like one every seven Regina Brian Roush we were.

Late fire ah Oh ok oh you’re not surprised Oh Oh Oh when you open Oh after all hey right in the hole haha call the cops Oh we do it you yes you launch into that best of the burghers of balls p work is over love I there Oh haha Oh on the world always nothing.

P Oh oh yeah goodness to talk that breaking okay this is you Oh shoulda hit hard like it wanted to alter alter ego that’s been and rear water in yes haha you you you.

Oh need I think oh yeah Oh Oh Oh I got that please we won’t alter 21 three work out the Equus hope and we will Oh No No that’s why.

Tonight Oh Oh family I don’t you oh yeah something laughs to me you know you may know we got our couch so each other seriously ray I what and why should we here I like this position cuz everyone they really really care yes so he was burning careful fresh why and yeah I’m No museum oh yeah like you alright testing testing one two this is.

Midwest amateur pool live at Gigi’s billiards alright go ahead and let you guys know do apologize for not being at the controls here this morning I do have my twins with me here for the next half hour or so so get back with you here and get back at the control service and was like go drop them off go through the players list again.

Here I started to earlier and interrupted here starting off the first match we had pollo and Christie pain Keith and rich Houston retro double-a Paul and Christie mercy Keith enrich moved on we had mark and Darren plan as.

An a they moved on with the x and we had tippy and Joe playing Eric and Brad tippy and Joel moved on Danno and Dave their double-a they moved on with a bi and we had Dan and Tammy who beat Tony where’s and Eric Reid dan and Tammy plant as a bee Tony and Eric plan as an.
A then we had Greg and John playing James.

And Jimmy Greg and John new dawn Randy block kevin mchale playing bread and berry to see me Bradbury moved on then it was just a man Jeff plan Jim and Jim and Jim.

And Jim plain as day just on the jet plane has a bee Jim and Jim is gone so no plan on table through.

We have Keith and rich double-a vs mark and Darren plant.

As a playing here on the stream table you’re looking at Joe audino right now at the table his partner is Tim Timothy tippy Peterson they are playing double a they’re playing against dan huynh and Dave Jennings also playing as double a.
And on table 2 we have Dan and Tammy playing as V playing.

Against Greg and John they are double a and finally on table 1 Barry and Brad plan as a.

Point against Jim and Jim now to the b-side Paul and Christie they got to buy after they lost their first match Eric and Brad got to buy after they lost their first match and on table.


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